State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION
 2        WHEREAS, The members of  the  Illinois  wish  to  express
 3    their  sympathy  to  the  family and friends of Andrew Robert
 4    Leak, Jr., who recently passed away; and
 5        WHEREAS, Andrew Leak was born in  Chicago,  Illinois,  on
 6    November  1, 1933; his parents were Dottie and A.R. Leak Sr.;
 7    Andrew was the second of four sons; and
 8        WHEREAS, In 1953 Andrew  joined  the  United  States  Air
 9    Force and served in the Korean War; Andrew was honored with a
10    National  Defense  Service  Medal  and Good Conduct Medal; in
11    1956 he was discharged and returned to Chicago;  Andrew  went
12    on  to attend the Worsham Mortuary College, where he earned a
13    degree in Mortuary Science; he  then  went  on  to  earn  his
14    license as a funeral director and embalmer; Andrew also owned
15    a   limousine   service,   several  buildings,  entertainment
16    facilities, and an insurance agency; Andrew as also a student
17    of S.B. Fuller, and was known as one of the Fullerites; and
18        WHEREAS, Andrew Leak had as his theme in life, "Do It  My
19    Way";  together  with his "Ace Partner" Stanley McGee and his
20    brother-in-law, Ike Moore, Andrew fulfilled  his  life  theme
21    with gusto, style, and finesse; and
22        WHEREAS,  Andrew  is  survived by his wife, Marquita; his
23    sons, Andrew III, Jerome, Stuart, Jason  Christopher,  Kerry,
24    and  Leon  Prentice; his three brothers, Edward Sr., and wife
25    Alberta, Leon, and Spencer Sr., and his wife  Henrietta;  his
26    grandsons,   Christopher   Jr.,   and   Brandon   Leak;   one
27    great-grandson;  his  sisters-in-law,  Lydia  M. Brown, Carol
28    Dillard, Ella (Dennis) Flowers-Gillard, and Patricia Flowers;
29    his brothers-in-law,  Michael  Smith  and  Perry  Mason;  his
30    mother-in-law  and  father-in-law,  Josephine  W. and Sherman
31    Brown; his special friends, Lee Walker, JoJo, Del,  Patricia,
32    Skin,  and  Leo  "Booby  Trap" Hagen; as well as many nieces,
                            -2-                LRB9008857KBkb
 1    nephews, aunts, and cousins; therefore, be it
 3    OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn,  along  with  family
 4    and  friends, the death of Andrew Robert Leak, Jr.; may there
 5    be a calming peace in this time of loss; and be it further
 6        RESOLVED, That a suitable  copy  of  this  resolution  be
 7    presented to the family of Andrew Robert Leak, Jr.

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