State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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HB0793 Engrossed                               LRB9207060MWks

 1        AN ACT concerning growth.

 2        Be  it  enacted  by  the People of the State of Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section 1.  Short title.  This Act may be  cited  as  the
 5    Illinois Growth Act.

 6        Section  5.  Legislative findings.  It is in the economic
 7    interest of the citizens of the State of Illinois to  achieve
 8    more  balanced  growth  and  more  rational  land use, and to
 9    preserve the cultural, natural, and agricultural resources of
10    the State.  It is further in the public interest to stimulate
11    better local and regional planning and to coordinate the work
12    of State agencies with county, municipal, and regional plans.
13    It is the purpose of this Act to create a  group  of  leaders
14    representing  agriculture,  development,  conservation, local
15    government,  planning,   public   transportation,   and   the
16    environment  to assist the Governor's Balanced Growth Cabinet
17    in promoting  coordinated and balanced growth.

18        Section 10.  Balanced Growth Council.
19        (a)  The Balanced Growth Council is created. The  Council
20    shall  consist  of  7 members of the public, appointed by the
21    Governor,     representing     agriculture,     conservation,
22    development,    local    government,     planning,     public
23    transportation, and the environment. The members shall select
24    one of their members to be the Chairperson of the Council.
25        (b)  Of  the  initial  members,  4  shall be appointed to
26    serve 3-year terms and 3 shall be appointed to serve one-year
27    terms.  Their successors shall serve 2-year  terms.   Members
28    of  the  Council  shall  not  receive compensation but may be
29    reimbursed for their actual expenses in  carrying  out  their
30    duties as members of the Council.
HB0793 Engrossed            -2-                LRB9207060MWks
 1        (c)  The  Council  must  meet  at least 4 times a year in
 2    conjunction with meetings of the Governor's  Balanced  Growth
 3    Cabinet.
 4        (d)  The  Office  of  the Governor is responsible for the
 5    operations of the Council.

 6        Section 15.  Duties of the Council.  The Balanced  Growth
 7    Council may:
 8             (1)  Review  activities and programs administered by
 9        State   agencies   that   directly   impact   land   use,
10        transportation,  housing,  and  growth  and   development
11        patterns in Illinois communities.
12             (2)  Work with local and regional planning agencies,
13        units  of  local  government,  and  the private sector to
14        encourage partnerships that  enhance  the  capability  to
15        plan and coordinate land use, transportation, and housing
16        decisions.
17             (3)  Encourage   strategies  that  protect  natural,
18        cultural, and farmland resources and that foster balanced
19        growth.
20             (4)  Consult with the Balanced  Growth  Cabinet  and
21        federal   agencies   to   coordinate   and  optimize  the
22        expenditure  of  public   funds   affecting   land   use,
23        transportation choices, and affordable housing.
24             (5)  Note   overlaps  and  discrepancies  among  the
25        projects funded by the Balanced Growth  Cabinet  agencies
26        and   assist  in  improving  the  coordination  of  State
27        programs and expenditures.
28             (6)  Compare State programs  and  expenditures  with
29        local,  county,  and regional land use and transportation
30        goals.
31             (7)  Encourage  the  spending  of  State   technical
32        assistance  funds  for  resource  inventories,  land  use
33        planning  initiatives,  and  plan  implementation  in the
HB0793 Engrossed            -3-                LRB9207060MWks
 1        State.
 2             (8)  To the extent possible, the Council  must  make
 3        recommendations   to   the  Balanced  Growth  Cabinet  in
 4        accordance   with   balanced   growth   principles    and
 5        initiatives  identified  by  the  Working  Groups  of the
 6        Legislative  Growth  Task  Force  of  the  91st   General
 7        Assembly (Senate Joint Resolution 45).

 8        Section  20.   Agency  duties.   Balanced  Growth Cabinet
 9    agencies  must  provide  the  Council,  upon  request,   with
10    information  concerning  agency  programs and activities that
11    impact land use, transportation,  housing,  development,  and
12    planning.   Whenever  possible  this  information  should  be
13    geographically  specific  and allow comparisons with the work
14    of other agencies in order to determine whether  a  project's
15    impacts  are  coordinated  with  other State projects and are
16    consistent with any local, county, and regional plans.

17        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
18    becoming law.

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