State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1        AN ACT concerning child welfare services agencies.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.  The  Child  Care  Act  of 1969 is amended by
 5    changing Section 4 as follows:

 6        (225 ILCS 10/4) (from Ch. 23, par. 2214)
 7        Sec. 4. License requirement; application; notice.
 8        (a)  Any person, group of persons or corporation  who  or
 9    which  receives children or arranges for care or placement of
10    one or more children unrelated to the operator must apply for
11    a license to operate one of the types of  facilities  defined
12    in  Sections  2.05  through  2.20 2.19 and in Section 2.22 of
13    this Act. Any relative who receives a child or  children  for
14    placement  by  the  Department on a full-time basis may apply
15    for a license to operate a foster family home as  defined  in
16    Section 2.17 of this Act.
17        (b)  Application  for  a  license to operate a child care
18    facility must be made to the Department in the manner and  on
19    forms  prescribed  by it.  An application to operate a foster
20    family home shall include, at a minimum: a completed  written
21    form;  written  authorization  by the applicant and all adult
22    members of the applicant's household to  conduct  a  criminal
23    background  investigation;  medical evidence in the form of a
24    medical report, on forms prescribed by the  Department,  that
25    the  applicant and all members of the household are free from
26    communicable diseases or physical and mental conditions  that
27    affect  their  ability  to  provide  care  for  the  child or
28    children; the names and addresses of at least 3  persons  not
29    related  to  the  applicant who can attest to the applicant's
30    moral character; and fingerprints submitted by the  applicant
31    and all adult members of the applicant's household.
                            -2-                LRB9203277LBgc
 1        (c)  The  Department shall notify the public when a child
 2    care institution, maternity center, or group home licensed by
 3    the Department undergoes a change in (i) the range of care or
 4    services offered at the facility, (ii) the  age  or  type  of
 5    children  served,  or (iii) the area within the facility used
 6    by children. The Department shall notify the  public  of  the
 7    change in a newspaper of general circulation in the county or
 8    municipality  in  which  the  applicant's  facility  is or is
 9    proposed to be located.
10        (d)  If,   upon   examination   of   the   facility   and
11    investigation of persons responsible for  care  of  children,
12    the Department is satisfied that the facility and responsible
13    persons  reasonably meet standards prescribed for the type of
14    facility for which application is  made,  it  shall  issue  a
15    license  in proper form, designating on that license the type
16    of child care  facility  and,  except  for  a  child  welfare
17    agency, the number of children to be served at any one time.
18    (Source:  P.A.  89-21,  eff.  7-1-95;  90-90,  eff.  7-11-97;
19    90-608, eff. 6-30-98.)

20        Section  10.  The  Child  Care  Act of 1969 is amended by
21    adding Section 4.5 as follows:

22        (225 ILCS 10/4.5 new)
23        Sec. 4.5.  Accreditation.  Any  child  care  institution,
24    group home, maternity center, youth emergency shelter, secure
25    child care facility,  or child welfare agency  that contracts
26    with the Department to provide child welfare services must be
27    accredited  by  an  agency  approved  by the Department.  The
28    accreditation must occur on or before October 1, 2001 for any
29    child welfare agency and within 2 years of the effective date
30    of this Act for  any  child  care  institution,  group  home,
31    maternity  center,  youth emergency shelter , or secure child
32    care facility.
                            -3-                LRB9203277LBgc
 1        Section 99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect  upon
 2    becoming law.

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