State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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HB3392 Enrolled                               LRB9207287DJdvA

 1        AN ACT in relation to developmental disabilities.

 2        Be it  enacted  by  the  People  of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.  The  Developmental  Disability  and   Mental
 5    Disability  Services  Act  is amended by adding Article 10 as
 6    follows:

 7        (405 ILCS 80/Art. 10 heading new)
 8                             Article 10.
 9         Workforce Task Force for Persons with Disabilities

10        (405 ILCS 80/10-5 new)
11        Sec. 10-5. Task force created.  A  workforce  task  force
12    for  persons  with  disabilities is created, consisting of 16
13    members.  The task  force  shall  consist  of  the  following
14    members:
15             (1) Two members of the Senate, appointed one each by
16        the  President  of  the Senate and the Minority Leader of
17        the Senate.
18             (2) Two members of  the  House  of  Representatives,
19        appointed  one  each  by  the  Speaker  of  the  House of
20        Representatives and the Minority Leader of the  House  of
21        Representatives.
22             (3)  Three  members  appointed  by  the Secretary of
23        Human  Services  or  his  or  her  designee,   one   each
24        representing  the  Office  of Developmental Disabilities,
25        the Office of Rehabilitation Services, and the Office  of
26        Mental Health within the Department.
27             (4)  One member representing the Illinois Council on
28        Developmental Disabilities, selected by the Council.
29             (5) One member appointed by the Director of Aging or
30        his or her designee.
HB3392 Enrolled             -2-               LRB9207287DJdvA
 1             (6)  One  member  appointed  by  the   Director   of
 2        Employment Security or his or her designee.
 3             (7) One member appointed by the Director of Commerce
 4        and Community Affairs or his or her designee.
 5             (8)  Two  members  representing  private businesses,
 6        one of the 2 representing the Business  Leaders  Network,
 7        appointed by the Secretary of Human Services.
 8             (9)  One member representing the Illinois Network of
 9        Centers for Independent Living, selected by the Network.
10             (10)  One   member  representing  the  Coalition  of
11        Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois, selected  by  the
12        Coalition.
13             (11)  One   member   representing  People  First  of
14        Illinois, selected by that organization.

15        (405 ILCS 80/10-10 new)
16        Sec. 10-10. Task force's duties.
17        (a) The task force  shall  review,  assess,  and  develop
18    recommendations  and  an  implementation  plan to address the
19    following issues:
20             (1) Identification of State-specific  barriers  that
21        prevent  persons with disabilities from enjoying the same
22        employment level as persons without those disabilities.
23             (2) Identification of strategies that create  parity
24        in   the   unemployment   rate   between   persons   with
25        disabilities and persons without those disabilities.
26             (3)   Identification   of  issues  that  impede  the
27        training,  hiring,  and  retention   of   personal   care
28        assistants  to  help  persons with disabilities remain in
29        their own homes and obtain employment both in and outside
30        their homes.
31             (4) Identification  of  models  or  strategies  that
32        foster   shared   arrangements   between   persons   with
33        disabilities  in  terms  of  personal care assistance and
HB3392 Enrolled             -3-               LRB9207287DJdvA
 1        shared housing.
 2        (b) In identifying the issues  set  forth  in  subsection
 3    (a),  especially  concerning  the  retention of personal care
 4    assistants and  direct  care  workers  for  individuals  with
 5    developmental  disabilities,  the  task  force  shall  employ
 6    methods  that include a review of other states' practices and
 7    experiences  in  developing   financial   and   non-financial
 8    incentives   that  would  reduce  Illinois'  high  employment
 9    turnover  rate  of  personal  assistants  for  persons   with
10    disabilities.   These incentives may include, but need not be
11    limited to, forgiveness of student loans, implementation of a
12    benefits program, and the offering of community-college-level
13    courses.
14        (c)  The  task  force  shall  report  its  findings   and
15    recommendations  to  the  Governor and the General Assembly 6
16    months after the date that the task force is formed.

17        (405 ILCS 80/10-15 new)
18        Sec. 10-15. High school students; transition study.
19        (a) The task force shall do the following:
20             (1) Conduct a longitudinal  study  of  the  outcomes
21        that  secondary education programs have for students with
22        disabilities   after   exiting   the   secondary   school
23        environment.
24             (2) Identify gaps in services  that  may  exist  for
25        students  with  disabilities  transitioning  out of their
26        secondary education.
27             (3)  Identify  strategies  to  narrow  any  gaps  in
28        services that may exist.
29        (b) The task force shall designate the staff who  are  to
30    conduct the study under subdivision (a)(1).

31                    Article 99.  Effective Date.
HB3392 Enrolled             -4-               LRB9207287DJdvA
 1        Section 99-99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
 2    becoming law.

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