State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                    AMENDMENT TO HOUSE BILL 3584

 2        AMENDMENT NO.     .  Amend House Bill 3584  by  replacing
 3    everything after the enacting clause with the following:

 4        "Section  5.   The  Illinois Municipal Code is amended by
 5    changing Section 1-1-4 as follows:

 6        (65 ILCS 5/1-1-4) (from Ch. 24, par. 1-1-4)
 7        Sec. 1-1-4.  This  Code  shall  apply  generally  to  all
 8    municipalities  which  are  treated  as properly incorporated
 9    under this Code as provided in the first paragraph of Section
10    1-1-3 and to all municipalities which are incorporated  under
11    this Code.
12        This   Code   shall   also   apply   generally   to   all
13    municipalities  incorporated and now existing under a special
14    charter except to the extent that this Code  is  in  conflict
15    with  any  provision  in  a  special  charter,  and except as
16    otherwise provided in subsection (1) of Section 1-1-2. In the
17    event that there is a conflict between a  provision  in  this
18    Code  and  a  provision  in  a  special  charter, the special
19    charter shall govern except where any such charter  conflicts
20    with  or  is  inconsistent  with the general election law and
21    except where a provision in this Code is stated to  apply  to
22    municipalities  incorporated  under  a special charter, or to
                            -2-            LRB9204546MWdvam01
 1    municipalities  whether  incorporated  under  a  general   or
 2    special  act,  or  words  to  that  effect,  or  where  it is
 3    otherwise made manifest that this Code or any other  Illinois
 4    statute  is  intended  to  govern  despite  the  inconsistent
 5    provisions   in   the   special   charter.   A   municipality
 6    incorporated  under  a  special  charter may, by ordinance or
 7    resolution,  adopt  the  provisions  of  Sections  3.1-15-10,
 8    3.1-20-5, and 3.1-20-22 of this Code.
 9        However, if a particular section of this Code is  limited
10    to   cities   or   villages  or  incorporated  towns  or  any
11    combination thereof, or to cities, villages, or  incorporated
12    towns  of  a  specified type or any combination thereof, that
13    intention shall prevail.
14    (Source: P.A. 81-1489.)".

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