State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Susan  Kmetty  Catania  has  served  with  great
 3    distinction  as  the  AARP  Illinois State President, and has
 4    just concluded a two-year term, and

 5        WHEREAS, Susan Catania  led  vigorous  State  legislative
 6    advocacy  for  seniors  to  prevent  predatory  practices  in
 7    mortgage  lending and payday loans and to expand prescription
 8    drug benefits, and

 9        WHEREAS, Susan Catania promoted AARP's national agenda on
10    Social Security,  Medicare,  public  benefits  and  community
11    outreach  by  presiding  at  AARP's State fair booths in both
12    Springfield and DuQuoin, hosting the national bus tour across
13    Illinois in the summer of 2000, which stopped in Mt.  Vernon,
14    and helping to coordinate community efforts in East St. Louis
15    and Chicago, and

16        WHEREAS,  She  traveled the State tirelessly to listen to
17    the concerns of all seniors;  build  AARP  partnerships  with
18    business,  government  and  community  groups,  and work with
19    legislative leaders and other officials, and

20        WHEREAS, Susan  Catania  sought  to  enhance  ethnic  and
21    racial  diversity  in  AARP  and  strengthen,  coordinate and
22    showcase senior services and programs in communities such  as
23    Chicago's Southeast side, Joliet, Naperville, Peoria, Moline,
24    Bloomington, and DuQuoin, and

25        WHEREAS,  Susan  Catania's  cultural outreach, partnering
26    with the  Chicago  Humanities  Festival  and  the  Museum  of
27    Broadcast  Communication,  and her media presence, discussing
28    phased  retirement  for   older   workers   with   nationally
29    syndicated  columnist  Carol  Kleiman,  focused  the public's
30    attention on understanding senior needs and lifestyles, and

31        WHEREAS,  She  advanced  AARP's  international   outreach
                            -2-                LRB9212364RHrh
 1    effort  by  participating  in the World Health Organization's
 2    summit on elder abuse, held  in  October,  2001,  in  Geneva,
 3    Switzerland, and establishing a WHO connection for AARP, and

 4        WHEREAS,   Susan  Catania's  leadership  of  AARP  was  a
 5    continuation of her strong dedication and unflinching courage
 6    shown during her ten-year service (1973-1983) as a legislator
 7    from Chicago's south side  and  the  Chair  of  the  Illinois
 8    Commission on the Status of Women, and

 9        WHEREAS,  Susan  Catania's  leadership  of  AARP  and her
10    concern for, interest in, and unwavering advocacy  on  behalf
11    of  seniors  wherever  they  live  in her persistent quest to
12    improve the quality their lives, not to mention her legendary
13    wit and humor, are well known, therefore be it

16    we  thank  Susan  Kmetty Catania for her inspired, dedicated,
17    and  dynamic  advocacy,  congratulate   her   on   her   many
18    accomplishments on behalf of all Illinois  citizens, and wish
19    her well in all future endeavors; and be it further

20        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
21    presented to Susan Kmetty Catania as  an  expression  of  our
22    esteem.

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