State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, The Office of the  Auditor  General  released  a
 3    report  in  January  2002  in  which  it found that 114 State
 4    agencies reported having publicly accessible web  sites,  and
 5    that  at  least  52  of those State agencies used technology,
 6    such as "cookies" or user logs, to collect information on the
 7    use of their web sites; and

 8        WHEREAS, The Auditor General's report  found  that  there
 9    are   no   Statewide   requirements  specifically  for  State
10    agencies' use of technology to collect information  on  users
11    of  State  agency  web  sites  or  requirements regarding the
12    establishment and posting of privacy policies; and

13        WHEREAS, The Auditor General's report found that only  32
14    agencies reported that they had a privacy statement or policy
15    on  their  web sites and that the content and location of the
16    privacy statements or policies varied widely;  therefore,  be
17    it

20    we urge each State agency to include a privacy policy on  its
21    web  site;  that conspicuous hyperlinks to the privacy policy
22    should be located on the web site's home page  and  on  other
23    locations  on  the  web  site  where  personal information is
24    collected or  tracking  technology  is  used;  and  that  the
25    privacy  policy  should  contain  a  description of the State
26    agency's information practices with regard to  at  least  the
27    following matters:
28        (1)  the services the site provides;
29        (2)  the   information  the  State  agency  obtains  from
30    individuals online;
31        (3)  whether the State  agency  obtains  the  information
32    directly  or  indirectly  and  an explanation of any indirect
                            -2-                LRB9216550WHmb
 1    means used to obtain the information;
 2        (4)  whether an individual's provision of  the  requested
 3    data is optional or required;
 4        (5)  a  person's  option  to  choose  to proceed with the
 5    transaction and any alternatives  available;  how  the  State
 6    agency uses the information;
 7        (6)  whether  and  under  what  circumstances  the  State
 8    agency  discloses  the obtained information to other entities
 9    or persons;
10        (7)  whether other entities  or  persons  are  collecting
11    information through the site; and
12        (8)  a  general  description  of the security measures in
13    place to protect a person's information without  compromising
14    the integrity of the security measures; and be it further

15        RESOLVED,  That we urge each State agency to refrain from
16    gathering data from users on  the  State  agency's  web  site
17    unless  it  demonstrates a compelling need to do so; and that
18    the compelling need, if any, should be identified as such and
19    stated as part of the privacy policy; and be it further

20        RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be delivered  to
21    the  Office  of  the  Auditor General for distribution to the
22    appropriate State agencies.

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