State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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 1                          SENATE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, Workers at Carousel Linen in Highwood,  Illinois
 3    wash  and  press linens in hot and unsafe working conditions;
 4    several workers  have  reported  suffering  burns  and  other
 5    severe injuries in this strenuous working environment; and

 6        WHEREAS,    The    Occupational    Health    and   Safety
 7    Administration issued 11 citations against Carousel Linen for
 8    serious safety  violations  including  blocking  fire  exits,
 9    failing  to  train workers on the use of hazardous chemicals,
10    and requiring unlicensed workers to operate forklift  trucks;
11    and

12        WHEREAS, Workers at Carousel Linen work in these hard and
13    dangerous  jobs  but  only  earn  $5.15  an  hour, well below
14    standards for the laundry industry,  with  no  family  health
15    insurance benefits regardless of their seniority; and

16        WHEREAS, The Carousel workers have repeatedly been denied
17    requests  for raises during their tenures on the pretext that
18    they do not deserve monetary increases because  they  do  not
19    speak English; and

20        WHEREAS,  An  overwhelming  majority  of  Carousel  Linen
21    workers support forming a union; and

22        WHEREAS,  Carousel  Linen  has been found by the National
23    Labor Relations Board to  have  repeatedly  violated  federal
24    labor  law;  workers have been on strike in response to these
25    labor law violations since October, 2001; therefore be it

27    ASSEMBLY  OF  THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that the Illinois Senate
28    supports the right of workers to organize a union  free  from
29    harassment and retaliation; and be it further

30        RESOLVED,  That the Illinois Senate supports the striking
                            -2-                LRB9216635LBpc
 1    Carousel Linen workers in their fight to  form  a  union  and
 2    improve their wages and working conditions; and be it further

 3        RESOLVED,  That  the  Illinois  Senate  calls on Carousel
 4    Linen to immediately improve the  harsh  and  unsafe  working
 5    conditions  at  its  laundry,  to  voluntarily  recognize the
 6    workers' union, and to bargain a fair  agreement  with  their
 7    workers to end the six-month labor dispute; and be it further

 8        RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be sent to Scott
 9    Close at Carousel Linen.

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