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Public Act 094-0096
HB0729 Enrolled LRB094 07409 RXD 37571 b

    AN ACT concerning safety.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Hazardous Material Emergency Response
Reimbursement Act is amended by changing Section 3 as follows:
    (430 ILCS 55/3)  (from Ch. 127 1/2, par. 1003)
    Sec. 3. Definitions. As used in this Act:
    (a) "Emergency action" means any action taken at or near
the scene of a hazardous materials emergency incident to
prevent or minimize harm to human health, to property, or to
the environments from the unintentional release of a hazardous
    (b) "Emergency response agency" means a unit of local
government, or volunteer fire protection organization, or the
American Red Cross that provides:
        (1) firefighting services;
        (2) emergency rescue services;
        (3) emergency medical services;
        (4) hazardous materials response teams;
        (5) civil defense; or
        (6) technical rescue teams; or .
        (7) mass care or assistance to displaced persons.
    (c) "Responsible party" means a person who:
        (1) owns or has custody of hazardous material that is
    involved in an incident requiring emergency action by an
    emergency response agency; or
        (2) owns or has custody of bulk or non-bulk packaging
    or a transport vehicle that contains hazardous material
    that is involved in an incident requiring emergency action
    by an emergency response agency; and
        (3) who causes or substantially contributed to the
    cause of the incident.
    (d) "Person" means an individual, a corporation, a
partnership, an unincorporated association, or any unit of
federal, State or local government.
    (e) "Annual budget" means the cost to operate an emergency
response agency excluding personnel costs, which include
salary, benefits and training expenses; and costs to acquire
capital equipment including buildings, vehicles and other such
major capital cost items.
    (f) "Hazardous material" means a substance or material in a
quantity and form determined by the United States Department of
Transportation to be capable of posing an unreasonable risk to
health and safety or property when transported in commerce.
    (g) "Panel" means administrative panel.
(Source: P.A. 93-159, eff. 1-1-04.)

Effective Date: 1/1/2006