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Public Act 096-1505
HB1721 EnrolledLRB096 05345 DRJ 15411 b

    AN ACT concerning regulation.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Hospital Licensing Act is amended by adding
Section 4.7 as follows:
    (210 ILCS 85/4.7 new)
    Sec. 4.7. Additional licensing requirements.
    (a) A hospital located in a county with fewer than 325,000
inhabitants may apply to the Department for approval to conduct
its operations from more than one location within the county
under a single license at a separate building or facility
already licensed as a hospital. The operations shall be limited
to psychiatric services. The host hospital shall house the
licensee. The licensee's application shall be supported by
information that its operations at the host hospital will
provide access to necessary services for the region that the
host hospital does not provide. The services proposed by the
licensee at the host hospital shall not consist of emergency
    (b) The portion of the facilities or buildings operated by
the licensee at the host hospital shall be leased in part and
operated by a single corporation or other legal entity serving
as the licensee and shall have a single:
        (1) board of directors with the responsibility for
    governance, including financial oversight and authority to
    designate or remove the chief executive officer;
        (2) medical staff accountable to the board of directors
    of the licensee and governed by a single set of medical
    staff bylaws and associated rules and regulation of the
    licensee, with responsibility for the quality of the
    medical services provided by the licensee at the host
    hospital side; and
        (3) chief executive officer, accountable to the board
    of directors of the licensee, with management
    responsibility for the licensee's operations at the host
    hospital site.
    The host hospital and licensee shall be jointly responsible
for hospital licensing requirements relating to design and
construction, engineering and maintenance of the physical
plan, waste disposal, and fire safety.
    (c) The licensee and host hospital shall notify the public
and patients through general signage and written notification
provided upon admission that services are provided at the host
hospital site by 2 separately licensed hospitals. The signage
shall specify which services are provided by the host hospital
or the licensee or both.
    (d) One emergency department shall serve the host hospital.
Patients shall be notified that emergency services are provided
by the host hospital. Those patients that require admission
from the emergency department to a service that is operated by
the licensee shall be admitted according to the Emergency
Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act regulations and
transferred to the licensee. The admission, registration, and
consent form documents shall be specific to the licensee.
    (e) The licensee and host hospital shall submit to the
Department a comprehensive plan describing the services and
operations of each facility or building and between the
licensee and host hospital, and how common services or
operations will be coordinated between the various locations.
Nothing in this Section relieves a hospital from the
requirements in the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act.
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

Effective Date: 1/27/2011