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Public Act 102-1004


Public Act 1004 102ND GENERAL ASSEMBLY



Public Act 102-1004
SB3103 EnrolledLRB102 22919 CMG 32073 b

    AN ACT concerning State government.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The State Parks Act is amended by changing
Section 6 as follows:
    (20 ILCS 835/6)  (from Ch. 105, par. 468b)
    Sec. 6. It is a violation of this Section for any person to
do any of the following without approval by the Department of
Natural Resources:
        (1) cut, break, injure, destroy, take or remove any
    tree, shrub, timber, plant, or natural object in any park
    or parkway, except that the Department of Natural
    Resources may, by administrative rule, authorize edible
    fungi, nut, and berry collection in those areas of
    Department owned, leased, or managed lands where the
    collecting would not be in conflict or incompatible with
    (i) Department of Natural Resources natural resource
    management or recreational programs for that area and (ii)
    the Natural Areas Preservation Act;
        (2) kill, cause to be killed, or pursue with intent to
    kill any bird or animal in a park or parkway, provided that
    the Department of Natural Resources may by administrative
    order authorize hunting in those areas of state parks
    where such hunting would not be in conflict or
    incompatible with Department of Natural Resources
    recreational programs for that area;
        (3) take any fish from the waters of any park or
    parkway, contrary to the rules and regulations of the
    Department of Natural Resources;
        (4) wilfully mutilate, injure, deface, or destroy any
    guide post, notice, tablet, fence, enclosure or work for
    the protection or ornamentation of any park or parkway;
        (5) light any fire upon any park or parkway, except in
    an authorized place or places or wilfully or carelessly
    permit any fire which he has lighted or caused to be
    lighted, or which shall be under his charge, to spread or
    extend to or burn any shrubbery, trees, timber, ornaments,
    or improvements upon any State park, nature preserve or
    parkways, or leave any camp fires which he shall have
    lighted or caused to be lighted, or which shall have been
    left in his charge, unattended by a competent person;
        (6) place within any park or parkway or affix to any
    object therein contained, any work, character, or device
    designed to advertise any business, profession, article,
    thing, exhibition, matter or event;
        (7) violate any rule or regulation adopted and
    published by the Department of Natural Resources pursuant
    to the provisions of this Act.
    A person who violates this Section shall, for each
offense, be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.
(Source: P.A. 93-341, eff. 7-24-03.)
    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

Effective Date: 5/27/2022