Public Act 103-0382
SB1543 EnrolledLRB103 26944 AWJ 53309 b

    AN ACT concerning local government.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Illinois Police Training Act is amended by
adding Section 3.2 as follows:
    (50 ILCS 705/3.2 new)
    Sec. 3.2. Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator.
    (a) There is created under the authority of the Illinois
Law Enforcement Training Standards Board the Statewide PTSD
Mental Health Coordinator, appointed by the Governor, by and
with the advice and consent of the Senate, for a term of 4
years. The Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator shall
receive a salary as provided by law and is eligible for
reappointment. The Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator
shall be responsible for implementing a program of mental
health support and education for law enforcement officers.
    (b) The Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator shall:
        (1) be an active duty law enforcement officer with an
    established career in different aspects of law
    enforcement, including, but not limited to, having
    experience as both a patrol officer and detective or in
    both urban and rural settings;
        (2) have a history of developing and disseminating
    evidence-based training in mental health and resilience
    and with a strong working knowledge of the legislative
    process at the State and local level; and
        (3) have an established history of working with police
    administrations and police unions.
    (c) The Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator shall:
        (1) cooperate with statewide police academies to
    introduce police recruits to mental health issues they
    could face throughout their career in law enforcement;
        (2) assist in establishing mental health training for
    law enforcement, including resilience training,
    trauma-based training, interdepartmental and
    intradepartmental training, and training for law
    enforcement families;
        (3) select medical professionals statewide to
    establish a reference list that can be utilized by police
    departments who seek out professionals who offer
    evidence-based treatment for trauma and have strong
    working knowledge of the challenges faced by law
        (4) cooperate with police agencies to establish peer
    support programs;
        (5) cooperate with private limited liability companies
    who train in mental health and wellness to ensure that the
    company programs are scientifically sound and factual;
        (6) utilize the State university system to establish
    training and produce research documentation of training
    effectiveness; and
        (7) set standards for continuing education in mental
    health with an emphasis on meeting the developmental
    training needs for officers at various stages of their
    (d) The Statewide PTSD Mental Health Coordinator shall
report to the Board on the development and implementation of
programs and training for law enforcement officers and shall
advise the Board and receive advice from the Board on
direction and training needs for law enforcement agencies that
vary in size, location, and demographics.

Effective Date: 1/1/2024