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Public Act 094-0325
HB0793 Enrolled LRB094 06704 RLC 36801 b

    AN ACT concerning criminal law.
    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:
    Section 5. The Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963 is
amended by changing Section 111-8 as follows:
    (725 ILCS 5/111-8)  (from Ch. 38, par. 111-8)
    Sec. 111-8. Orders of protection to prohibit domestic
    (a) Whenever a violation of Section 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 10-3,
10-3.1, 10-4, 10-5, 11-15, 11-15.1, 11-20.1, 11-20a, 12-1,
12-2, 12-3, 12-3.2, 12-3.3, 12-4, 12-4.1, 12-4.3, 12-4.6, 12-5,
12-6, 12-6.3, 12-7.3, 12-7.4, 12-7.5, 12-11, 12-13, 12-14,
12-14.1, 12-15, or 12-16, 19-4, 21-1, 21-2, or 21-3 of the
Criminal Code of 1961 or Section 1-1 of the Harassing and
Obscene Communications Act , as now or hereafter amended, is
alleged in an information, complaint or indictment on file, and
the alleged offender and victim are family or household
members, as defined in the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, as
now or hereafter amended, the People through the respective
State's Attorneys may by separate petition and upon notice to
the defendant, except as provided in subsection (c) herein,
request the court to issue an order of protection.
    (b) In addition to any other remedies specified in Section
208 of the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, as now or hereafter
amended, the order may direct the defendant to initiate no
contact with the alleged victim or victims who are family or
household members and to refrain from entering the residence,
school or place of business of the alleged victim or victims.
    (c) The court may grant emergency relief without notice
upon a showing of immediate and present danger of abuse to the
victim or minor children of the victim and may enter a
temporary order pending notice and full hearing on the matter.
(Source: P.A. 91-445, eff. 1-1-00.)

Effective Date: 1/1/2006