Public Act 90-0151 of the 90th General Assembly

State of Illinois
Public Acts
90th General Assembly

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Public Act 90-0151

HB0552 Enrolled                                LRB9002653DPcc

    AN ACT to amend the Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act
by adding Section 10.5.

    Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:

    Section  5.  The Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act is
amended by adding Section 10.5 as follows:

    (225 ILCS 225/10.5 new)
    Sec. 10.5.  Advisory Commission.
    (a)  There  is  hereby created the Advisory Commission on
Private Sewage Disposal, which shall consist of 17 members to
be appointed from time to  time  by  the  Director.   Of  the
initial appointments, 5 members shall be appointed to serve a
one-year  term,  5  members  to  serve  a  2-year term, and 7
members to serve a  3-year  term.   The  Advisory  Commission
shall  be comprised of at least one representative of each of
the following:  the Illinois Public Health  Association,  the
Home   Builders   Association   of   Illinois,  the  Illinois
Association   of   Realtors,   the   Illinois   Environmental
Protection  Agency,   the   Illinois   Environmental   Health
Association, the Onsite Wastewater Professionals of Illinois,
Inc.,  the Illinois Association of Local Environmental Health
Administrators, the Illinois  Precast  Concrete  Association,
the  Illinois  Land  Improvement Contractors Association, the
Illinois Soil Classifier Association, and the Illinois Onsite
Wastewater Association. The Director shall appoint one member
to serve as chairperson.
    (b)  The Advisory Commission shall  advise  and  aid  the
Director in:
         (1)  reviewing  and  suggesting changes to the State
    code developed under Section 7, including but not limited
    to proposing performance-based standards for the  design,
    construction,   operation,  and  maintenance  of  private
    sewage disposal systems;
         (2)  propose  methods  for  funding  private  sewage
    disposal services and for reimbursement of units of local
    government for expenses incurred in   administering  this
    Act as agents of the State;
         (3)  examining the need for more stringent licensing
    requirements under this Act, including but not limited to
    an  apprenticeship  program  as  a  condition of original
    licensure and the issuance of advanced skill licenses;
         (4)  developing  continuing  education  requirements
    for persons licensed under this Act;
         (5)  considering the  need  for  continuing  testing
    programs for private sewage disposal systems;
         (6)  developing  a  research and development program
    to examine private sewage  disposal  issues  that  affect
    public  health  and  examining  funding  options  for the
         (7)  developing a training  center  to  educate  all
    persons  interested in learning more about on-site sewage
    disposal and to work with universities  to  provide  that
         (8)  developing  an  experimental use permit program
    to set criteria for testing and reviewing new systems  or
    innovative  systems  or devices and to consider oversight
    of this program by the Advisory Commission;
         (9)  examining the need for a uniform State  license
    to install, construct, maintain, or operate systems or to
    pump,  haul, or dispose of septage without the need for a
    license from a unit of local government; and
         (10)  performing other duties from time to  time  on
    the  request of the Director.
    (c)  The  Advisory  Commission  shall  submit  an  annual
report   to   the   Director   regarding   its  findings  and
recommendations under subsection (b).
    (d)  Members of the Advisory Commission may be reimbursed
for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance
of their duties under this Act.
    (e)  Members of the Advisory Commission shall  be  immune
from  suit  in  any  action based on an act performed in good
faith as a  member of the Advisory Commission.
    (f)  The  Advisory  Commission  shall   meet   at   least
    (g)  A   State   officer,   department,   board,  agency,
division, or commission or a unit  of  local  government  may
provide  a  service  to  the  Advisory Commission that is (1)
requested by the Advisory Commission and (2) within the scope
of  the  person's  or  entity's  governmental  functions   as
established by law.

    Section  99.  Effective date.  This Act takes effect upon
becoming law.

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