Public Act 90-0599 of the 90th General Assembly

State of Illinois
Public Acts
90th General Assembly

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Public Act 90-0599

SB1383 Enrolled                                LRB9009317JMmb

    AN ACT to amend the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois
by adding Section 55.90.

    Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
represented in the General Assembly:

    Section  5.  The Civil Administrative Code of Illinois is
amended by adding Section 55.90 as follows:

    (20 ILCS 2310/55.90 new)
    Sec. 55.90.  Prostate  and  testicular  cancer  awareness
program.    The  Department  of  Public  Health,  subject  to
appropriation or other available  funding,  shall  conduct  a
program  to promote awareness and early detection of prostate
and testicular cancer.  The program may include, but need not
be limited to:
         (1)  dissemination  of  information  regarding   the
    incidence  of  prostate  and  testicular cancer, the risk
    factors associated with prostate and  testicular  cancer,
    and the benefits of early detection and treatment;
         (2)  promotion  of  information and counseling about
    treatment options; and
         (3)  promotion of referral  services  and  screening

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