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Witness Slips For HB0007  102nd General Assembly

House Amendment 001   House Amendment 002   House Amendment 003
Bill Status

Legislation: HB0007
Proponents: 3528Opponents: 721No Position: 8
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Elem Sec Ed: Adm., Lic. & Charter (H) 3/24/2021 2:00 PM
Carl BessetteSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris RossmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia KusperSelfLincoln Lobby
Elizabeth YunkerSelfLincoln Lobby
Endsley PriceSelfLincoln Lobby
A AdamsSelfLincoln lobby
A HoopSelf
A Raino TrifonoffSelfLincoln Lobby
Aaron DeDobbelaerenone
Aaron J SecristSelf
Aaron KeckSelf
aaron peternelselflincoln lobby
Aaron RutsaySelfLincoln Lobby
Abbie Ballardself90self
Abigail ZedwickSelfLincoln Lobby
Adam BrennerSelf representation
Adam HudelsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Adam J BraundmeierNeville, Richards & Wuller, LLC
Adam McDonaldSelfLincoln Lobby
Adam MichelsSelfLincoln Lobby
Adam SchusterIllinois PolicyIllinois Policy Institute
adam steffanusnot applicableLincoln Lobby
Adam YawsAdam Yaws
Adella QuintenzSelf
Adrian IllesMcFarland Commodities
Adrian O'DonnellLincoln Lobby
Adriana HeikkilaSelfSelf
Afraaz AhmedSelfLincoln Lobby
Aime Gramerselfselff
Al messierTEAM PRINT INC.Lincoln Lobby
alan jacobsselflincoln lobby
Alan PuchalskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Alan RuweselfLincoln Lobby
Alan StoeckelIllinois Tax Paying Citizen
Albert y BinghamselfLincoln lobby
Alec LyonsSelfLincoln Lobby
Alejandro CardonSelfLincoln Lobby
Alex Eydelmanself
Alex JamesonSelfLincoln Lobby
Alex NodotSelfLincoln Lobby
Alex PerroneselfLincoln Lobby
alexis parkovichselfLincoln Lobby
Alfred MarogilLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Alice C WittselfLincoln Lobby
Alice EspositoSelf
Alice WeberSelfSelf
Alicia K LaBelleSelfLincoln Lobby
Alisha MalmgrenSelfLincoln Lobby
Allan HeyenSelfLincoln Lobby
Allan LuzbetakSelfLincoln Lobby
Allen BrownSelf
Allen HorsensSelfLincoln Lobby
Allen Joseph JaglowskiselfLincoln Lobby
Alora Murphyselfself
Alyssa CarlinSelfLincoln Lobby
Alyssa HuberSelf
Amanda JakovichSelfLincoln lobby
Amber SchimmelpfenningBelleville Area Special Services CooperativeAmber Schimmelpfenning, Speech-Language Pathologist
Amber SoraghanSelfLincoln Lobby
Ambrish KochikarSelfLincoln Lobby
Ammar AdamSelfLincoln Lobby
Ammie KessemNWSGOP
Amy Forsellselfself
Amy SchelichSelfLincoln Lobby
Amy StrongSelfSelf
Amy WeberSelfLincoln Lobby
Amy WyngardSelfSelf
Amy ZerboniaSelfSelf
Anandamoy SahooSelfLincoln Lobby
Anastasia DendrinosSelfLincoln Lobby
Anastasia SimoncelliSelfLincoln Lobby
AndreaSelfLincoln Lobby
Andrea KinnanSelfMy family
Andrea KrukSelfSelf
Andrea LandgrafSelfLINCOLN LOBBY
Andrea SpirovselfLincoln Lobby
Andreas DanckersSelfLincoln Lobby
Andres ArmstrongSelfLincoln Lobby
Andrew BromelandSelfLincoln Lobby
Andrew CarlinSelfLincoln Lobby
Andrew ChaySelfLincoln Lobby
Andrew Dale RashSelfLincoln Lobby
Andrew DziukSelfLincoln Lobby
Andrew GorneyDoors by RussLincoln Lobby
Andrew Jared SomersselfLincoln Lobby
Andrew KlocekSelfLincoln Lobby
Andrew M FrisbyNALincoln Lobby
Andrew ReynoldsSmith Drug Company
Andy AldrichSelfLincoln Lobby
Andy patelNa
Andy SchuttSelfLincoln lobby
Angela Calzada-townsendSelfLincoln Lobby
Angela DePaepe SchneeklothRetiredLincoln Lobby
Angela KruseselfLincoln Lobby
Angela M AndersonSelfLincoln Lobby
Angela MeyerSelfLincoln Lobby
Angela WiddersheimCUSD 60
Angele JoachimSelfLincoln Lobby
Angelo LalagosSelfLincoln Lobby
angelo sturinoretired SSAnone
Angie BuntingSelfLincoln Lobby
Angie MorganSelfLincoln Lobby
Anita L BulzakSelfLincoln Lobby
Anita MartinoSelfLincoln lobby
Ann BennettSelfSelf
Ann BrownSelfLincoln Lobby
Ann MarzanoselfLincoln Lobby
Ann MurtaughIndependent
Ann PearsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Ann PolhillMy familyLincoln Lobby
Ann TosovskySelfLincoln Lobby
Ann WaldynselfLincoln Lobby
Ann WenholzSelf
Anna AssenmacherIndividualAnna Assenmacher
Anna HayesAnna Hayes
Anna ParatoSelfSelf
ANNA SKALKAselfLincoln Lobby
Anna ThebeauSelfLincoln Lobby
Anna WolfSelfLincoln Lobby
Anna WrightSelfLincoln Lobby
Anne BoucherSelfLincoln Lobby
Anne Davisselflincoln lobby
Anne HillNone
Anne M ZanariniNA
Anne NacykselfLincoln Lobby
Anne O RobertsselfLincoln Lobby
Anne ReutimannSpectra-Tech, Inc.Lincoln Lobby
Anne VillantiSelfLincoln Lobby
Annette McMichaelnone
Annette WittselfLincoln Lobby
Annie DenardSelfLincoln Lobby
Annie TaylorSelfLincoln Lobby
Anthony CalleseBusiness
Anthony CatenacciCasa investing
Anthony Courtself
Anthony IncaudoSelfLincoln Lobby
Anthony James Nudoselfself
Anthony PalazzoselfLincoln Lobby
Anthony PietramaleSelfLincoln Lobby
Anthony PintoSelf
Anthony R AugunSelfLincoln Lobby
Anthony RobySelfLincoln Lobby
Anthony S PulgineSelfLincoln Lobby
Anthony saiaNone
Anthony steigerSelfLincoln group
Anthony TravisConstituentConstituent
Antoinette HickeySelfLincoln Lobby
Antoinette PattSelfLincoln Lobby
Anton Joseph RegisSelfLincoln Lobby
Apple GuntherSelfLincoln Lobby
April A BrennanPOS Remarketing Group
April MannsSelfLincoln Lobby
Arlene BastenNone
Arlene DoranselfLincoln Lobby
Arlene M DovichiselfLincoln Lobby
Armando PerezSelfLincoln Lobby
Aron KindredSelfLincoln Lobby
Arthur HerrickSelfLincoln Lobby
Arthur J EllingsenSelfSelf
Arthur WalusSelfLincoln Lobby
Ashley MurschelSelfLincoln Lobby
Asmah AhmedSelfLincoln Lobby
Audrey Klein-DegerKlein's ClassesSelf
Audrey SchuurmannSelf
Austin BergSelfLincoln Lobby
Autumn ChoSelfLincoln Lobby
B HackettSelfLincoln Lobby
B NelsonNAMyself
Barb HollowaySelfLincoln lobby
Barb ReynoldsSelfLincoln Lobby
Barb SchmalzParentSelf
Barba HandSelfLincoln Lobby
Barbara MonticelloSelfLincoln Lobby
Barbara BarryselfLincoln lobby
Barbara DeVincentSelfSelf
Barbara DiehlSelfLincoln Lobby
Barbara KelleyNoneLincoln Lobby
Barbara KestersonSelfSelf
barbara lotestoselflincoln lobby
Barbara RichterSelfLincoln Lobby
Barbara RocheselfLincoln Lobby
Barbara Sullivan Thurlbyself
Barney BrysonselfLincoln Lobby
Barney RuppSelfLincoln Lobby
Barry BlockSelfLincoln Lobby
Barry BurdiakSelfLincoln Lobby
Barry J Palmernone
Barry King IISelfLincoln Lobby
Barry Pilkingtonnonemyself
Barry RogersSelfLincoln Lobby
Bart CapristoSelfLincoln Lobby
Basil M YurcisinSelf - TeacherBasil Yurcisin
BEN GRAMMBen GrammLincoln lobby
Ben LavittSelfLincoln Lobby
Ben RuggieroSelfSelf
Benjamin GouldSelfLincoln Lobby
Benjamin HiettSelf
Benjamin HottSELFLincoln Lobby
Benjamin J EicherSelfLincoln Lobby
Benjamin KondrackiSelfSelf
Benjamin V SnowSelfLincoln Lobby
Bennet KlaubaSelfLincoln Lobby
Bernadette FoleySelfLincoln Lobby
Bernard E McLeanSelfLincoln Lobby
Bernard J BartelliNone
Bernard PerrySelfLincoln Lobby
Bernie HennessySelfLincoln lobby
Bernie KembitzkySelfLincoln lobby
Bert CattoniSelfLincoln Lobby
Beth DillSelfLincoln Lobby
Beth MetcalfMetcalf FamilySelf
Beth NajbergSelf
Beth SondgerothSelfSelf
Bethany BakesSelfLincoln Lobby
Bethany KochBelleville Area Special Services CooperativeTara M Powers
Bette KufkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Betty RiveraSelfLincoln Lobby
Beverly CapekSelf
Beverly ClarkSelfLincoln Lobby
Beverly JumperLincoln Lobby
Bhadresh PatelBlue Cross Blue Shield Association
Bhadresh PatelSelfLincoln Lobby
Bill and Kathy CalliganSelfLincoln Lobby
Bill GladeNoneSelf
Billie BingenheimerNA
Blake LinkSelfLincoln Lobby
Bob CoyneSelfLincoln Lobby
Bob EmlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Bonnie OgnisantiSelfSelf
Bonnie EllisSelfLincoln Lobby
Boris ObermanRealty Advisors EliteLincoln Lobby
brad johnsonselfLincoln Lobby
Brad KortSelfLincoln Lobby
Brad MuellerNASelf
Brad ProbstNA
Brad RiemannSelfLincoln Lobby
BRAD S FOXBig Shoulders Digital Video ProductionsLincoln Lobby
Bradley K WaltonSelfLincoln Lobby
Brandon BlazerSelfLincoln Lobby
Brandon EdwardsNA
Brandon FieldingSelfLincoln Lobby
Brandon HollenbeckSelfLincoln Lobby
Brenda GillmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Brenda HumbertShear Perfection
Brenda MasonSelfLincoln Lobby
Brent BertkeCitizen
Brent BertkeSelfLincoln lobby
Brent D LampeSelfLincoln Lobby
Brent HootmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Brett Alan HolcombselfLincoln Lobby
Brett HartmannSELFLincoln Lobby
Brett Muscatmuscat painting & Decoratinglincoln lobby
Brett SilvermanSelfLincoln Lobby
Brett WrightPULS L.P.
Brian BurkeNone
Brian ComishmyselfLincoln Lobby
Brian ConneranweigConneranweig Law Office
Brian CostinAmericans for ProsperityAmericans for Prosperity - Illinois
Brian CostinAmericans for Prosperity - IllinoisAmericans for Prosperity - Illinois
Brian CowdrillSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian DeGustinoSelf
Brian DeGustinoSelfLincoln lobby
Brian DiskinSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian DragusSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian FaganSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian GoldmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian HawkinsNaSelf
Brian HoganSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian LodeLode Data Systems
Brian M JackSelf EmployedLincoln Lobby
Brian McCarthyselfLincoln Lobby
Brian McKibbenSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian MorganSchool age parent
Brian O'DonnellSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian PlattselfLincoln Lobby
Brian ProctorSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian R BrownIL Dept of Labor
Brian R Hornenoneself
Brian RudnickeNAMyself
Brian SkeenSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian sommerfeldSelfLincoln
Brian waalaSelf
Brian WaddellSelfLincoln lobby
Brian WellsSelfLincoln Lobby
Brian WojciechowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Brianna RaySelfIllinois tax payer
Bridget DemetriouselfLincoln lobby
Bridget YenorselfLINCOLN LOBBY
Brittanie ShearerSelfSelf
Brittany DennisTaxpayer
Brooke FoglesongSelfLincoln Lobby
Brooke TarkinSelfLincoln Lobby
Bruce GasawaySelfLincoln lobby
Bruce JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
BRUCE O'BRIENselfLincoln Lobby
Bruce SpeerSelf
Bryan LembkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Bryan MatthewsSelfSelf
Bryan NeedhamSelf
Bryan RyherdselfLincoln Lobby
Bryan SlaySelfSelf
Byan HouserOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
Byron G MorrisonSelfLincoln Lobby
c tannerselfLincoln Lobby
Calli McClainSelfLincoln Lobby
Callie SmithSelfLincoln Lobbt
Candace BurkettPresence Marketing
Candace MathersSelfLincoln Lobby
Carisa KriegSelfSelf
carl bebarselfself
Carl HinshawSelf
Carl J MaggioLincoln Lobby
Carl McNairself
Carl PasquarelliChampionXSelf
Carl RobinsonSelf
Carl Schmitt-WagnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Carl SchreiberselfLincoln Lobby
Carl troikeCabot
Carla LehmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Carla McMasterSelfLincoln Lobby
Carlos BedoyaSelfLincoln Lobby
carlos FONSSelfLincoln Lobby
Carlos Marino JrSelf
Carol BielSelf
Carol CadleParent
Carol DavisnoneMyself
Carol JohnsonSelf
Carol KinderSelfLincoln lobby
Carol LabedzSelfLincoln Lobby
Carol MedoSelfLincoln Lobby
Carol MonsonSelfSelf
Carol smithSelfLincoln lobby
Carol TaylorSelfLincoln Lobby
Carol TothSelfLincoln Lobby
CAROL TURNERSelfLincoln Lobby
Carol WilleCarol WilleLincoln Lobby
Carol WinfreySelfLincoln Lobby
Carole BurnsBloom Township High School District 206
Carole D ReversselfLincoln Lobby
Carole D ReversselflLincoln lobby
Carole KoldoffSelfLincoln Lobby
Caroline AndrewIndividual
Carolyn BrasmerNa
Carolyn MartinselfLincoln Lobby
Carolyn PorysNone
Carrie BishirSelfLincoln Lobby
Carrie PorysSelfLincoln Lobby
Carrie SavignacSelfLincoln Lobby
Carrol A GoodingSelfLincoln Lobby
Cary AllenSelfLincoln Lobby
Caryl hodgdonSelf
Casimir T KozaSelfLincoln lobby
Cassandra PeakSelfLincoln Lobby
Cassandra WardSelfLincoln Lobby
Cassy KnudsonNoneSelf
Catherine BogaczSelfLincoln Lobby
Catherine DupuisSelfLincoln Lobby
Catherine HansenSelf
Catherine JensenPathways School
Catherine JurisicSelfLincoln Lobby
Catherine VierhellerselfLincoln Lobby
Catherine ZitnikEducator
Cathie Freeseself
Cathie GaySelfLincoln Lobby
Cathy JenkinsSelfLincoln Lobby
Cathy JohnsonNone
Cathy MuddSelfSelf
Cathy RiemerSelfLincoln lobby
Cathy ShackelfordSelfLincoln Lobby
Cathy SullivanNANA
Celeste Coheeselfself
Cesar Alejandro PadillaSelfLincoln Lobby
Chad Bergstrom GoldenbergSelfLincoln Lobby
Chad DavisSelfLincoln lobby
Chad DurbinDurbin Farms
Chad ReedySelfSelf
Chad WintizerLincoln Lobby
Chad WintizerNot applicable
Char SpreitzerSelfLincoln Lobby
Charlene PavesichSelfLincoln Lobby
charles D'AlessioBenzCoil
Charles E Hughes JrSelfLincoln Lobby
Charles FisherSelfLincoln Lobby
Charles HayesSelfLincoln Lobby
Charles M BolandSelfLincoln Lobby
Charles MartinselfLincoln Lobby
Charles O StrubleSelfLincoln Lobby
Charles Quallsselfself
Charles R SolbergSelf-employedLincoln Lobby
Charles RichieSelfLincoln Lobby
Charles SharpSharp Property SolutionsLincoln lobby
Charles W Beech JrselfLincoln Lobby
Charles WeissSelfLincoln Lobby
Charles WentlingselfLincoln Lobby
Charles WillcuttSelfLincoln Lobby
Charmaine FairselfLincoln Lobby
Chase SpiritoSelfLincoln Lobby
Cheng HsiehSelf
Cheri LangeselfLincoln Lobby
Cheri McElroyHomeowner
Cheri MeentsSelfLincoln Lobby
Cheryl A DimiceliselfLincoln Lobby
Cheryl BrooksSelfLincoln lobby
Cheryl DimiceliSelfSelf
Cheryl FrauenLincoln lobby
Cheryl KneubuehlSelfLincoln Lobby
Cheryl KoenigSelfLincoln Lobby
Cheryl LisyNoneSelf
Cheryl MedinaSelfLincoln Lobby
Cheryl R JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Cheryl SlayPrivate citizenSelf
Cheryl SligaSelfLincoln Lobby
Cheryll AdamSelfLincoln Lobby
Ches ManlySelfLincoln Lobby
Chester DanielSelfLincoln Lobby
Chet DeKingSelfLincoln Lobby
chet szerlagselfLincoln Lobby
Chia Chung LeeSelfLincoln Lobby
Chip HollisterSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris CorrealeSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris DennisTaxpayerTaxpayer
Chris E JankowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris EckelIPSself
Chris FehrSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris GouldSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris KillarneySelf
Chris KrugSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris MeischnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris NewmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris PattersonSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris Pedersenselfself
Chris RankinResident
Chris SiamanisSelf
Chris SidwellSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris SpackoSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris VitkauskasSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris WhiteSelf
Christian BrouilletteNoneMyself
Christian DagenaisSELFSELF
Christian DeGraafSelfLincoln Lobby
Christian OsswaldselfLincoln Lobby
Christian SantanaSelfLincoln Lobby
Christiane SheetsSelfLincoln Lobby
Christina NortenselfLincoln Lobby
christina eliasnonelincoln lobby
Christina WatsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Christine D RialsSelfLincoln Lobby
Christine FroehlichSelf
Christine HillesheimSelfLincoln Lobby
Christine MacellaSelfIllinois Policy
Christine McGovernself
Christine VeverkaselfLincoln Lobby
Christine WhiteSelfLincoln Lobby
Christopher BerneySelfLincoln Lobby
Christopher BradenOn behalf of selfSelf
Christopher BurnettSelfSelf
Christopher CowgerSelfLincoln Lobby
Christopher DrozsN-A
Christopher FuchsSelfLincoln Lobby
Christopher GehringSelfLincoln Lobby
Christopher HallidayThe Chicago Body Works,sc
christopher johnsonSelfLincoln lobby
Christopher M LarsenSound Inc.
Christopher MeeganSelfLincoln Lobby
Christopher MurschelSelfLincoln Lobby
Christopher Ramos1964Lincoln Lobby
Christopher S HutchinsonPersonal
christopher smoczynskiselfLincoln Lobby
Christopher SmyserSelfLincoln Lobby
Christy FureyselfLincoln Lobby
Cinda PensabeneSelfLincoln Lobby
Cindy AbbottSelfLincoln Lobby
Cindy EassaSelfLincoln Lobby
Cindy NealselfLincoln Lobby
Cindy YelichSelfLincoln Lobby
Clair DominguezSelfLincoln Lobby
Claire GregoireSelfLincoln Lobby
Claire MasseyselfLincoln Lobby
Claire Van Hornself
Clare CampbellSelfLincoln Lobby
Clare RiskySelfSelf
Clark SchoonoverNA
Clark SchweigertSelfLincoln Lobby
Claude McKibbenEngineering Services
Claudia ArmstrongSelfLincoln Lobby
Clifford R GartnerSelfSelf
Cody RennisonSelfLincoln Lobby
Colleen JochumPrivate
Colleen MorrisSelfLincoln
Collin CallahanSelfLincoln Lobby
Connie AbelsethTrinity International University
Connie BolyardSelfLincoln Lobby
Connie BumgarnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Connie CainNASelf
Connie JagelsSelfLincoln Lobby
CONNIE NELSONNelson CPA and Associates
Constance AtterburySelf
Constantine T KazeosSelfLincoln Lobby
Cordney PinkleySelfSelf
Corey Claytonselflincoln lobby
Corey DelbySelfSelf
Corey GimbelNone
Corey WatermanSelfLincoln Lobby
Cornelius Gormanselfself
courtney BenfieldSelfLincoln Lobby
Coy RobinsonselfLincoln Lobby
Craig A BonnerNaSelf
Craig HearneSelfLincoln Lobby
Craig LeQuatteSelfLincoln Lobby
Craig ManskeRetired
Craig MilneSelf
Craig ReuterselfLincoln Lobby
Craig SamuelsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Craig W CampbellSelfLincoln Lobby
Craig WantuckSelfSelf
Cris SpiegelSelfLincoln Lobby
Crista MitchellSelfLincoln Lobby
Cristi FranklinSelfLincoln lobby
Crystal CasperSelfTax payer
Cundy KruegerLincoln Lobby
Curt JacobsselfLincoln Lobby
Curtis D TowneSelfLincoln Lobby
Curtis StraderSelfLincoln Lobby
CynthiaInteriors 4 U
Cynthia AbbottDelta Environmental Sampling
cynthia allen schenknone
Cynthia CannonSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia GoldringselfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia HayesnoneLincoln Lobby
Cynthia HodgeCitizen
Cynthia L AkreSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia LascoSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia O'BrienSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia OchoaSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia ProstSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia RichartzSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia RomanSelfLincoln Lobby
Cynthia WeidigLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Cynthia WillcuttSelfLincoln Lobby
D GaglianoNoneMyself
D ZAnti corruption american
Dale Allan SaboSelfLincoln Lobby
Dale Arnoldnone
Dale DanklefsenSelf - Over burdened taxpayer
Dale DiehlsselfLincoln Lobby
Dale DragertSelfLincoln Lobby
Dale KlinefelterSelfLincoln Lobby
Dale MarfellSelfLincoln Lobby
Dale SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Dallas NestelselfLincoln Lobby
Damon Dillonselfself
DAMON HORNERSelfLincoln Lobby
DAN ABELASselfLincoln Lobby
Dan BarnstableSelfLincoln Lobby
Dan GebhardtSelf
dan godinezgrieve corp
Dan HruskaSelfLincoln Lobby
Dan KnippSelfSelf
Dan KruegerSelfLincoln Lobby
Dan KunzNA
Dan Montgomeryselfself
Dan MourningSelfLincoln Lobby
Dan SmithLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Dan VossSelfSelf
Dan WagnerSelfSelf
Daniel A WatsonRempe-Sharpe and AssociatesLincoln lobby
Daniel Alan GahanSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel ArnswaldSelfDaniel & Janet Arnswald
Daniel Buchino SrSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel ClarkThe ABIS GroupLincoln Lobby
Daniel E NohlSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel GomezSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel J CaponigriSelfSelf
Daniel KayserIndividual
Daniel Keith ChristSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel LauerSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel MenardLincoln Lobby
Daniel MilroySelfLincoln lobby
Daniel PattSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel QuinnSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel R RalphsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel RawersSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel ReisSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel RigbyFox Title CompanyDAn Rigby
Daniel SchmidtSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel SchwartzselfLincolnLlobby
Daniel SearsSelf
Daniel SersphinSelfLincoln project
Daniel TinkesSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel VreeSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel WolskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel WrightSelfLincoln lobby
Danielle TaylorSelfLincoln Lobby
DANILO DEANODEANO MEDICAL ASSOCIATESFamily, friends with school children
Danni WheelerselfLincoln Lobby
Danny L ReynoldsNALincoln Lobby
Darcy NestlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Darienne ZamisNo agency - selfLincoln Lobby
Darla A PhelpsMercer County Emergency AssistanceLincoln Lobby
Darrel L SmithSmith Farms
Darren DalenbergScattered Acres EnterprisesLincoln Lobby
Darren JarosSelf
Daryl BloomSelfLincoln Lobby
Dave BockmanSelfSelf
Dave HamiltonSelfLincoln Lobby
Dave HillOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
Dave JohnsonNone
Dave KaufmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Dave KempkerSelfLincoln Lobby
Dave KoenigSelfLincoln Lobby
Dave MizerkaSelfLincoln Lobby
David A RundallSelfLincoln Lobby
David BarrettSelfLincoln Lobby
David BierSelf
David BrownSelfLincoln Lobby
David BrunjesCraftwood Lumber & HardwareLincoln Lobby
david c mooreselfself
David CassiereSelfLincoln Lobby
David ClaggettselfLincoln Lobby
David Coehome
David CraneSelfLincoln Lobby
David DahlbergSelfLincoln Lobby
David DeVriesSelf
David DreyfussPrivate Citizen
David E HenardLinkNLan Investing
David E LovellSelfLincoln Lobby
David FaganNot ApplicableLincoln Lobby
David FarrarSelfLincoln Lobby
David FultonSelfLincoln Lobby
David GravesSelfLincoln Lobby
David H JonathanSelfLincoln Lobby
David HamiltonSelfLincoln Lobby
David HarringtonSelfLincoln Lobby
David HartmannSelfLincoln Lobby
David HobbsSelfLincoln Lobby
David HollenbeckSelfLincoln Lobby
David HoodselfLincoln Lobby
David J InnisSelfLincoln Lobby
David J Kaluzny IITaxpayer
David J MamerNot applicableMyself
David J MillerSelfLincoln Lobby
David J ProstSelfLincoln Lobby
David keenanNoneSelf
David L GentileNA
David M DriscollSelfLincoln Lobby
David M NaughtonselfLincoln Lobby
David MarescaPerfect Plastic Printing CorporationLincoln Lobby
David MarinelloB9D,Inc.
David MarutselfLincoln Lobby
David MaskerNAMyself
David McElhinnyRetired
David Misekselflincoln lobby
David MooreSelfLincoln Lobby
David N BoydSelfLincoln Lobby
David NationSelfLincoln Lobby
David NovitskiSelfLincoln lobby
David Olsonselflincoln lobby
David PetersonSelfLincoln lobby
David PodrebaracSelfSelf
David PullmanSelfLincoln Lobby
David R EitelSelfLincoln Lobby
David Schramerself
David SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
David SpacekDavid Spacek Consultants
David StetzelSelfLincoln lobby
David SummersSelfLincoln Lobby
David TauberselfLincoln Lobby
David TylerOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
David VancinaSelfLincoln Lobby
David VaughnSelfLincoln Lobby
David W BengtsonBengtson Pumpkin FarmSelf
David WarnerWarner Family Chiropractic
David WesaSelfLincoln Lobby
David WhiteSelfLincoln Lobby
David WilksDavid WilksLincoln Lobby
David William CarrellNot ApplicableSelf
David YobAlter Brewing CompanySelf
Dawn AlbaneseIndividualSelf
Dawn FletcherSelfLincoln Lobby
Dawn MillerSelfLincoln Lobby
Dawn NovakSelfLincoln Lobby
Dawn OlszewskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Dawn RoweSelfLincoln Lobby
Dawn SeccoSelfLincoln Lobby
Dayla Gentrynone
Deacon Bill CraneHoly Eucharist ApostolateLincoln Lobby
Dean A DavisSelfSelf, Lincoln Lobby
Dean BiscontiSelfLincoln Lobby
Dean Gaffneyprinting1
Dean LardnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Dean LikasSelfLincoln Lobby
Deana ZemkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Deanne J WeisenbachCook County
Debbie KlossSelfLincoln Lobby
Deborah ChappellSelfLincoln Lobby
Deborah A CunefareSelfLincoln Lobby
Deborah A GlinskiSELFLincoln Lobby
Deborah BuntingSelf
Deborah CohorstSelfLincoln Lobby
Deborah DanielSelfLincoln Lobby
Deborah K DonleyRetired educator
Deborah MarakNoneNone
Deborah PetrilloselfLincoln Lobby
Deborah WhiteSelfLincoln lobby
Debra DeMiccoTaxpayersTaxpayers
Debra DudleySelfLincoln Lobby
Debra DullardPublic school retired
Debra GilbertNA
Debra HoldampfSelfLincoln Lobby
Debra MayronneSelfLincoln Lobby
Debra MinogueSelfLincoln Lobby
Dee CortesiSelfLincoln Lobby
Dena KoehlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Dena ShullselfLincoln Lobby
Denise CattoniSelfLincoln Lobby
Denise HoltgraveSelfSelf
Denise KalinaNone
Denise LillaX
Denise M KeatingSelfLincoln Lobby
Denise MeyerSelf
Denise R AugunSelfLincoln Lobby
Dennis D DwyerselfLincoln Lobby
Dennis Floydnana
Dennis G LaLibertyPrivate citizen
Dennis HaasSelfLincoln Lobby
Dennis J KistnerMassMutual
Dennis KassonSelfSelf
Dennis Lewisnone
Dennis MalleySelfLincoln Lobby
Dennis PapernikSelfLincoln lobby
Dennis RiekenselfLincoln Lobby
Dennis St Germainhome
Dennis WeatherfordSelfLincoln Lobby
Dennis WisnoskyWizdom Systems, Inc.
Derek ForresterNANA
Derek HawkinsSelfLincoln Lobby
Derek SchneiderSelfLincoln Lobby
Derrick Szymanski JrselfLincoln Lobby
Devin WrightLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Dexter HolmesNALincoln Lobby
Diana BoydSelfLinclon Lobby
Diana E DeGraffselfLincoln Lobby
Diana Forehandno firm
Diana ROGUSSelfLincoln Lobby
Diane Kappusself
Diane AndermannselfLincoln Lobby
DIANE DALYselfLincoln Lobby
Diane Gray- None -Self
Diane JanovyakSelfSelf
Diane McShaneSelfLincoln lobby
Diane PerezCitizen
diane robertoamedeo & Colonna
Diane SpanierSelfLincoln Lobby
Diane SpiottaSelfLincoln Lobby
Dimitris PapanikolaouSelfLincoln Lobby
Dina KartchSelfLincoln Lobby
Dmitriy ChernosheyselfLincoln Lobby
Dolores AmermanselfLincoln Lobby
Dolores Van HielSELFLincoln Lobby
Dominick PalmisanoFlex International
Don BoydNaSelf
Don ForlaniSelfLincoln Lobby
Don FrayndSelf representationLincoln lobby
Don HodgesSelfLincoln Lobby
Don KelleySelfLincoln Lobby
Don NemerovSelfLincoln Lobby
Don SachnoffSelfLincoln Lobby
Don ThomasSelfLincoln Lobby
Donald BridsonSelfNA
Donald FederleLincoln LobbySelf
Donald GilbertNA
Donald H DoolTeletechnology International, Inc.
Donald HennigSelfSelf
Donald HespellNoneself
Donald J ClarkSelfLincoln Lobby
Donald JenningsSelfLincoln Lobby
donald lottonpersonal
Donald MarvinSelfSelf
Donald R JenkinsSelfLincoln Lobby
Donald SunterSelf
Donald SuttnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Donald TerasakiLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Dong WeiSelfLincoln Lobby
Donna BattershellSelfLincoln Lobby
Donna CaliselfLincoln Lobby
Donna CraigSelfLincoln Lobby
Donna CusimanoselfLincoln Lobby
Donna HriljacSelfSelf
Donna KempSelf
Donna KempSelfLincoln Lobby
Donna King-NykolaycuykLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Donna M McRaeSelfSelf
Donna PintoSelf
Donna RandsSelf
Donna Rudinsself
Donna S Oehlbergnone
donna vanceretiredLincoln Lobby
Donna westerkampSelfLincoln lobby
Dorene JobSelfLincoln Lobby
Dori HirschselfLincoln lobby
Dorothy A TenneyselfLincoln Lobby
Dorothy Coopselfself
Dorothy GalloisSelfLincoln Lobby
Doug GibbsNAMyself
Doug ThompsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Doug Woodworthself
Douglas BeeseOn behalf of selfSelf
Douglas BrantleySelfLincoln Lobby
Douglas BunkerAT&TLincoln Lobby
DOUGLAS COWANselfLincoln lobby
douglas croftselfLincoln Lobby
Douglas ErhartSelfLincoln Lobby
Douglas FelseckerSelfLincoln Lobby
Douglas GangloffSelfLincoln Lobby
Douglas KosarSelfLincoln Lobby
Douglas M TirzmalisPrivate CitizenDouglas Tirzmalis
Douglas Van TressThe Golden Triangle
Dr Brittany MeyerSelfSelf
Dr Doug CampbellLake Forest Smiles
Dr Monica FudalaSelfLincoln lobby
Dragoslav VeljkovicSelfLincoln Lobby
Drew WilliamsSelf RepresentationLincoln Lobby
Duane HerbstreitSelfLincoln lobby
dungerselflincoln lobby
Dustin BukowskiselfLincoln Lobby
Dustin HessNASelf
Dustin HeuserselfLincoln Lobby
Dustin WiesemannSelfLincoln Lobby
Dwight RuhmannSelfLincoln Lobby
E HenricksNALincoln Lobby
Earl J TrostrudTrostrud Mosaic & Tile
EARL STUDERSelfLincoln Lobby
Ed MunsellSelf Representation
Ed WachalaNone
Eddie AghaSelfLincoln Lobby
Edgar GarrettSelfLincoln Lobby
Edita Brusokieneselfself
Edmund BolandSELFSELF
Edward KareckiSelfself
Edward A BurkhardtselfLincoln Lobby
Edward BohrerSelfSelf
Edward CorcoranSelf Employed
Edward CzepczynskiselfLincoln Lobby
Edward DiPaoloselfLincoln lobby
Edward GrahamLaw Offices of Edward P. Graham, Ltd.Self
Edward HumbertSelfLincoln Lobby
Edward I Knorring JrSelfLincoln Lobby
Edward J KoperskiSelf
Edward KovasSelfLincoln Lobby
Edward LiszkaselfLincoln Lobby
Edward M RylkoSelfLincoln Lobby
Edward PawlusEdward PawlusLincoln Lobby
Edward PerryPrairieland F.S.
Edward SchultzSelfLincoln Lobby
edward seidelselfself
Edward SpriegelARCOA Group
Edwin A LodensGuest Supply Sysco
Edythe HinckleyLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Eileen FinlaySelfSelf
Eileen RiesSelfLincoln Lobby
Eileen WolfeSelfLincoln Lobby
Eirik SeimSelfLincoln Lobby
Elaine D CullinanSelfLincoln Lobby
Elaine KuipersSelfLincoln lobby
Elana JacobsSelfLincoln lobby
eleanor freedmanselfLincoln lobby
Eli AbramowitzSelfLincoln Lobby
Eli DeanSelfLincoln Lobby
Eliizabeth DahlmannselfLincoln Lobby
Eliott WolfeSelfLincoln Lobby
Elizabeth BettagNone
Elizabeth BudreckSelfLincoln Lobby
Elizabeth BurghardSelfLincoln Lobby
Elizabeth BurnsselfLincoln Lobby
Elizabeth FosterSelfLincoln Lobby
Elizabeth HigginsSelfLincoln Lobby
Elizabeth M Hossataxpayer
Elizabeth Shaffer-McCarthynone
Elizabeth TappLife
Ellary KahanselfLincoln Lobby
Ellen RyanSelfSelf
Emad EassaSelfLincoln Lobby
Emilia MerchenNot applicable
Eric BettagSt. Charles Foot and Ankle Center
Eric BreeseSelfLincoln Lobby
Eric EvertSelfLincoln Lobby
Eric HendricksNot applicableNot applicable
Eric HonkampSelfLincoln Lobby
Eric JudgeNone
Eric KruepSelfLincoln Lobby
Eric MatthysNone
Eric RobbinsSelfSelf, Lincoln Lobby, ISRA
Eric Samuel KolkeySelfLincoln Lobby
Eric ShookNone
Eric SmithEdge Electrical Systems
Eric WilliamsSelfLincoln Lobby
Erica MagsamenSelfLincoln Lobby
Erica PollockPrivate citizen
Erica WarszewikSelfLincoln Lobby
Erich MassatContemporary Contract Furnishings LLC
Erik PrenzlerErik PrenzlerLincoln Lobby
Erika FoltysSelfLinclon Lobby
Erikh ParadiseselfLincoln Lobby
Erin EvansPrivate citizenSelf
Erin GulleySelfLincoln Lobby
Erin Lynn HoworthSelfLincoln Lobby
Erin Maxen-LewisNoneParent
Erin SwinglerselfLincoln Lobby
Ernest ChanSelfLincoln Lobby
Ernest DiLeggeSelfLincoln Lobby
Erwin Robert FeyrerSelfLincoln Lobby
Ethan CainSelfSelf
Eugene DALYselfLincoln Lobby
Eugene LavinSelfLincoln Lobby
Eugene WaskowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Eunice E EhmenSelfLincoln lobby
Eva Blihovdeselfself
Eva CallicoSelfLincoln Lobby
Evan DjikasselfLincoln Lobby
EvelynSelfLincoln Lobby
Frances McdonaldSelfLincoln lobby
frances valentinoselflincoln lobby
Francine ZoddaCenter OwnerTaxpayer
Francis D Graves JrSelfLincoln Lobby
Francis DietlContemporary Life Saving Training, LLCLincoln Lobby
Francis ManzoSelfLincoln Lobby
Frank CamodecaOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
Frank CannovaSelfLincoln Lobby
FRANK FelzselfLincoln Lobby
Frank Gary SpringerCitizenvoter
Frank HarthDNA
Frank J CerchioselfLincoln Lobby
Frank JirmasekSelfLincoln Lobby
Frank Joseph Weiszprivate citizen
Frank KriegseisHome Owner
Frank LiparotaNASelf
Frank MichaleskoSelf
Frank MolinaSelfLincoln Lobby
Frank PichaSelfLincoln Lobby
Frank StoffelCitizen
Frank TsionesPalos Music InstructionLincoln Lobby
Frank VerdeauxSelfLincoln Lobby
Frank VydraSelfLincoln Lobby
Frank WehrsteinDickerson Nieman RealtorsSelf
Fred A CapassoSelfLincoln Lobby
Fred J MuellerFJM Consutling
fred pinkstaffself
Frederic DiazSelfLincoln Lobby
Frederick DempseyLaw Office of Frederick R. DempseySelf
Frederick SavaianoThe Little Way, Inc
Fredrick SanbornSelfLincoln Lobby
Friedemann GildeSelfLincoln Lobby
Fritz GoetzSelfLincoln Lobby
G Gail BergstromREMAX
Gabby SutterSelfLincoln Lobby
Gabriel W FigliuzziSelfLincoln Lobby
Gail FerrebeeSelfLincoln Lobby
Gail HodgenSelfLincoln Lobby
gail m peckselfself
Gail PatykSelfLincoln Lobby
Gail PolanekselfLincoln Lobby
garry nusinowSandcastle Mgmt & Realty
Gary AinsworthSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary BannonSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary BertelsSelf
Gary BurzychSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary DaughertySelfSelf
Gary DuffySelfLincoln Lobby
Gary FoglemanselfLincoln Lobby
Gary FugittSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary GrabarczykNone
Gary GuthrieLincoln lobby
GARY KOVALIllionois Policy
Gary L SudethNone
GARY L ANSPACHSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary L MichielsenSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary LeMaireSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary MetkeSelf
Gary MillerSelf
Gary MonsonSelfSelf
Gary Warren HammSelfLincoln Lobby
Gary Zwicky MDSelfLincoln Lobby
Gaye AabergSYNERGY HomeCareself
Gaye O'ConnorselfLincoln Lobby
Gayle LaValley Clarknone
gehrig petersonselfLincoln Lobby
Gene BergeronSelfLincoln lobby
Gene HoltenSelfLincoln Lobby
Gene RadwanskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Geoffrey BevingtonSelfLincoln Lobby
Geoffrey ShureSelfLincoln Lobby
Geordi SmithSelf
George AllenSelfLincoln Lobby
George AlpogianisSelfLincoln Lobby
George BlatnikSelfLincoln Lobby
George ClaudSelfLincoln Lobby
George ConcaildiCitizen of Illinois
George GieseSelf
George GieseSelfLincoln Lobby
George LuftNa
George R WilhelmsenSelfLincoln Lobby
George Richard WamsleySelfLincoln Lobby
George SchultzResidential taxpayer company
George Seegebrechtself
George WoodsWoods Ltd.Lincoln Lobby
Georgette JoyceHomeowner
Georgi KirovSelfLincoln Lobby
Georgia KarrasSelfLincoln Lobby
Gerald GierkeSelf
Gerald GierkeselfLincoln Lobby
Gerald R MoonDDSLincoln project
Geraldine PodborsekNAmyself
Gerrad MarshSelfLincoln Lobby
Gilbert AdamsSelfLincoln Lobby
Gilbert Jimenezselfself
Gilbet Kirby IIselfself
Gina MudgeDimmick Consolidated School District
Giorgio ParatoSelfSelf
Gitana NakasSelfLincoln Lobby
Gizela Wolan-SzymanskiSelfDawid Szymanski
Gladys SanfordAda S Mckinley
glen ganserSelfLincoln Lobby
Glenda DunbarLincoln lobbyLincoln Lobby
Glenn DrakeSelfLincoln Lobby
Glenn GottfriedselfLincoln Lobby
Glenn LeonardoSelf
Glenn LeszczakSelfLincoln Lobby
Glenn LindquistSelf
Gloria GigeleselfLincoln Lobby
Gloria Jean Cosentinonone
Grace WantuckSelfSelf
GRANT LISTEKSelfLincoln Lobby
Graziella PensabeneSelfLincoln Lobby
Greg DeakinRepresenting myself and Cuba school Board member Deb Deakin
Greg GerwigSelfLincoln Lobby
Greg GrapenthienSelfLincoln Lobby
Greg MeyerAssp
Greg NedohinSelfSelf
Greg OsterSelfLincoln Lobby
Greg PajonSelfLincoln Lobby
Greg SchyeSmalley steel ring Company
Greg TaylorTaylors Candy
Greg WrightSelfLincoln Lobby
Greg ZamisSelfLincoln Lobby
Greg ZielinskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Gregg F WittSelfLincoln Lobby
Gregory BraunSelfLincoln lobby
Gregory BriskeySelfLincoln Lobby
Gregory CannizzoselfLincoln Lobby
Gregory FasiangResident
Gregory GodfreySelfLincoln Lobby
Gregory J AndersonSelfLincoln Lobby
Gregory J MichalikSelfSelf
Gregory KurthSocial Wealth Strategies
Gregory LieversSelfSelf
Gregory LongoriaSelfLincoln Lobby
Gregory MacalusoNoneSelf
Gregory McQuearyRetired
Gregory R ClapperNone
Gregory W EckrichSelf
Gwendolyn FarverHome owner
H John Morrell JrLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Harold KallalSoil and Water Conservation District
Harriet MalinowskiNone
Harry HartmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Harry yaseenMetals
Hayward KentSelfLincoln lobby
Hazel WagnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Heath GillespieSelfLincoln Lobby
Heather DownesSelfLincoln Lobby
Heather GregarJohn Greene Realtor
Heather M MillerMiller & AsssociatesSelf
Heather Shouseself
Heide SchulzSelfLincoln Lobby
Heidi HaffnerSelfLincoln lobby
Heidi WezemanNoneMy family
Helen JirmasekSelfLincoln Lobby
Helen M RoppelSelf
helen wanselfself
Henry ChiuppiSelfLincoln Lobby
Henry FischerselfLincoln Lobby
Henry H KamrathSelfLincoln Lobby
Henry R MontoyaSelfLincoln Lobby
Henry SilvermanSelfLincoln Lobby
Henryk A KowalczykKowalczyk Consulting
Heriberto LopezUnited
Hesham RostamiNALincoln Lobby
Hillary J ColbyNA
HM BushbyBushby Mainteance & Engering
Holly KahanselfLincoln Lobby
Holly MasriNa
Holly Pickeringnot applicable
Horst FiedlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Howard Brundage IVSchulz Brundage Inc
howard j presshoward j press associates
Howard Van DykeSelfLincoln Lobby
Hugh CallalySelfLincoln Lobby
Hugh O'NeillSelfLincoln Lobby
Hugh W ShownSelf
I William Lee RandallSelfFamily
Ian Rich-Ian Rich
Ian TillrockSelfLincoln lobby
Ildiko MasonSelfLincoln Lobby
Ilene BrinerSelfLincoln Lobby
Ilene SherrieTax payer
Ilona BerrySelf
Inga CarusSelfLincoln Lobby
Inga DainiusSelfself
Ismael RubianoSelfLincoln Lobby
J A EscallierSelfLincoln Lobby
J McGrawselfLincoln Lobby
Jacalyn DerengowskiDERENGOWSKI Family
Jack A SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Jack G Setnanjack setnan
Jack GachesSelf
Jack GittingerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jack GrabeelSelfLincoln Lobby
Jack Ian MayerJack Mayer
Jack LandrethSelfLincoln Lobby
Jack LucasSelfLincoln Lobby
Jack MaySelfLincoln Lobby
Jack McHughselfLincoln Lobby
jackie feeleyhomeSelf
Jackie HatfieldSelfLincoln Lobby
Jacob AustinSelfLincoln Lobby
Jacob BergerNone
Jacob DarleySelfLincoln Lobby
Jacob JeffersSelfLincoln Lobby
Jacob MarguliesSelfLincoln Lobby
Jacqueline AccardiSelf
Jacquelyn LangeSelfLincoln Lobby
Jake WelchSelf
James AldridgeSelfLincoln Lobby
James altSelfLincoln Lobby
James AndersonCitizen
James AndersonSelfLincoln Lobby
James B SullivanSelf
James BaucomSelfLincoln Lobby
James BridgewaterselfLincoln Lobby
James BronsbergSelf
James BrownSelfLincoln Lobby
James BurrselfLincoln Lobby
James C ReavisSelfLincoln Lobby
James CarterSelfLincoln Lobby
James DowningSelfLincoln Lobby
James E BalasaSelfLincoln Lobby
James E JonesselfLincoln Lobby
James EarnshawSelfLincoln Lobby
James FullerSelfLincoln Lobby
James FultonSelfLincoln Lobby
James Griffethselfself
James HammondSelfLincoln Lobby
James HarmonNoneSelf
James HasekMortgage Network, Inc.Lincoln Lobby
James HayesSelfSelf
James HoganselfLincoln Lobby
James HungermanSelfLincoln Lobby
James JaschobSelfLincoln Lobby
James JesseSelfLincoln Lobby
James KellyRetired
James KurleyKurley,James m MD
James L HornSelfLincoln Lobby
James LymanSelfLincoln Lobby
James MacknykSelf
James MahoneySelf Representation
James MalicIndividual
James MaskelCentury 21 Colemen-Hornsby
James McGoughFree the schools
James NaumannSelf
James P WhelanselfLincoln Lobby
James PetersonSelf Home OwnerLincoln Lobby
James plantzSelfLincoln lobby
James PooleSelf
James R BettinardiSelfLincoln Lobby
James R WarnerselfLincoln Lobby
James ReganTaxpayer
James RemkeselfLincoln Lobby
James RollingsSelfLincoln Lobby
James S LoweJames S Lowe
JAMES S MALES JRCitizenLincoln Lobby
James Shier JrSelfLincoln Lobby
James StrongselfLincoln Lobby
James StuckeySelfLincoln Lobby
James ValastroSelfLincoln Lobby
James VeverkaSelfLincoln Lobby
James W BrunsSelf
James WalshSelfLincoln Lobby
James WhalenSelfLincoln lobby
James William SavageSelfLincoln Lobby
James William SavageSelfMr. James William Savage
James WoznickiSelfLincoln Lobby
Jamie MosesselfLincoln Lobby
JamisenLee FoxFOX Forestry LLCSelf
Jan MetkeSelf
Jan PhillipsLincoln loby
Jana LutovskySelfLincoln Lobby
Janae E LemmertselfLincoln Lobby
Jane GarveyselfLincoln Lobby
Jane M HermansselfLincoln Lobby
Janelle AdamczykSelfLincoln Lobby
Janet JaffryselfLincoln Lobby
Janet KrawczykSelfLincoln lobby
Janet L BarronSelfLincoln Lobby
Janet LarsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Janet Lee Bransfieldcase by case incSELF
Janet Mayers SimpsonselfLincoln Lobby
Janet MercerselfLincoln Lobby
Janet Shawselfself
Janet WestonSelfLincoln Lobby
Janice SackettSelf
Janice LiparotaNASelf
Janice MillerselfLincoln Lobby
Janice StarrSelf
Janine RockeSelfLincoln lobby
Janis GomienAATP
Jared PoettkerNA
Jason BeaverMyselfJason Beaver
Jason ElkinSelf
Jason HladilekNa
Jason HolsteinPersonal
Jason huelsmannSelfLincoln lobby
Jason HunsakerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jason LindMillburn School District
Jason OrrselfLincoln Lobby
Jason RiegerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jason TaylorSelfLincoln Lobby
Jason WallaceselfLincoln Lobby
Jay BolattoIBEW
Jay F WigboldySelfLincoln lobby
Jay NellisRetired accountant, former School Board Member Dist. 205
Jay R OrlowskiPrivate citizenPrivate citizen
Jayson DiModicaSelfLincoln Lobby
Jean BolligerSelfSelf
Jean HappSelfLincoln Lobby
Jean LeonardSelfLincoln Lobby
Jean Melvinself
Jean V ScottSelfLincoln Lobby
Jean WengerselfLincoln lobby
JeanE Charnasself
Jeanette AkrightselfSelf
Jeanette Eamesself
Jeanette StaigerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeanne Badietax payerTax Payer
Jeanne ChamberlainNone
Jeanne DugganselfLincoln Lobby
Jeanne LuminielloselfLincoln Lobby
Jeanne McCoynoneSelf
Jeannette HeineySelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff CarlsonSelfSelf
Jeff D EllweinJeff's handyman
Jeff DeckerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff FryeSelfLincoln lobby
Jeff GrecoSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff HartnettSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff HyettSelfNA
Jeff LunkselfLincoln Lobby
Jeff MullSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff OderselfLincoln Lobby
Jeff OstemaSelfLincoln lobby
Jeff SchwanSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff SeifertSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff SeitzSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeff WarnerselfLincoln Lobby
Jeff ZitnikZitnkLincoln Lobby
Jeffery A SchmidtR.P. Lumber
Jeffery WelchSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeffrey AdamsselfLincoln Lobby
Jeffrey bussanSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeffrey CrowhurstJeffrey Crowhurst,DPMLincoln Lobby
Jeffrey GeldermannSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeffrey Lauricbehalf of selfna
Jeffrey M DaxEMI GageLincoln Lobby
Jeffrey W DregerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeffrey W WolffIllinois Distressed Property Solutions LLCMyself and Mary L Wolff - Vice President
Jeffrey WhiteselfLincoln Lobby
Jenna HilleNALincoln lobby
Jennifer BellisSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer BrownselfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer BubanovichSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer BuehrerSelfLincoln lobby
Jennifer GosaSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer HayesMethodist Preschool of LaGrange
Jennifer HollabaughSelfLincoln lobby
Jennifer JendrasNone
Jennifer Jones AndersonLincoln Lobby
Jennifer KotzSELFself
Jennifer LeeMy FamilyMy Family
Jennifer MarekSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer RaymondHarvest 7 Construction
Jennifer SearlSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer SeylerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer ThompsonSelfSelf
Jennifer WalkerLincoln LobbySelf
Jennifer WatrousSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer ZellersSelfSelf
Jenny AlexanderSELFSELF
Jenny GasawaySelfLincoln Lobby
Jensen JohnSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeraldine DennisSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeremy HayesSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeremy M TraumSelfLincoln Lobby
Jeri shawSelfSelf
Jerry Charles Johnsonnone
Jerry GerardSelf
Jerry GrojecSelfLincoln Lobby
Jerry KnudtsonKonen Insurance Agency IncLincoln Lobby
Jerry MillerSelfLincoln Lobby
Jerry MinionSelfSelf
Jerry RichardsSelfLincoln Lobby
Jerry SteinbornSelfLincoln Lobby
Jesse BoyleSelf
Jessica RitterSelfLincoln Lobby
Jessica StaffordSelfLincoln Lobby
Jessie AtkinsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Jill CataldoSelfLincoln Lobby
jill diane longselfself
Jill DouglasSJB
Jill GroveselfLincoln Lobby
Jill JohnsonReal Estate
Jill LauchnerEnertech
Jill Rempertself
Jill SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Jill WhitesideSelfLincoln Lobby
Jim AshRetiredLincoln Lobby
Jim AtolsSellLincoln Lobby
jim combsLaugh and Learn
Jim CunninghamSelfLincoln Lobby
JIm FinucaneResident
Jim HartwigSelfLincoln Lobby
Jim JonaitisSelfLincoln Lobby
Jim ManganNone
Jim MiddletonselfLincoln Lobby
Jim OberweisOberweis DairyLincoln Lobby
Jim PattermannSelfLincoln Lobby
Jim PhillipSelf
jim reganMetro Property Solutions
Jim RoeckemanNone
Jim SherrySelfLincoln Lobby
Jim TalkingtonSelf
Jim wakefieldOn behalf of selfself
Jim WalshFamilyFamily
Jim WeiserSelfLincoln Lobby
Jimmy KlimasSelfLincoln Lobby
jimmy MaTinley Park Kitchen & Bath Shoppelincoln lobby
Jina TimatyosSelfLincoln Lobby
Jo BleszLincoln Lobby
Joan BettagSelfLincoln Lobby
Joan CookSelfSelf
Joan GroenwaldSelfLincoln Lobby
Joan TrandelSelfLincoln Lobby
Joann GawczynskiVITAS Healthcare
Joann StockenbergSelfLincoln lobby
JoAnna BrakerSelfLincoln Lobby
Joanna L SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Joanna RusinSelfLincoln Lobby
Joanne ArnoldSelfLincoln Lobby
Joanne M PygonSelfLincoln Lobby
Joanne McKibbenSelfLincoln LObby
Joanne ShannonSelfFamily
Joanne WakemanselfLincoln Lobby
Jodi O'Haranonenone
Jodie Bushueselfself
Jody PhillipsSelfLincoln Lobby
Joe HobsonMidwest Trading Horticultural Supplies, Inc
joe kleinSelf
Joe KrawiszNone
Joe LosurdoSelfSelf
Joe LynnSelfLincoln Lobby
Joe PattonSelfLincoln Lobby
Joe PustisSelfLincoln Lobby
Joe TaflanSelfLincoln Lobby
Joe WenzelSelfLincoln Lobby
Joe WysongSelfSelf
Joel GettlemanJoel GettlemanLincoln Lobby
Joel GoldbergSelf
Joel Marhoulselfself
Joel McIntyreSelfLincoln Lobby
Joel SternsteinNone
JohnselfLincoln. Lobby
John ArmourselfLincoln Lobby
John BarrancoSelf
John BeckerTaxpayer, Constituent, Concerned CitizenJohn Becker, Taxpayer, Constituent, Concerned Citizen
John bourqueselfself
John BowlingSelf
John BrilSelfLincoln Lobby
JOHN BRUENINGSelfLincoln Lobby
John C RaithSelfLincoln Lobby
John CentnarowiczSelfLincoln Lobby
John D BargielSelfLincoln Lobby
John DeLappSelfLincoln Lobby
John DuffinHouseholdMyself
JOHN E DEALSelfLincoln Lobby
John E EricsonSELFLincoln Lobby
John FelbingerSelf
John FilbertselfLincoln Lobby
John FrazierselfLincoln Lobby
John GormanJohn GormanLincoln Lobby
John GosaselfLincoln Lobby
John Greer IVSelfLincoln Lobby
John GrotefendFAA
John H Stevensself
John HansonSelfLincoln Lobby
John HarlandSelfLincoln lobby
John HowardSelf
John I DavidsonSelfLincoln Lobby
John J BarryGeneral Converting, Inc.
John J EinckSelfLincoln Lobby
John J MillerselfLincoln Lobby
John Jenkinsindividualself
John JohnsonSelfLincoln Lovby
John JostenselfLincoln Lobby
John Kellynone
John KennselfLincoln Lobby
John Kordikindividualmyself. Lincoln lobby.
John KrugerSelfLincoln Lobby
John KulaFLLC
John LangankeselfLincoln Lobby
John LangtonAddison School District 4
John LatimerOn behalf of selfself
John LeSelfLincoln Lobby
John LinkTax payer
John LoobySelfLincoln lobby
John LumbSelfLincoln Lobby
John Luthynone
John LynchselfLincoln Lobby
John M GriemSelfLincoln Lobby
John M MacDonaldJrSelfLincoln Lobby
John M WoodSelfLincoln Lobby
John MaasSelfLincoln Lobby
John MaeglinSelfLincoln Lobby
John Matthew KatalinichselfLincoln Lobby
John McCarthyTrident Services
John Michael McGivneyRetired from law enforcementLincoln Lobby
John Mick IIIllinois CitizenIllinois Citizen
John MikeworthROE 11self
John MillerOn behalf of selfOn behalf of self
John MorganNoneSelf
John MuellerSelfLincoln Lobby
John Nagle HackettSelf
John NejmanSelfLincoln Lobby
John NicolauSelfLincoln Lobby
John O'DonnellRiverside Investment and Development
John ostermanSelfSelf
John P OTooleSelfLincoln group
John PappasOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
John PensabeneSelfLincoln Lobby
John Petersselflincoln lobby
John PlunkSelfLincoln Lobby
John PopaIn Transit Cargo
John PorcelliSelf
John R BonnSelf
John Reedyselfself
john reidyselflincoln lobby
John RiesSelfLincoln Lobby
John RingnessJohn Ringness
John ScintoInsuricomLincoln Lobby
John StaglThe Stagl Household
John SteinerNALincoln Libby
John SzczepaniakSelfLincoln Lobby
John T Tregoningself
John TaddeiSelfLincoln Lobby
John TatarSelfLincoln Lobby
John TerryPrivate Citizen
John ThodeSelfLincoln Lobby
John TschosikPreferred Choice IncLincoln Loby
John VallWest Monroe PartnersLincoln Lobby
John VogelmeierMache Pit Hospitality, inc
John WiedemannSelfLincoln lobby
John WonakSelfLincoln Lobby
John ZajicekZ Financial Illinois G Properties LLCHousing provider
John-Herbert JaffrySelfLincoln Lobby
Johnathan HamannNAMyself
Jon AndesSelfLincoln Lobby
Jon BowersSelfLincoln Lobby
Jon JesterSelfLincoln Lobby
Jon SonntagSelfLincoln Lobby
Jon TuckSelfLincoln Lobby
Jonathan DavisonSelfLincoln Lobby
Jonathan EassaSelfLinclon Lobby
Jonathan GroverSelfLincoln Lobby
Jonathan LeopoldoSelfLincoln Lobby
Jonathan WillcuttSelfLincoln Lobby
Jonathon LuersSelfLincoln Lobby
Jonnie ShannonLincoln Lobby
Jordan ClayLincoln LobbySelf
Jorge EcheverriaSelfLincoln Lobby
Joris John HeiseselfLincoln Lobby
Jose CalderonSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph ForrestSelf
Joseph WiklanskiLake Court Medical Supplies
Joseph Badame597 Indian Trail LLC
Joseph David KlevornSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph FroehlichSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph G SchultzCitizen
Joseph GurgaSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph HavensSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph HaxtonretiredLincoln Lobby
Joseph M PiombinoSelfSelf
Joseph MalinowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph McCarthySelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph NowosielskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph OleksySelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph P CoffeyselfLincoln Lobby
Joseph PurpuraSelf
Joseph RufoSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph Sanderconcerned taxpayer
Joseph SchatzSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph ScheererOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
Joseph StephanoselfLincoln Lobby
Joseph SutschekMr.
Joseph ValaNANA
Joseph VillantiSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph WolfeSelf
Josephine AusterSelfLincoln Lobby
Josephine Raskowskioselfself
Josh FieldsSelfLincoln lobby
Josh HenrySelfLincoln Lobby
Josh WesterfieldLPL Financial
Josh Wollinmyself
Josh ZiebarthSelfLincoln Lobby
Joshua ByersSelfLincoln Lobby
Joshua KenwardSelfLincoln Lobby
Joshua RobertsSelfLincoln Lobby
Joshua WatsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Josie ZakariyaSelfLincoln Lobby
Joy KuchlerselfLincoln Lobby
Joy StuderSelfLincoln Lobby
Joyce AllenSelfLincoln Lobby
Joyce BelobraydichselfLincoln Lobby
Joyce CullingselfLincoln Lobby
Joyce GeilerselfLincoln lobby
JoyLynn KondrackiSelfSelf
Juanita WaszakLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Judith M RaicaselfLincoln Lobby
Judy QuinlinOn Behalf of SelfSelf
Judy SavageFarm
Judy TruckenbrodDRT Farms
Judy ZagerSelfLincoln Lobby
JudyThompsonSelfFor my famiky
Julia SmithselfLincoln Lobby
Julia Usternone
Juliana PastickSelfLincoln Lobby
Julianna OhSelf
Julianne HerrickSelfLincoln Lobby
julie A bengstonnoneself
Julie Ann WalkerselfLincoln Lobby
Julie ArmstrongSelfLincoln Lobby
Julie B ColdwaterSelfLincoln Lobby
Julie BoeckenstedtSelfSelf
Julie CarlsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Julie lookerHairdresser
Julie NadolnyPeabodyLincoln Lobby
Julie PatrickSelfLincoln Lobby
Julie RoimiserD300
Julie Van DranRed Horse Farms Midwest, LLC
julieanne zenzNone
Juraj SiskaIdeaNovaLincoln Lobby
Justin AndersonSelfLincoln Lobby
Justin HegyNALincoln Lobby
Justin HerrmannSelfLincoln lobby
Justin HowardGeorgetown Ridge Farm School DistrictGeorgetown Ridge Farm School District
Justin M CleggSelfLincoln Lobby
Justin OnigkeitSelfSelf
Justin PondelickSelfLincoln Lobby
Kaleb M FurmanekMyselfLincoln Lobby
Kali WittselfLincoln Lobby
Kami HilinskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen BourbonSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen DioguardiNA
Karen EllithorpeSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen FankhauserselfLincoln Lobby
Karen HunsakerNone
Karen KasonSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen KoserSelf
Karen LalagosSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen MalecSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen MelodySelfLincoln Lobby
Karen Miller-GoforthTK INTEGRITY CORP
Karen NolanNA
Karen NowickiLincoln Lobby
Karen PickerillREMax 1ST
Karen PooleSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen PortenselfLincoln Lobby
Karen Retherford PukalaSelfLincoln Lobby
Karen RiggenbachNoneSelf
Karen Roeckner RoecknerSelfLincoln lobby
Karen SmithUniversity Dermatology and Vein Clinic
Karen WinterSelfSelf
Karen Y HaleSelfLincoln Lobby
Kari Ann CalcagnoMahomet Seymour School District
Karin GlennselfLincoln lobby
Karl ArmstrongSelfLincoln Lobby
Karl HeerdegenThe Northstar Group, Inc.Lincoln Lobby
KARL M GUINEYLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Karl Mensingnoneself
Karl SchumacherSelf
Karla Van FleetSelfLincoln lobby
Karma SeymourSelfLincoln Lobby
Katherine J SecorselfLincoln Lobby
Katherine JayredSelfLincoln Lobby
Katherine MurschelSelfLincoln Lobby
Katherine WazirSelfLincoln Lobby
Katherine ZaksSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathie WilderSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathleen BachmanSelf
Kathleen BotsfordSelf
Kathleen ChristianCitizenCitizen
Kathleen EddySelfLincoln Lobby
Kathleen FackerSelfMyself
Kathleen JoutrasSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathleen LardnerSelfLincoln lobby
Kathleen MalicNA
Kathleen McManamonveterinarian
Kathleen O'DaySelfLincoln Lobby
Kathleen SharpSelfLincoln lobby
Kathleen SwiftselfLincoln Lobby
Kathryn AlbrightKathryn AlbrightLincoln Lobby
Kathryn CarberySelfLincoln Lobby
Kathryn EstradaSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathryn GreenbauerSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathryn GrippiSelfLincoln lobby
Kathryn KosloskiSelfSelf and Lincoln Lobby
Kathy DilleyselfLincoln Lobby
Kathy DunlapSelf
KATHY ELLISselflincoln lobby
Kathy FarkasRetired
Kathy LawrenceSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathy LeoniSELFLincoln Lobby
Kathy LindeenSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathy NelsonSelf
Kathy PembertonSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathy SanchezSelfLincoln Lobby
Kathy WolsingSelfLincoln Lobby
Katie DiamondSelf
Katy KamptonSelfLincoln Lobby
Kay Dayselfself
Kay HoganSelfLincoln Lobby
Keisha MalecNone
Keith Alan GrahamNone
Keith AllenSelfLincoln Lobby
Keith BoehmNone
Keith CarmanIStandFast GroupLincoln Lobby
Keith CavinSelfSelf
Keith CopersmetN A
keith gouldselfLincoln Lobby
Keith HeerdegenSelfLincoln Lobby
Keith HenglerHome owner
Keith HudsonIndividual Voter--Property Tax Payer
Keith HudsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Keith PhillipsSelfLincoln Lobby
Keith PowellSelfLincoln Lobby
Keith RitterSelfLincoln Lobby
Keith WattsMICRON Filter Cartridge Corp.Employees of MICRON Filter Cartridge Corp.
Kelli ColtonSelfLincoln lobby
Kelli DenardSelfLincoln Lobby
Kelli KeckSelf
Kelli PollardSelfSelf
Kelly A GoudreauKelco Accounting
Kelly ChaplinNone
Kelly IsaakNaNa
Kelly JamesonSelfLincoln Lobby
Kelly LishSelfself
Kelly MetkeSelf
Kelly NelsonSelf
Kelly VidovicselfLincoln Lobby
Kelly WalzSelfLincoln Lobby
Kellye GuzikSelfSelf
Kelvin LimbrickSelf
Kelvin LimbrickSelfLincoln Lobby
Ken BruceJimmy John's
Ken CoashSelfLincoln lobby
Ken EsterlySelfLincoln Lobby
Ken GedgaudSelfLincoln Lobby
Ken KrzakNA
Ken lietzpolice officerLincoln lobby
Ken NigroSelfLincoln Lobby
Ken StanishselfLincoln Lobby
KennethselfLincoln Lobby
Kenneth E MonroeSelfLincoln Lobby
Kenneth FronSelfLincoln Lobby
kenneth fugielKJR corp
Kenneth John DeJongSelfLincoln Lobby
Kenneth KleagerSelfLincoln Lobby
Kenneth KoldoffSelfLincoln Lobby
kenneth landinghamNAmyself
Kenneth LissAndrews Engineering
Kenneth SchmidtSelfLincoln Lobby
Kenneth ZUREKSelfSelf
Kent FiskSelfLincoln Lobby
kent karwoskiselfLincoln lobby
Kent LawrenceTax payerLincoln Lobby
Kent ShantzSelfSelf
Kent WishopSelfLincoln Lobby
Keri VanSantNot ApplicableSelf, State Resident
Kerri RaharMenta group
Kerri WeissselfLincoln Lobby
Kerry HirtzelCounty of Effingham
Keven M JefferisRetired
Kevin Branniganselflincoln lobby
Kevin BaconSelfLincoln lobby
Kevin ButlerResident
Kevin CostelloSelfLincoln Lobby
Kevin DeLongchampSelfLincoln Lobby
Kevin FinlaySelfSelf
Kevin KoeppenSelf
Kevin LemanSelfSelf
Kevin LyonsHome owner
Kevin MarkleyNAMyself
Kevin MartzSelfLincoln lobby
Kevin McGreneraselfLincoln Lobby
KEVIN MCLINDENselfLincoln Lobby
Kevin MetkeSelf
Kevin Michael TerryselfLincoln Lobby
Kevin minerSelf
Kevin O'LearySelfLincoln Lobby
kevin p heneghan p heneghanretired
Kevin PletchSelfLincoln Lobby
Kevin RathNA
Kevin RonanTitle
Kevin SadzewiczSelfLincoln Lobby
Kevin SevilleSelfLincoln Lobby
Kevin SewardSelfLincoln Lobby
Kevin SiegelSelf
Kevin VinsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Kiley RuggieroSelfStudents first
Kim A JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Kim BowersIndividual
Kim ReicherReicher ConstructionKim & John Reicher
Kim WardinSelfSelf
Kimberlee TotoszSelfSelf
Kimberly Anne YeagerSelfLincoln Lobby
Kimberly JochheimFull Circle Dental, LLC
Kimberly K MulvaneyselfLincoln Lobby
Kimberly LoweSelfLincoln Lobby
Kimberly MapesLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Kimberly MaziarzSelfLincoln Lobby
Kimberly Parrishself
King EmbryNone
Kirk BooherSelfLincoln Lobby
Kirk LarsenSelfLincon Lobby
Kirk OrelupSelf
Kirsten LoRussoSelfLincoln Lobby
Kirsten RobertsKirsten Roberts
Korey StellmachSelfLincoln Lobby
Kressie MaricleNASelf
Kris PedersenSelfLincoln Lobby
Krista SchumacherSelfLincoln Lobby
Kristen LaMannanaLicoln Lobby
Kristen LaMannanaself
Kristen NielsenSelfLincoln Lobby
Kristen SandersSelf
Kristi GriffisSelfLincoln Lobby
Kristi SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Kristin A ThirionSelfSelf
Kristin GeorgySelf
Kristin LanettSelfLincoln Lobby
Kristin TrippelSelfLincoln Lobby
Kristina CarmichaelSelfLincoln Lobby
Kristina JuhlSelf
Kristine ThallemerSelf
Kurt JobstselfLincoln Lobby
Kurt E PetersonselfSelf
Kurt KobyleckySelfLincoln Lobby
Kwing LeeSelfLincoln Lobby
Kyle Fiskfamilyself
Kyle NiewoldResident
Kyle R PondSelfLincoln Lobby
Kyle ScottSelfLincoln Lobby
Kyle StevensSelfLincoln Lobby
Kyle SwansonSelfLincoln Lobby
Kyler WoldSelfLincoln Lobby
L Cunninghamself
Lacy ZyrkowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Lance A LucibelloChampion Logistics Group
LANCE CANANIASelfLincoln Lobby
Lance Schlotterbackself
Landen McKnightLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobbyists
Lane A SamuelsonSams TavernLincoln Lobby
Larrence McCormackCity of Chicago
Larry LehaneSelfLincoln lobby
Larry D MegenhardtSelfLincoln Lobby
Larry D StewartStewart Security Patrol
Larry DyerPlatford Realty, Inc.Lincoln Lobby
Larry GoldmanMastech Infotrellis
Larry HanleyMidwest Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
Larry Joe WhiteSELFLincoln Lobby
Larry Lelmnone
Larry LompartSelfLincoln Lobby
Larry SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Larry Snyderself-semi retiredLincoln Lobby
Larry SreenanLarry Sreenan Agency
Larry W DallasDallas Brothersself
Larry WilliamsSelfLincoln Lobby
Laura A ValdezSelfLincoln Lobby
Laura BaldwinSelfLincoln Lobby
Laura De LoeraselfLincoln Lobby
Laura Fauseyselfselff
Laura HattonSelfLincoln Lobby
LAURA HILGERSelfLincoln Lobby
Laura HoisSelfLaura Hois
Laura HurleySelfLincoln Lobby
Laura MillerRetired - Peoria Public Schools
Laura PotterLincoln lobbyLincoln lobby
Laura ShriverSelfLincoln lobby
Laura SperstadSelfLincoln Lobby
Laura StewartCitizen
Laura vandercarnoneSelf
Lauren SustekSelfLincoln Lobby
Laurie BerggrenSelfTax-paying Citizens of Illinois
Laurie Jean FettermanSelfLincoln Lobby
Laurie LettnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Laurie Walkerno business
LawrenceSelfLincoln Lobby
Lawrence ColoneroSelfLincoln Lobby
Lawrence G DavisSelfLincoln Lobby
Lawrence KrolSelfLincoln Lobby
Lawrence MitchellNone
Lawrence R ChaySelfLincoln Lobby
Lawrence Wayne YakichSelfLincoln Lobby
LeAnn M BeckleSelfLincoln Lobby
Leanne ChristensonSelfLincoln Lobby
Lee SimpsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Leigh Stiver KossmanselfLincoln Lobby
Len GassmannAction Painting Co
Leni LambdinselfLincoln Lobby
Lenora DutczakSelfLincoln Lobby
leo dumanisselflincoln lobby
Leona Di Amoreself
Leonard E ForsellSelf
Leonard M Grandsart8711 W. Bryn Mawr Condominium Association
Leonard R WinchesterSelfSelf
Leonard TennerSelfLincoln Lobby
Leora L JonesselfLincoln Lobby
Leroy SchildselfLincoln Lobby
Lesley HollenbergselfLincoln Lobby
Leslie BonvillainselfLincoln Lobby
Leslie BrierlySelfLincoln Lobby
Lester TelkampSelfLincoln Lobby
Levi MartiSelfLincoln Lobby
Lila BishopSelfLincoln Lobby
LilianaSelfLincoln Lobby
Linda AndrePrivate citizenLincoln Lobby
Linda BaronselfLincoln Lobby
Linda BlackmanselfLincoln Lobby
Linda BridgesselfLincoln Lobby
Linda E SmedbergSelfLincoln Lobby
Linda FletcherSelfLincoln lobby
Linda GiannoniselfLincoln Lobby
Linda HalgashSelfLincoln Lobby
Linda KacenaSelfLincoln Lobby
Linda KedroskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Linda Mattern RittsLincoln Lobby
Linda McCloudNa
Linda MedineselfLincoln Lobby
Linda NiehausselfLincoln Lobby
Linda PuchyrSelfLincoln Lobby
Linda RinglResident
Linda RoqueMW Powell Company
Linda S PoppSelfLiccoln Lobby
Linda SandbachSelf
Linda SeraphinselfLincoln Lobby
Linda WurzbachSelfLincoln Lobby
Linda WyattselfLincoln Lobby
Linda YenderLinda Yender
Lindsay MusselmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Lindsey PolzinSelfLincoln Lobby
Linette GrahamSelfLincoln Lobby
lisa A CamastaselfLincoln lobby
Lisa A DavisSelfSelf
Lisa BuchananIndividual
Lisa CederothselfLincoln Lobby
Lisa Darmselflincoln lobby
Lisa HatzopoulosPeople
Lisa HemrichFlora Community Unit School District 35
Lisa LitbergSelf
Lisa McLaughlinSelfLincoln Lobby
Lisa PenneySelf
Lisa SavaianoSelfLincoln Lobby
Lisa ScharfSELFLincoln Lobby
Lisa SmithCitizenSelf
Lisa Thompsonna
Lisa WellsselfLincoln Lobby
Lizzette JimenezSelfLincoln Lobby
Lloyd FredendallSelfLincoln Lobby
Lloyd JonesSelfLincoln Lobby
lLubda ThorntonSelf
Logan GilbertsenSelfSelf
LoisselfLincoln Lobby
Lois Moellerselfself
Lois PhelpsSelfLincoln Lobby
Longo JimSelfLincoln Lobby
Lorenzo DiVitoSelfself
Loretta DavisNone
Loretta KartchSelfLincoln Lobby
Lori CiezakCutting Edge Carpets, Inc.
Lori DowningSelfLincoln Lobby
Lori KoschakSelfLincoln Lobby
Lori Marie SavageSelfLincoln Lobby
Lori NovakSelfLincoln Lobby
Lori RoethemeyerselfLincoln Lobby
Lori VieceliselfLincoln Lobby
Lori WhitehallSelfLincoln Lobby
Lori zimmermanselfLincoln lobby
Louana JordanSelfLincoln Lobby
Louis Lotestoselflincoln lobby
Louis MalicSelfLincoln Lobby
louis phillip canmannone
Louise Hinrichsself
Louise TraficantiSelfLincoln lobby
Luca DeVecchiSelfLincoln Lobby
Lucas J VespaSelfSelf
Lucille DamasauskasSelf
LUIS BURITICASelfLincoln Lobby
Lydia ScannellSelfLincoln Lobby
Lyman WelchSelf
Lyncia SirmansSelfLincoln Lobby
Lynda DvorakProponent
Lynn Davisself
Lynn M BorgeSelfLincoln Lobby
Lynn MirabellaSelf
Lynn roachNa
M W KingRetiredSelf
Maci Slayselfself
Maciej KonczewskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Madalynn BondSelfSelf
Madeleine melcherSelf
Madonna RobertsSelfLincoln Lobby
Magdalena AlmySelfLincoln Lobby
Magnus BorgehammarSelfself
Mai Lin NoffkeTaxpayer
Maija ZaiminsWeichert, Realtors - All Proself
Mailee R SmithselfLincoln Lobby
Maisie C CoxselfLincoln Lobby
Maisie C CoxselfLincoln Lobby
Mandi HendersonSelfLincoln Lobby
Manfred JordanSelf
Manno DemesSelfLincoln Lobby
Marc A GolabselfLincoln Lobby
Marc C PalatineSelfLincoln lobby
Marc CoteSelf
Marc K LinhardtSelfLincoln Lobby
Marc LewisSelfLincoln Lobby
Marc PossinSelfLincoln Lobby
Marcella ScanlonSelfLincoln Lobby
Marcelo DiazSelfLincoln Lobby
Marcia DiubekNA
Marcia DoyleSelfLincoln Lobby
Marcia GoochselfLincoln Lobby
Marcin StaniszewskiSelfLincoln lobby
Marcus Wednerselflincoln lobby
Marcy HillersSelfLincoln Lobby
Maredith BrennanFamilyMy family and children
Margaret AgnelloSelfLincoln Lobby
Margaret KmetzSelfLincoln Lobby
Margaret KreierSelf
Margaret MulhallSelfLincoln lobby
Margaret R SimondsLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Margaret RosemeyerselfLincoln Lobby
MariaHome owner
Maria KowalSelfLincoln Lobby
Maria LewisSelfLincoln Lobby
Maria MillerSelfSELF
Marian BlaisSelf
Marian J Gravesselfself
Marian PetrovichselfLincoln Lobby
Marianne BatesSelfLincoln Lobby
Marie HatlandselfLincoln Lobby
Marie LangselfLincoln Lobby
MARIJA CETNIKLincoln Lobbyself
Marilyn AndersenHousewife
Marilyn CzerwinskiBusinessLincoln Lobby
Marilyn HigaredaSelfLincoln Lobby
Marilyn J FelzselfLincoln Lobby
Marilyn McCarty-FultonSchool District U-46
Marilyn SitkiewiczLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Marina ShustermanSelfLincoln Lobby
MarkSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark Del MonacoSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark RomanowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
mark a krzyzaniakSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark B AndersonSelf
Mark BerensSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark BogdaSslfSelf
Mark BrashearSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark BuschmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark BuzenskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark C KendallHub InternationalLincoln Lobby
Mark CooperSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark E Mowinskiself
Mark E SulkinselfLincoln Lobby
Mark Edward DavisselfLincoln Lobby
Mark F King46431
Mark G PapadopoulosSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark GrassoSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark GroveselfLincoln Lobby
Mark HerifordNone
Mark HilgenbrinkSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark HillenbrandNone
Mark HinkselfLincoln Lobby
Mark HoyertSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark Jacklinselfself
mark karraschselfLincoln lobby
Mark KischnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark KoniecznyselfLincoln Lobby
Mark L VogtVogt Builders Inc
Mark LandgrafSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark LevyselfLincoln Lobby
Mark MayronneSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark McClainSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark Mitchelldna
Mark MontagueSelf
Mark MorrisonNASelf
Mark MuehlfeltSelfLincoln lobby
Mark MurphySelfLincoln Lobby
Mark PorysSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark RiemerSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark RusSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark S CouzinSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark S Olenselflincoln lobby
mark shafferselflincoln lobby
Mark SpiottaSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark SteinGarage door
Mark SteinbergselfLincoln Lobby
Mark StreitzMark Streitz Dental
Mark SutterSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark TSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark ToledoSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark TuckerSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark UherSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark W ClearySelfLincoln Lobby
Mark WildSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark William PatushSelfLincoln Lobby
Mark WondolkowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
mark yankoselflincoln lobby
MarkMark HamiltonSelfSelf
Marlene NolanSelfSelf
Marsha Ann KasterSelfLincoln Lobby
Marsha J EasterselfLincoln Lobby
Marsha M AsburySelfLincoln Lobby
Marsha TrayesSelfSelf
Marshall DempseySefSelf
Marshall JensenselfLincoln Lobby
Marta KlockSelfLincoln Lobby
Marta MeyerSelfLincoln lobby
Martha ChronopoulosHB7
martha edwardsselfLincoln Lobby
Martha MorrisonRetired
Martha YountSelfLincoln Lobby
Martin E LunkesSelf
Martin G MadiganNone
Martin G McDonaghselfLincoln Lobby
martin johnsonselfLincoln Lobby
Martin MolloySelfLincoln Lobby
Martin Racila---
Martin ShobeSelfLincoln Lobby
Martin WeinsteinNone
Marty HartmannSelfLincoln lobby
Marty KistlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary AdamsSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary Ann BrayselfLincoln Lobby
Mary Ann KalisSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary Anne Prostselfself
Mary Berndsenprivate indivdual
Mary CalabriaSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary carol BuhrfiendNA
Mary CernovichSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary Christiansenself
Mary Cichantknoneself
Mary ciszczonMyself
Mary CollierSelf
Mary F BatorSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary FullerSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary HenningsenLincoln lobbySelf
Mary Jo HiltabrandSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary Jo JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary jobstselfLincoln Lobby
Mary JordanSelfSelf
Mary K JunsSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary Kathryn MorleySelfLincoln Lobby
Mary KlinefelterSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary l McMahonself
Mary LageSelfLincoln lobby
Mary Louise StrubSelfLincoln lobby
Mary M WernerSelf
Mary MaySrlf
Mary MilesSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary MrozakSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary OetjenSelf
Mary RitterSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary SchwanSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary SerandosSelfLincoln Lobby
MARY T BEHZADLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Mary Therese MartucciSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary trottaSelfLincoln lobby
Mary WhiteselfLincoln Lobby
Mary WibbenNot applicable
Mary WiegandselfLincoln Lobby
Mary WisemanselfLincoln Lobby
Mary WoodsHayes Industries Inc
Maryam ShamshuddinSelfLincoln Lobby
Maryanne McKaySelfLincoln Lobby
Maryanne SpinnerChicago Public Schools
Masood AhmedMasood AhmedLincoln Lobby
Mateusz KruzelSelf
Mathew BundaSelfLincoln Lobby
Matt Overeemselfself
Matt PardueAcorn Engineering
Matt S NailerSelfLincoln Lobby
Matt ScheibelSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew c PefleySelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew ClemensInformed VoterSelf
Matthew DeSantisSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew EklinSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew EwaldselfLincoln Lobby
Matthew FerrisselfLincoln Lobby
Matthew HedgerSelfLincoln lobby
Matthew J CarlyleSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew JobesSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew John CremensSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew KoskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew LaingSelfLincoln Lobby
matthew m mannhardnone
Matthew McLindenselfLincoln Lobby
Matthew MooreSelf
Matthew P LeahyErgoTech, Inc.
Matthew PironSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew RibordySelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew SchultzSelf
Matthew SutterSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew ThodeSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew WiegelSelf
Matthew WiegelSelfLincoln Lobby
Matthew ZarebczanResident of Illinois
Maureen BubulkaSelfSelf
Maureen CrowleySelfLincoln Lobby
Maureen FogertyselfLincoln Lobby
Maureen KelleySelfLincoln Lobby
Maureen StroblNot ApplicableIL Citizen Supporting HB0007
Maximilian SwiftselfLincoln Lobby
Mazher ShamshuddinSelfLincoln Lobby
Meagan BegleySelf
Mechtild Kosinself
Meejung ParkSelfLincoln lobby
Megan BunimovichSelfLincoln Lobby
Megan HuvilaSelfLincoln Lobby
Meghan GallagherSelfLincoln Lobby
Melanie A UnzickerSelfLINCOLN LOBBY
Melanie Patton McDanielSelfLincoln Lobby
Melanie PershallSelfFamily
Melanie RodgersSelfLincoln Lobby
Melissa BCitizen
Melissa A FullerSelfLincoln Lobby
MELISSA GIERMANGlenbard Family Dental
Melissa InfusinoLombard Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Melissa RiemannSelfLincoln Lobby
Melody E OzkanSelf
Melony Goodhandcitizen
MelvinSelfLincoln Lobby
Melyssa GartenSelfLincoln Lobby
meranda Nudoselfself
Meredith SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
merry kruschkeself
Mic SatAlar
Micah ShappardSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael PetersonMyselfLincoln Lobby
Michael A WallerSelf
Michael AndreasSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael AsheSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael BerggrenBerggren Realty Corporation
Michael BialkaNoneSelf
Michael BojanSelfSelf
Michael Browncitizen
Michael BurressTax Payer
Michael CarrollSelf
Michael CarrollselfLincoln Lobby
Michael CeleskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael ChiovariSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael ColdwellNA
MICHAEL D PERRYSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael De LioSELFLincoln Lobby
Michael DemnickiSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael DouglassSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael E DessimozIllinois College Access Networkself
Michael E JohnsonCrooked Creek Cattle Co.
Michael EmersonSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael F RozentalSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael FioRitoSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael FlynnSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael GoldenSelf
Michael GomezSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael GravattSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael HalfpennyselfLincoln Lobby
Michael HessTax payerMy family
Michael J DuyselfLincoln Lobby
Michael J Lahartnone
Michael J McGarryNone
Michael J PietrusinskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael J SreenanSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael J SzafranskiIllinois Tool Works
Michael J WelshSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael KainrathSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael KosteckiHome OwnerLincoln Lobby
Michael L KramerSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael L MenoldSelf
Michael LakotaLakota Dental
Michael LampsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael MacDonaldSelfLincoln Lobby
michael marekMareK CapitalLincoln Lobby
michael mathisAtturo TireLincoln Lobby
MIchael McCabenoneLincoln Lobby
Michael McLaughlinLincoln Lobby
Michael MedemaSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael MeyersNoneMichael Meyers
Michael MichalowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael MillerSELFSELF
Michael MitevMitev Insurance Agency
Michael MoranFifth Third BankLincoln Lobby
Michael MorrisseyLincoln Lobby
Michael OrsbornNone
Michael PaddenSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael PautzselfLincoln Lobby
Michael PerrySelfLincoln lobby
Michael PietrzyckiSelfLincoln lobby
Michael QuinlinOn behalf of selfSelf
Michael R CollinsSelf
Michael R KellyselfLincoln Lobby
Michael R KreiselselfLincoln Lobby
michael r paragescity of chicago
Michael ReickselfLincoln Lobby
Michael RomozziSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael RosenSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael RourkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael S HoitSelf
Michael S KlineNASelf and Family
Michael S TunisonIllinois Resident
Michael SavageSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael SaylesSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael SebergerSELFLincoln Lobby
Michael StroheckerSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael SvanasciniselfLincoln Lobby
Michael SwiftselfLincoln Lobby
Michael Swift IISelfLincoln Lobby
Michael ToddMichael S Todd DMD LLC
Michael TraceySelf
Michael TuohyNaSelf
Michael VickerySelfSelf
Michael WoodFoot Health Institute
Michael WoodringSelfLincoln Lobby
Michel DomingueSelfLincoln Lobby
Michele GalloSelfLincoln Lobby
Michele pygonSelfSelf
Michele S BarberselfLincoln Lobby
Michelle CasazzaSelfLincoln lobby
Michelle BodieSelfLincoln Lobby
Michelle KearnsSelfLincoln Lobby
Michelle L RichBusiness name, if applicableDimmick Grade School Board
Michelle LardinSelfLincoln Lobby
Michelle MathiaLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Michelle MathiaLincoln LobbySelf
Michelle MathiaSelfSelf
Michelle SabathEnos Elementary
Michelle WeinsteinReal Estate Services
Michelle WrightTax payerSelf and family
Mickey HamanoSelfLincoln
Mike BarrSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike Darmselflincoln lobby
Mike DoranSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike DurhamselfLincoln Lobby
Mike Emondmortgage Market CorpLincoln Lobby
Mike FosterThe Foster Group
Mike gasparichselfLincoln Lobby
Mike GiuffreSelfSelf
Mike HartSelfLincoln Lobby
mike haynesNoneMyself
Mike HohimerHohimer AutomotiveLincoln Lobby
Mike Kmakselflincoln lobby
Mike L ThompsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike LedgerSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike LoftusSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike MacellaSelfIllinois Policy
mike magnussenselflincoln lobby
Mike MahlumSelfLincoln Lobby
MIKE MCKENNAselfLincoln Lobby
Mike PawelkoSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike PetrovichSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike Quigleyself
Mike RiceSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike RumboldRumbold & Kuhn, inc
Mike Schraderself
Mike SedlockSelfLincoln lobby
Mike SissonSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike SmetanaSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike SontheimerSelf
Mike ThielsenSelfLincoln Lobby
Mike ValasekretiredLincoln Lobby
Mike WilliamsSelfLincoln Lobby
Milton KondilesChicagoland foot care
Miranda KouriSelfLincoln Lobby
Mitchell GuivehchiSelfLincoln Lobby
Mitchell MichaelSelfLincoln Lobby
Mitchell RoseMA Rose Photography
MK DashkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Mollypublic schoolLincoln Lobby
Molly PalmerSelf
Molly SwiftSelfLincoln Lobby
Monica KlosSelfLincoln Lobby
MONICA PAWLUSSelfLincoln Lobby
monica s tanquilutselflincoln lobby
Monica SavaianoSelf
Monika SalamowiczSelfLincoln Lobby
Morgan GausSelfLincoln Lobby
Moriel HamuiSelfLincoln lobby
Mrs Lori SteinNaSelf
Myrtie RogersNANA
NselfLincoln Lobby
Nag JaiswalIndividual
Nancy BanasiakSelfLincoln Lobby
Nancy Charlesself
Nancy CullinaneSelfLincoln Lobby
Nancy HagenSelfLincoln Lobby
Nancy HayesSelfSelf
Nancy heitmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Nancy KellySelfLincoln Lobby
Nancy KingsburyselfLincoln Lobby
Nancy l MessersmithselfLincoln Lobby
Nancy Limberg-MeyerSelf
Nancy MooreSelf
Nancy Nowak SanderSander Law Offices
Nancy PagleyselfLincoln Lobby
Nancy S SlebodaGrand Haven
Nancy SchomakerGoralnik Realty Company
Nancy WheatSelfLincoln Lobby
Nanette WhiteSelfLincoln Lobby
Natalie BezekSelfLincoln Lobby
Natalie KronerSelfLincoln Lobby
Natalie TuckSelfLincoln Lobby
Nathan K ImhoffSELFLincoln Lobby
Nathaniel WalzSelfLincoln Lobby
Neal BoothSelfLincoln Lobby
Nedra AdenselfLincoln Lobby
Neil FinnSelfLincoln Lobby
Neil JoslunSelfLincoln Lobby
Neil VerHagenlincoln lobby
Nestor DyhdaloSelfLincoln Lobby
NICHELLE KINGSelfLincoln Libby
Nicholas BurkeNaLincoln Lobby
Nicholas DaleidenNFGINicholas Daleiden
Nicholas FarrarSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicholas G DiGiovannion behalf of self
Nicholas GawritSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicholas KapcheSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicholas M BorycretiredNicholas M. Boryc
Nicholas PironSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicholas WeberCarle BroMenn
Nicholas WennerstromSelfLincoln Lobby
Nichole WinkingSelfLincoln Lobby
Nick AdamiselfLincoln Lobby
Nick AgliatoselfLincoln Lobby
nick c cunninghamselfLincoln Lobby
Nick CustodioMcHenry Community High School
Nick ZyrkowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicki BellaSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicole BayertSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicole GarritySelfLincoln Lobby
Nicole J Romitoselflicoln lobby
Nicole KartchSelfLincoln Lobby
Nicole McDonaldPro Fresh CleaningClassrooms First Act
Nicole PellegrinoSelfLincoln lobby
Nicole RicksselfLincoln Lobby
Nikolay SendetskySelfLincoln Lobby
Nikole WilliamsSelfLincoln lobby
Noel RodriguezSelf
Nora Nortonselflincoln lobby
Nora WolfeSelfSelf
Noreen JansonSelfLincoln Lobby
Noreen KelmSelfLincoln Lobby
Noreen WinninghamSelfLincoln Lobby
Norman L Yeager JrSelfLincoln Lobby
Norman Lankownaself
Norman WelchRetired
Olga AntonopoulosI belong to no business or agency. I am a homeowner in Plainfield.
Olivia JobesSelfLincoln Lobby
Olivia NelsonSelf
ortwin d jonesselflincoln lobby
Palma TalanconSelfLincoln Lobby
Pam CrowellselfLincoln Lobby
pam davidsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Pam FritzenmeierselfLincoln Lobby
Pam GolnickSelfLincoln Lobby
pam shearerSelfLincoln Lobby
Pam SnyderSelfLincoln Lobby
Pamela DettmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Pamela LikinsSelfLincoln Lobby
Pamela MarshallSelfSelf
Pamela SantosSelfLincoln Lobby
Pamela SeerySelfLincoln Lobby
Pasquale SelvaggioRealtyWorks
Pasquale SelvaggioSelfLincoln Lobby
Pat BurkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Patricia A FlanneryParentStudents First
Patricia A Gaumer- SelfLincoln Lobby
Patricia AndrewsSelf
Patricia CallawaySelfSelf
Patricia CharnasSelf
Patricia HayesNASelf
Patricia McMillanSelfLincoln Lobby
Patricia MintaSelfLincoln lobby
Patricia MusachioselfLincoln Lobby
Patricia NeesenRetired
Patricia ShudrowitzLincoln lobbyself
Patricia Trouton behalf of self
Patricia WentzellSelfSelf
Patrick BankaSelfLincoln Lobby
Patrick CovenySelfLincoln Lobby
Patrick EscalanteSelfLincoln Lobby
patrick f genoveseAble Risk Management Consultants, LLC
Patrick HarrisSelfLincoln Lobby
Patrick HayesPersonal
Patrick JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Patrick KeoughSuez
Patrick KrookLake County Republican Central CommitteeLincoln Lobby, Lake County Republican Central Committee
Patrick MeekselfLincoln Lobby
Patrick MurraySelfLincoln Lobby
Patrick RooneyPat rooneyLincoln Lobby
Patrick SheetsSelfLincoln Lobby
Patrick WigmoreSelfLincoln Lobby
Patrycja SkrzyniarzNaSelf
Patsy Lucas-EdwardsSelf
PATTI ROARKStark Excavating, Inc
Paul BraundmeierSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul Cancialosinone
Paul Colganself
Paul crutcherSelfLincoln lobby
Paul DalachSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul David HofmannSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul DenneeSelfLincoln lobby
Paul DurrSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul E NepermannSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul EidenPaul Eiden Consulting
Paul GebertSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul HardenbrookSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul HeikkilaSelfSelf
Paul JaraSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul LappSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul loftusSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul M WilkinPaul M. WilkinLincoln Lobby
Paul NottinghamSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul ObertinoSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul PapoPrivate Citizen
paul pasheaLincoln Lobbyself
paul pasheaselfself
Paul RedfernSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul ReesSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul ReicheltselfLincoln Lobby
Paul SalinaSchulze and Burch Biscuit CompanyLincoln Lobby
Paul SauderRHEO Engineering
Paul SpiewakPrivate citizen
Paul StederSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul T MeyerSelfLincoln Lobby
Paul TantyNone
paul tobinselflincoln lobby
Paul WolfrumSelfLincoln Lobby
Paula JoinesNA
Paula LauerSelfSelf
Paula ReedSelfLincolnLobby
Paula S NickellSelfLincoln Lobby
Pauline OzolsSelfLincoln Lobby
Pauline WantuckSelfSelf
Paulo R ZanjacomoSelfLincoln Lobby
Peggy BillhartzSelfLincoln Lobby
Peggy bolgerLincoln lobby
Peggy TollesonSelfSelf
Peggy VeachSelfFamily
Penny KeckTodays Uniforms
Pete TurMyself
Peter BrunkTaxpayer
Peter ChresanthakesselfLincoln Lobby
Peter HuxSELFLincoln Lobby
Peter J CeithamlSelf
Peter J PiazzaSelf
Peter J SchafferSelfLincoln Lobby
Peter MatrenecNA
Peter MolerSelfLincoln Lobby
Peter NelsonTaxpaying Citizen
Peter ODonnellSelfLincoln Lobby
Peter SimpsonLincoln LobbySelf
Phil KopinskiSelfLincoln Lobby
phil regerself
Philip CocomisePC Development Inc.
Philip PattersonRetiredPhilip Patterson
Philip R Simpsonbarron paintlincoin lobby
Philip WeissSelf
Phillip CooperNone
Phillip HellmannNoneLincoln Lobby
Phillip JohnsonselfLincoln Lobby
Phillip TranSelfLincoln Lobby
Phyllis AsinyanbiNot applicableNot applicable
Phyllis C MicelinoneLincoln Lobby
Phyllis McClellanSelfLincoln Lobby
Phyllis ValadezSelfLincoln Lobby
Pietro Binchiself
Piotr SenSelfLincoln lobby
Prem Jay DattSelf.Lincoln Lobby
Quinn TaplinCustom Service Crane
R Alan BerggrenSelf
R BabusciNALincoln Lobby
R DieterSELFself
R MeschSelfLincoln Lobby
Rachael Allane AltDistrict 47
Rachael BoskoSelfLincoln Lobby
Rachel BradSelfLincoln Lobby
Rachel BurchNoneLincoln lobby
Rachel D HensonSelfLincoln Lobby
Rachel OConnorSelfLincoln Lobby
Rae PowellNoneSelf
Raechelle AhmedSelfLincoln lobby
Raedean MoritzSelfLincoln Lobby
Ralf VastagSelfLincoln Lobby
Rallie Petrovanone
Ralph BeckLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Ralph J WagnerSelfLincoln Lobby
Ralph KubekSelfSelf - Lincoln Lobby
Ralph ZobjeckSelf
Ramesh NairNA
Randall CollinsSelfLincoln Lobby
Randall DrueckSelfLincoln Lobby
Randall Jon KigerSelfLincoln Lobby
Randall PalmerNAMyself
Randall S BernackiSelfLincoln Lobby
Randall Tornquistprivate citizen
Randall W FrayerSelfLincoln Lobby
Randall WilkinsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Randy davisSelfLincoln lobby
Randy DeeringSelfLincoln Lobby
Randy JohnsRetired. Phillips 66 Refinery
Randy KosterOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
Randy L ClosnerselfLincoln Lobby
Randy LusherSelfLincoln lobby
Randy MillerSELFSELF
Randy NeversSelf
Randy SouthardSelfLincoln Lobby
Randy SwensonResident of the State of Illinois
Randy Zimmermanrandy zimmerman mdpcLinciln Lobby
Ravi NatarajanSelfLincoln Lobby
Ray BulickSelfLincoln lobby
Ray CallahanNone
Ray EichSelfLincoln Lobby
Ray JohnsSelfLincoln Lobby
Ray SalamowiczSelfLincoln Lobby
Ray SvobodaNAmyself
RaymondSelfLincoln Lobby
Raymond DragowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Raymond KremerSelfLincoln Lobby
Raymond LindbergSelfLincoln Lobby
rebecca dossmanNone
Rebecca Elana GahanSelfLincoln Lobby
Rebecca HedrickSelfLincoln Lobby
Rebecca HillSelfLincoln Lobby
Rebecca KGuffeySelfLincoln lobby
Rebecca LipscombSelfLincoln Lobby
Rebecca Obarskiselfself
Regina BuehrerSelfLincoln Lobby
Regina NgSelfLincoln Lobby
Reid M JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Reidy MikeSelfLincoln Lobby
Renato AraujoSelfLincoln Lobby
Renee D KuffelSelfLincoln Lobby
Renee FriendNaperville CUSD 203
Renee KatichRetired bankingPersonal
Renee Kesselbusiness owner
Rhonda DehnSelfLincoln Lobby
Rich BennettSelfLincoln lobby
Rich GrahamNone
Rich LehningSelfLincoln Lobby
RichardSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard StillmanNoneSelf
Richard A KartchSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard BaldridgeSelfSelf
Richard Clarknone
Richard ClarkselfLlincoln Lobby
Richard DanielsRepresentationLincoln Lobby
Richard DzielakselfLincoln lobby
Richard e daileyWelded up
Richard Eric AndersonCitizenself
Richard G VoglerSelfself
Richard GalerSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard GoreckiNteg RealtyMy children
Richard Hertz JrSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard HusseySelfLincoln Lobby
Richard IovanSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard J BavolekRetired
Richard J NovakSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard J WitryLaw office of R.J. Witry
Richard JurkowskiSelllincoln lobby
Richard M LindemannselfLincoln Lobby
Richard M MarlattSelfLincoln lobby
Richard MarshallVertical GeoSolutions, Inc
Richard Mickolayckselflincoln lobby
Richard MoravecA Legal Citizen Who Votes
Richard MorganSelfLicoln Lobby
Richard OlsenSelfIllinois taxpayers
Richard PerryselfLincoln Lobby
Richard PeslakLincoln LobbySelf
Richard RyanSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard ScalzoSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard SchultzSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard Scott FifeSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard SherrieTax payer
Richard SmolkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard SolomonSelf
Richard StrezoSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard T DettmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard VilimselfLincoln Lobby
Richard WebelSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard WilkenAs His Own personSelf
Richard WrightMy familyFamily
Richard YingstSelfLincoln Lobby
Richard Zenor JrSelfLincoln Lobby
Rick AvgerinosSelfLincoln Lobby
Rick HielscherBRB Development
Rick HielscherSelf
Rick KochNALincoln Lobby
Rick ParkerSelfLincoln lobby
Rick TrostSelfLincoln Lobby
Rick WattleworthSelfSelf
Rick WeesnerSelfSelf
Ricky Usternone
Rita Kroplewskiselfself
Rita M DeJohnRetired
Rita Meinhardtself
Rita MeinhardtSelf
Rita MilneA Taxpaying Citizen
Rita PogueLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Rita SchwebelSelfLincoln Lobby
Rita WakefieldOn behalf of selfself
ROB GASSELSelfLincoln Lobby
Rob RitaccoSelfLincoln Lobby
Robby FinnSelfLincoln Lobby
RobertSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert A BreenNoneLincoln Lobby
Robert A MyersSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert B HamiltonSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert BarlogNAMyself
Robert Beckmanselfself
Robert BellSelfSelf
Robert BenderSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert BergmanTax payer
Robert BiermannOn behalf of selfSelf
Robert Bivinnoneself
Robert BourkeSelfLincoln lobby
Robert ButlerSelfLincoln Lobby
robert callisSelfLincoln lobby
Robert Carrozza1115 N. Annie Glidden LLC and RMC Holdings LLC
Robert ChicoineSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert DombrowskiNA
Robert EndersLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Robert ErxlebenSelfLincoln Lovby
Robert FeeRMF InternationalLincoln Lobby
Robert FischerProperty owner, grandfather and taxpayer
Robert GaglianoNoneMyself
Robert GlennselfLincoln Lobby
Robert GoreSelf
Robert HudetzSelfSelf
Robert IsaacsonSelf
Robert Isham JrIsham Law Office
Robert J FitzpatrickSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert J Murphynone
Robert Johnsonnone apply
Robert KastigarSelf
Robert KruegerLincoln Lobby
ROBERT KRUKNI Electrical Sales, Inc.Self
Robert L SpoerleinSelf
Robert L ThomasselfLincoln Lobby
Robert LandiSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert LavalleeSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert LaystromLaystrom Mfg. Co
Robert LeibleIndividual
Robert LelaSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert LiskSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert MahanSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert MatternSelfLincoln Lobbu
Robert McBeathselfLincoln Lobby
Robert McShaneRobert McShane
Robert NeiweemNot Applicable
Robert NicksicHOME OWNER
Robert OBryanSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert PultorakSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert R DaltonConvergent Nonprofit Solutions
Robert RamosSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert ResisSelf
Robert RoznerHobson Meadows Family Medicine
Robert RyanSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert S ZielinskiSelf
Robert SchertlerSelfLincoln Lobby
robert schuenemannhousehold
Robert Scott McKelveySelfLincoln Lobby
Robert Scott SandersSelf
Robert SkarbekSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert SmolikLincoln Lobby
Robert SpenceSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert ThebeauSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert W AndersonNA
Robert W HindmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert WardinSelfSelf
Robert WatermannSelf
Robert weckbachSelfLincoln group
Robert WilsonNot ApplicableLincoln Lobby
Robert WoldSelfLincoln Lobby
Robert WrightWright RestorationLincoln Lobby
Roberta DevorskyFINRA
Roberta DoughertySelfLincoln Lobby
Roberta Kehoeselfself
Roberta LockwoodSelf
Roberta ThomasPORTA Central
Roberto RestrepoSelfLincoln Lobby
Roberto RonSelfLincoln lobby
Robi SchnetzerSelfLincoln Lobby
Robin BadgerBelleville Area Special School Cooperative
Robin L HobsonselfLincoln Lobby
Robin MillerselfLincoln Lobby
Robin MohnSelfLincoln Lobby
Robin VaughanNa
Robin WesenbergSelf Representationproponent testimony
Robyn CookSelfLincoln Lobby
Robyn HuffarYour choice real estate
Robyn MurovParent
Rod Linktax payer
Rodger TrueSelf
Rodney FritzSelfLincoln Lobby
RODNEY KAHLSelfLincoln Lobby
Rodney McMasterSelfLincoln Lobby
Rodolfo CruzSelfLincoln Lobby
Roger allen KonarskiRestoration StoneworksLincoln Lobby
Roger BaraSelfLincoln Lobby
Roger BeardSelfLincoln Lobby
Roger CottenNone
Roger DeVorenana
Roger FanskaLincoln Lobby
Roger HallowellNAmyself
Roger Herman WickDesign Enhanced Mfg. Co.,Inc.
ROGER J YULESelfLincoln Lobby
Roger KruegerSelfLincoln Lobby
roger libermanselflincoln lobby
roger mcgeehondahl fordLincoln Lobby
Roger ZimmermannNASelf
Roman KowalSelfLincoln Lobby
Romualdo BrisenoSelfLincoln Lobby
Ron AllenselfLincoln Lobby
Ron DegerSelfLincoln Lobby
Ron FarwellSelfLincoln Lobby
Ron GillSelfLincoln Lobby
Ron ModicaSelfLincoln Lobby
Ron NichollsselfLincoln Lobby
Ron OwdomSelfLincoln Lobby
Ron SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Ron VeldmanServiceMaster
Ronald A PeithmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Ronald Austiffretiredmy self
Ronald C BussSelfLincoln Lobby
Ronald D FinckselfLincoln Lobby
Ronald FruinSelfLincoln Lobby
Ronald H GolzSelfLincoln Lobby
Ronald M Smithself
Ronald McCaffertySelfLincoln Lobby
Ronald MurphyNot Applicable
Ronald MurphySelfLincoln Lobby
Ronald SjostromRetiredLincoln Lobby
Ronald T KmakSelf
Ronald WaltersSelfLincoln Lobby
Rose Mary BombelaGlobal Diversity Solutions GroupSelf
Rose MennellaSelf
Rose WilkesSelfLincoln Lobby
Rosebud BoydSelfLincoln Lobby
Rosemarie KahnSelfSelf
Rosemary Macko WisnoskyREMAX Professionals SelectLincoln Lobby
Rosemary WisnoskyWizdom Systems, Inc.
Ross ManireSelfLincoln Lobby
Ross McKaySelfLincoln Lobby
Ross WetzelSelfSelf
Rowan KondrackiSelfSelf
Roxanna DragertSelfLincoln Lobby
Roy E Wickersheim IIISelfLincoln Lobby
Roy GarlandResident voter
Roy MarshallnaMyself
Roy MillerMiller Oil Colincoln lobby
Roy PletschSelfSelf
Rozann HattySelfLincoln Lobby
Ruari StewartSelfLincoln Lobby
Rudolf HeblingIndividualIndividual
Rudolph MacejakselfLincoln lobby
Russ BurchSelf
Russ ClarkChampaign County Libertarian PartyLibertarian Party members in Champaign, Ford, Vermillion, Edgar, Douglass, and Piatt Counties.
Russ KathreinSelfLincoln Lobby
Russel KatzSelfLincoln Lobby
Russell LoBueSelfLincoln Lobby
Russell WojciechowskiMidwest Woodworking Machinery &Tooling, Inc.
Ruth CamposselfLincoln Lobby
Ruth HahnselfLincoln Lobby
Ruthann KortSelf
Ryan BabichSelfLincoln Lobby
Ryan BrownPersonal
Ryan GilbertPersonal
Ryan HamanSelfLincoln Lobby
Ryan Lee NeitzelSelfLincoln Lobby
Ryan McElrathSelfLincoln Lobby
Ryan MeyersSelfLincoln lobby
Ryan MikulskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Ryan PetersonPrivate
Ryan SchermerhornMarshall Gerstein & Borun LLPLincoln Lobby
Ryan WollandSelfLincoln Lobby
Sally A BanigSelfLincoln Lobby
Sally beattySchool board d53School board, parents, community
Sally WesterhoffSelfLincoln Lobby
Salvatore PlumerySelfLincoln Lobby
Sam AmermanselfLincoln Lobby
Sam T PaschkeSelfLicoln Lobby
Samantha AdamsselfLincoln Lobby
Samantha UrbaytisSelfLincoln Lobby
Samantha WrightSelfLincoln Lobby
Sandi RedmanSelfLincoln lobby
Sandra A HartSelfLincoln Lobby
Sandra GliderSelfLincoln Lobby
Sandra LosurdoselfLincoln Lobby
Sandra ShiflettSelf
Sandra ShinesSelfSelf
Sandra WittichSelfLincoln Lobby
Sandy CARTERSelfLincoln Lobby
Sandy RevakSelfLincoln Lobby
sara albrechtselfLincoln Lobby
Sara AlexanderSelfLincoln Lobby
Sara BabichSelfLincoln lobby
Sara PfaffSelfLincoln Lobby
Sarah BettagSelfLincoln Lobby
Sarah KrausNA
Sarah L BabbSelfLincoln Lobby
Sarah Lindquistselfself
Savdeep SethiselfLincoln Lobby
Scott BradySelfLincoln Lobby
Scott BrumleveDesigns UnlimitedLincoln Lobby
Scott ColeSelfLincoln lobby
Scott D MartensonSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott DeBlazeSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott EmalfarbSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott HermansselfLincoln Lobby
Scott KirkSelfLincoln lobby
Scott MeintsSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott OberleReverend
Scott parkerSchooling
SCOTT PARKERSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott RhodesSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott SaddlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott VanceIterative Solutions, LLC
Scott WileySelfLincoln Lobby
Scott WolberSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott ZaprzalSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott ZecherSelfLincoln Lobby
Scott ZecherTaxpayerFrustrated Taxpayer
ScottJulie BarrettsmithPastor Emeritus Homemaker School and SelfemployedReverend Scott, Julie, Brooke Barrettsmith
Sean CaruthersSelfLincoln Lobby
sean feeleyselflincoln lobby
Sean HayesSelfLincoln Lobby
Sean InglisOwens & Minor
Sean RedmondSelf
SelfLincoln Lobby
Sergey ZaksSelf
Shaila Di NicolaSelfLincoln Lobby
Shana CallahanNone
Shane NeumanSelfLincoln Lobby
Shane ShelleySelfLincoln Lobby
Shannon BuschmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Shannon GaineySelfLincoln Lobby
Shannon KudiaSelfLincoln lobby
Shannon MillikinNorthwestern Universityself
Shannon RomozziSelfLincoln Lobby
Shannon WilsonLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Shari R BlumAbbVieLincoln Lobby
Sharilynn DunnselfLincoln Lobby
SharonSelfLincoln lobby
Sharon BronsbergSelfLincol Lobby
Sharon CaudleCaudle PhotographySelf
Sharon FlintSelfLincoln Lobby
Sharon L KoppSelfLincoln Lobby
Sharon LadigSelfLincoln Lobby
Sharon Larsonselfself
Sharon NicholsselfLincoln Lobby
Sharon PetersonIllinois Policy
Sharon Rea-DondelingerSelfLincoln Lobby
Sharon SchadeselfLincoln Lobby
Sharon SchroederSelfSelf
Sharon ValaNANA
Shauna GunninkNASelf
Shawn DowBASSCShawn Dow
Shawn McGinnisSelfLincoln Lobby
Shawn RiggsNoneLincoln Lobby
Shawn smithNone
Shawna HarkeySelfLincoln Lobby
Shawna JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Shawna PoppeSelfSelf
Sheila BushongselfLincoln Lobby
Sheila HuntselfLincoln Lobby
SHEILA ZINKnoneLIncoln Lobby
Shelley GrafmyreSelfLincoln Lobby
Shelley GrafmyreSelfSelf
Shelley McNaughtonselfLincoln Lobby
Shelley WiegmannSelf
Sherman BrumleySelfLincoln Lobby
SHERMAN E RAINESselflincoln lobby
Sherri AkersSelfSelf
Sherri LeMastersTaxpayer...broke
Sherry StaufferSelfLincoln Lobby
Sherry Van DeraaSelfLincoln Lobby
Sheryl OwdomSelfLincoln Lobby
simon lodgeW.W. Grainger, Inc.
Siobhan MurraySelfLincoln Lobby
Solveig maschkeSelfLincoln
Solvita BaipsysSelfSelf
Sonia HespellSelfSelf
Stacie EasthamSelfSelf, husband, family friends
Stacie EasthamSelfSelf, husband, family, friends
Stacy BradshawSelfLincoln Lobby
Stacy MilsterEhrhardt Automation, Inc.Lincoln Lobby
Stan MarciniakSelfLINCOLN LOBBY
Stan NieweglowskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Stan TysonSELFLincoln Lobby
Stanley HuberselfLincoln lobby
Stanley W HensonSelfLincoln Lobby
Stefanie RozborskiSelfLincoln Lobby
Stella DeanSelf
Stephan Albert ZellerSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephanie DagenaisSELFSELF
Stephanie NicholsSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephanie RaderSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephanie Siskresident
Stephanie SiskaselfLincoln Lobby
Stephanie WilliamsselfLincoln Lobby
Stephen DiFrancoDiFrancos Delicious
Stephen AdamSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephen ClarkeSP&L LLC
Stephen DeFilippisSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephen DullardAncare Veterinary Clinic
Stephen FooteSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephen H RichardsselfLincoln Lobby
Stephen JoutrasSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephen MathiasSelfLincoln Lobby
Stephen Patrick WhiteSelfLincoln Lobby
Steve Anil ShahARS Property Dev., LLC
Steve BennerTecnau
Steve BerrySelfLincoln Lobby
Steve BoutonNALincoln Lobby
Steve GellerSelfLincoln Lobby
Steve GoebbertSelfLincoln Lobby
Steve JasterSelfLincoln Lobby
Steve johnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Steve KraftSelfLincoln Lobby
Steve PearseSelfLincoln lobby
Steve Prostselfself
Steve ScherrerNA
Steve SchildwachterSelfLincoln Lobby
Steve schochNone
Steve schurterSelfLincoln lobby
Steven a whiteSelfLincoln lobby
Steven CopelandSelfLincoln Lobby
Steven Crowenone
steven d beckerselflincoln lobby
Steven GanserFirm BusinessLincoln Lobby
Steven GraggSelfLincoln Lobby
Steven GuertlerSelfLincoln lobby
Steven J KoivulaSelfLincoln Lobby
Steven KonradSelfLincoln Lobby
Steven LewisLincoln Lobby
Steven McGartlandSelfLincoln Lobby
Steven P KoellerselfLincoln Lobby
Steven PearsonPearson Carpentry- Retired
Steven PopeSelfLincoln Lobby
Steven SarovichSardee Industries, IncLincoln Lobby
Steven TolbertSelfLincoln Lobby
Steven W HoustonSelf
Steven YuchsSelfLincoln Lobby
Stuart HelmSelfLincoln Lobby
Stuart NussSelfLincoln Lobby
Stuart NussSelfSelf
sue a korendeli timelincoln lobby
Sue AbrahamsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Sue EmlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Sue HamiltonSelfLincoln Lobby
Sue JohnsonselfLincoln Lobby
Sue MielkeSelfLincoln Lobby
Suella TuckerSelfLincoln Lobby
Sumir ShahSelfLincoln Lobby
Sunshine KurmanIllinois Resident
Susan A IskowichselfLincoln Lobby
Susan B WargoNA
Susan B WargoNA
Susan BabcockSelfLincoln Lobby
Susan BealSelfSelf
Susan CarsonselfLincoln Lobby
Susan CatlinSelfLincoln Lobby
Susan CianiselfLincoln Lobby
Susan CookSelfLincoln Lobby
Susan D Collinsself
Susan DerexselfLincoln Lobby
Susan DitzlerSelfLincoln Lobby
Susan FousNone
Susan HatfieldSelfLincoln Lobby
Susan JanssenSelfLincoln Lobby
Susan Jo WhitsonIsaac Hills HLCLincon Lobby
Susan KapcheConcerned Taxpayers of IllinoisLincoln Lobby
Susan KelenyiOptimal Health & Wellness CenterLincoln Lobby
Susan Klemakselfself
Susan MurphySelfLinoln Lobby
Susan P DudekNA
Susan PalazzoselfLincoln Lobby
Susan RathfordSelf
Susan Sallee-Pedersenself
Susan Spallinaspallina interiorsLincoln Lobby
Susan Walker-SchulenbergselfLincoln lobby
Susan ZitellaSelfLincoln Lobby
Susanne HartmannSelfLincoln Lobby
Suzan GanserIndividual
Suzanne DasSelfLincoln Lobby
Suzanne HoganSelfLincoln Lobby
suzanne paprockiselflincoln lobby
Suzanne PletschSelfSelf
Suzanne Sjostromnone
Sven ThirionSelfLincoln Lobby
Sydney KenyonSelfLincoln Lobby
Sylvia VarelasLincoln Lobby
T HenricksNA
Tadd RulandSelfSelf
Tamera DuffyNone
Tammy HollenbeckSelfLincoln Lobby
Tanner LibbraNA
Tanner LibbraSelfLincoln Lobby
Tanya DixonSelfLincoln lobby
Tara AndersonNone
Tara BangertClay County BoardTara Bangert
Tara BernardSelfLincoln Lobby
Tara CaldwellSelf
Tara KarstenSelfLincoln Lobby
Taylor WoldSelfLincoln Lobby
Taylor ZarrSelfLincoln lobby
tedselfLincoln Lobby
Ted Bushongself
Ted DressSelfLincoln Lobby
Ted JohnsonNALincoln Lobby
Ted LipscombSelfLincoln Lobby
Ted MinkanicSelfLincoln Lobby
Ted StephensSelf
Terence Kohn4 Corner DistributorsLincoln Lobby
Terence m SextonRetired
Teresa CarrilloSelfLincoln Lobby
Teresa GillumAffordable Home Improvements, Inc.
Teresa StederselfLincoln Lobby
Terese BiondoSelfSelf
Terese HenricksNALincoln Lobby
Teri DeSalvoSELFLincoln Lobby
Terrence KlossSelfLincoln Lobby
Terrence WitteSelfLincoln Lobby
Terri McGinnisSelfLincoln lobby
Terrie KallalSpringfield Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
Terry A BanigSelfLincoln Lobby
Terry BatesNoneNone
Terry BatesSelfLincoln Lobby
Terry BennerChicago Fire Department
Terry BlineRoanoke Farmers Association
Terry BridgesselfLincoln Lobby
Terry CasperSelf
Terry EasleySelfLincoln Lobby
Terry L BenzelNational Tek Services, Inc
Terry L HowerterSelfLincoln Lobby
Terry L StorerSelfSelf
Terry MeyerSelfLincoln lobby
Terry PoffinbargerSelfSelf
Terry SilisselfLincoln Lobby
Thelbert Heatherlytaxpayertaxpayer
Theodore FlintSelfLincoln Lobby
Theodore PaprockiSelfLincoln Lobby
Theresa GeersSelfLincoln Lobby
Theresa JohansonSelfSelf
Theresa RubinoSelfLincoln Lobby
Theresa SmallSelfLincoln Lobby
Theresa WoldSelfLincoln Lobby
Therese PapiernikSelfLincoln lobby
theron hardersenSelfLincoln Lobby
Thom DiedrichSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas BalleSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas A KozakselfLincoln lobby
Thomas Alan PlachselfLincoln Lobby
Thomas AndersonSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas BahrSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas CarrollSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas E NanningaMy familyMy family
Thomas FureyRetired
Thomas GrimesAdvanced Business MachinesLincoln Lobby
Thomas HackerSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas HorstmannVillage of Peoria Heights - Village Administrator
Thomas HrinowichSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas J BiverSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas J BoisvertNot Applicable
thomas j mascariSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas J NenningerselfLincoln Lobby
Thomas KellyTKT LLCLincoln Lobby
Thomas Kevin Croshretiredself
Thomas LikesSelfLincoln lobby
Thomas LudwigSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas MillerSELFSELF
Thomas MorriseyCedar Realty Group
Thomas MurschelSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas NelsonLincoln Lobby
thomas olsonnonenone
Thomas PalenikSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas PavlinaSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas PrescottSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas S JuszkiewiczSelfLincoln lobby
Thomas SeccoSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas SuhajdaSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas ToolisIndividualTom Toolis
Thomas VrablikSelfLincoln Lobby
Thomas W RohdeselfLincoln Lobby
Thomas WalshTW Group, Inc.
thomas wegesinselfLincoln Lobby
Thomas William DavisNone
Thorin KondrackiSelfSelf
Tia DunawaySalem Elementary
Tim BeckselfLincoln Lobby
Tim ClarkSelfLincoln Lobby
Tim DeYoungSelfLincoln Lobby
Tim DochertyselfLincoln Lobby
Tim FeldballeDMA
Tim KlossNot available
Tim LacySelf
Tim LankischselfLincoln Lobby
tim manningSelfLincoln lobby
Tim McDonaldselfLincoln Lobby
Tim NelsonCitizen
Tim SchwanSelfLincoln Lobby
Tim SullivanSelf
Tim SullivanSelfLincoln Lobby
Tim UrquhartPerkins Investment Management
TIM WARNERSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy A KenefickSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy ColleranSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy D MurphySelfSelf
Timothy Gerard MulveySelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy HillesheimSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy J EvansSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy J McCutcheonSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy J MolineSelf
Timothy JohansonselfLincoln Lobby
Timothy JonesTaxpayers
Timothy KennedySelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy LehmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy P FriedrichselfLincoln Lobby
Timothy RinkoskiPremium Cruises
Timothy S AntonicicSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy S LyonsAs We Forgive Those
Timothy SadzakSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy SchroederLincoln LobbySelf
Timothy SmallingSelfLincoln lobby
Timothy Stollselflincoln lobby
Timothy Van HielSELFLincoln Lobby
Timothy WalshSelfLincoln Lobby
Timothy WalterSelfLincoln lobby
Tina EvansNA
Tina FoeschSelfLincoln Lobby
Tina HouserselfLincoln Lobby
Tina Johnson-MitchellSelf
Tina VaughnSelfLincoln Lobby
tiny mclaughlinIllinois Citizen
Tobi Brooke SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Tobin SchroederNALincoln Lobby
Todd A EssenburgSelfLincoln Lobby
Todd AyerselfLincoln lobby
Todd BudnikSelfLincoln Lobby
Todd CostiganSelfLincoln Lobby
Todd FaiferSelfLincoln Lobby
Todd FiducciSelfLincoln Lobby
TODD HACKNEYselfLincoln Lobby
Todd KempSelf
Todd MesserSelfLincoln Lobby
Todd RamsaySelfLincoln Lobby
Todd StahlJ&B Associates INCLincoln Lobby
Todd ThielmannSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom BarberSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom BrinkoetterSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom BudlongSelf
Tom CallaghanSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom CollmannSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom DoudChannahon Lanes
Tom FetchoSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom JaegerNone
Tom LillaParent and Taxpayer
Tom LillaSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom MartensSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom McIntyreLincoln projectLincoln lobby
Tom MillerSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom MitusSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom NelsonSelf
Tom NicholsonThe Nicholson Group, Inc.Lincoln Lobby
Tom NilesSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom NormoyleSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom ObrienSelfLincoln lobby
Tom OnusaitisselfLincoln Lobby
Tom ParkerSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom PhelpsSelf
Tom ProchaskaSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom stockenbergSelfLincoln lobby
Tom SullivanSmall Print
Tom SybertSelfLincoln Lobby
Tom Van EngenRetired Pastor
Toni KuehlSelfLincoln Lobby
Tonia SutterSelfLincoln Lobby
Tonica AndersonResident
tony banovzselflincoln lobby
Tony JinSelfLincoln lobby
Tony StreenzSelfLincoln Lobby
Tonya LangSelfLincoln Lobby
Tove Cravensselfself
Traci L WoodSelfSelf
Tracy A ButlerHome Builders & Remodelers Metro East AssociationLincoln Lobby
Tracy CapjakselfLincoln Lobby
Tracy ShepherdTracy K. ShepherdLincoln Lobby
Travis HielHiel Trucking, Inc
Travis SmithselfLincoln Lobby
Trent BuckinghamVHATrent Buckingham
Trent TevisSelf
Trevor CannonSelfLincoln Lobby
Trevor GereSelfLincoln Lobby
Tricia BrantleySelfLincoln Lobby
Tricia TargoszSelfThe Lincloln Lobby
Tricia WagesSelfLincoln Lobby
Trina HuntSelfLincoln Lobby
Tyler K DickinsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Urszula ZapolskaselfLincoln Lobby
Vala II BillNANA
Venessa Lopatkaselfself
Vera ChanselfStudents first
Vernon SmartSelfSelf
Veronica EdwardsNA
Veronica FosterColdwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Veronica PorterSelfLincoln lobby
Vicki L WilsonBASSC-Pathways
Vicki penseSelfLincoln Lobby
Vicki SchlomannNo Agency
Vickie MasbruchSelf
Victoria BellselfLincoln lobby
Victoria DobbinsSelf
Victoria GoodwinSelfLincoln Lobby
Victoria lSelfLincoln lobby
Victoria MartinLincoln Lobby
Vince GutierrezEnvivo PT
vince s haduchTrainer
Vince SparrowSelfLincoln Lobby
Vince TorresNoneSelf
vincent parednisselflincoln lobby
Vincent R SparrowEXLSLincoln Lobby
Violeta sanchezSelfSelf
Violetta HouleSelfSelf
Virgil HighselfLincoln Lobby
Virginia R LoftusSelfLincoln Lobby
VITO BRANCATOSelfLincoln Lobby
Vladimir KuninSelfLincoln Lobby
Wally FiebigerOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
Walter HuttonSelfLincoln Lobby
Walter J ArmbrusterSelf employed
Walter Shewmakerself
Warren B FreySelfLincoln Lobby
warren moodyselflincoln lobby
Warren W WheatonSelfLincoln Lobby
WAYNE BARTOSIAKselfLincoln Lobby
Wayne FetterNAMyself
wayne franzenSelfSelf
Wayne K KernSelfLincoln Lobby
Wayne LaceySelfLincoln Lobby
Wayne Van DyneSelfSelf
Wenceslaus J AchramowiczPursuit Pest Control
Wendy BernardSelfLincoln lobby
Wendy BirdSelfLincoln Lobby
Wendy BirdState of Illinois
Wendy KazenSelfLincoln Lobby
Wendy Lynn SimmonsselfLincoln Lobby
Wendy MorrowSelfLincoln Lobby
Wendy MosierSelfLincoln Lobby
Wendy NaylorSelf
Wendy PetersonAglocellBruce & Wendy Peterson
Wendy RichrathSelfLincoln Lobby
Wensheng WuselfLincoln Lobby
Wes walkerSelfLincoln Lobby
Wesley WernetteSelfLincoln Lobby
Whitney BoothSelfLincoln Lobby
Will LudwigSelfLincoln Lobby
Willard L Hemsworth IIselfLincoln Lobby
William A BeyerlNA
William A KuebrichSelfLincoln Lobby
William AchramowiczselfLincoln Lobby
William AhlgrenSelfLincoln Lobby
William BonebrakeSelfLincoln Lobby
William C Fox IIISelfLincoln Lobby
William ChapmanSelfLincoln Lobby
William ChenaultSelfLincoln Lobby
William ChristianCitizenCitizen
William CorbinSelfLincoln Lobby
William CreightonPrivate CitizenLincoln Lobby
William DelaneySelfLincoln Lobby
William DielSelfLincoln Lobby
William DunnSelfLincoln lobby
William E DixonselfLincoln Lobby
William E HarrisSelfLincoln Lobby
William EnglehartDiedrich Pet LLC
William F RamsdenSelfLincoln Lobby
William FlahertySelfLincoln Lobby
William foxTax payer
William FriendRegeneron
William G UtzUtz and Associates Architects PC
William GaleSelfLincoln Lobby
William H CiolekSelfLincoln Lobby
William HoodSelfLincoln Lobby
William J BernabeiLincoln Lobby
William J MalicSelf
William J ShadwickSelfLincoln Lobby
william jirikselfLincoln Lobby
William KlanSelfSelf
William LeserselfLincoln Lobby
William LopotkoSelfLincoln Lobby
William mordenSelfLincoln lobby
William MuellerLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
William O Hinckleyself
William p andrySelfLincoln lobby
William PlaceVillage of TamaroaMyself
William PlovanicSelfLincoln Lobby
William R DennisSelfLincoln Lobby
William ReeseSelfLincoln Lobby
William RohenoneLincoln Lobby
William RowlandSelf
William SchauerSelf
William SchurrNa
William SingsankEmployed at Philips Healthcare
William SlaterselfLincoln Lobby
William TrimbornSelfLincoln Lobby
William VajdikAmerican Waste Industries, Inc.
William ValaNANA
William WernerSelfLincoln Lobby
William WestSelfLincoln Lobby
William WigmoreSelfLincoln Lobby
Wojciech Sanockiprivate citizen
Wrayanne FlasarSelfLincoln Lobby
Wyett H Colclasure IISelfLincoln Lobby
Yining ChenSelfLincoln Lobby
Yulonda G Colesonself
Yvonne EARLEYRetiredLincoln Lobby
zach millerSelfSelf
Zach SmithSelfSelf
Zachary SutterSelfLincoln Lobby
Zbigniew Joseph BarczykSelfLincoln Lobby
zjeffery W MartinSelfLincoln Lobby
Hearing Date and Time: Elem Sec Ed: Adm., Lic. & Charter (H) 3/17/2021 2:00 PM
Anthony TravisConstituentConstituent
Deanna L Zalasnone
Elizabeth HossaTaxpayerNot applicable
James LongIllinois PolicyIllinois Policy
Ryan TolleyCHANGE Illinois Action FundCHANGE Illinois Action Fund
Hearing Date and Time: Elem Sec Ed: Adm., Lic. & Charter (H) 3/10/2021 2:00 PM
Allyson HautLeague of Women Voters of Illinois3600 members of the League of Women Voters of Illinois
Debra EllisNone
Hearing Date and Time: Elem Sec Ed: Adm., Lic. & Charter (H) 3/3/2021 2:00 PM
Allan LuzbetakSelfLincoln Lobby
Ann TosovskySelfLincoln Lobby
Brandie SpencerLincoln LobbySelf
Cheryl A DimiceliselfLincoln Lobby
Cheryl DimiceliSelfLincoln Lobby
Chris VitkauskasSelfLincoln Lobby
Christine RagauskisSelf
Dan GebhardtSelfLincoln Lobby
Daniel SmithLincoln lobby
Eli AbramowitzSelfLincoln Lobby
Eva WarrenSelfSelf
Evelyn DanielsNoneLincoln Lobby
Fran J SmeadOn behalf of selfLincoln Lobby
Holly BabichLincoln Lobby
Jack LandrethSelfLincoln Lobby
Jennifer SextonSelfLINCOLN LOBBY
Jim McLuckieSelf
Joseph GurgaSelfLincoln Lobby
Joseph SextonSelfLINCOLN LOBBY
Kathy PembertonSelfLincoln lobby
Kevin EganSelfLincoln Lobby
Kim CassidySelfLincoln Lobby
Kimberlie McLuckieSelfSelf
Kurt SmithSelfLincoln Lobby
Lynn LohmanSelfLincoln Lobby
Mailee R SmithselfLincoln Lobby
Mallory SmithLincoln Lobby
Mark MurphySelfLinoln Lobby
Mary Ann CernovichSelfLincoln Lobby
Mary trottaSelfLincoln lobby
Melissa JohnsonSelfLincoln Lobby
Michael BabichLincoln Lobby
michael marekMarek CapitalLincoln Lobby
Michelle MathiaSelfLincoln Lobby
Norman L Yeager JrSELFLincoln Lobby
Pam RoehlSelf
Paul Nimzmyself
R GriffinLincoln lobbyLincoln lobby
Ryan BabichLincoln LobbyLincoln Lobby
Sara babichSelfLincoln lobby
Sue HamiltonSelfLincoln Lobby
Susan CianiselfLincoln Lobby
Vincent CarusoSelfLincoln Lobby
William ShadwickSelfLincoln Lobby