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Witness Slips For SB3630  103rd General Assembly

Senate Amendment 001   Senate Amendment 002   Senate Amendment 003
Bill Status

Legislation: SB3630
Proponents: 305Opponents: 162No Position: 3
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Executive (S) 3/13/2024 2:00 PM
Aaron GoldsteinLaw Office of the Cook County Public Defenderself
Aaron RapierRapier Law FirmSelf
Abbey JohnsonSelfPersonally Affected Family
Adam HolmSelfSelf
Adrienne KleyhSelfPersonally impacted family
Aimee AlbrechtSelfPersonally Affected Family
Alan CurrySelfRelative of Personally Affected Family
Alan NovickSelfSelf
Alexcia SteesSelfSelf
alexis durikstudentself
Alexis MansfieldWomen's Justice InstituteWomen's Justice Institute
Alexis RowlisonSelfSelf
Alicia JacksonSelfSelf
Allie ParkerSelfSelf
Allison PetakSelfSelf
Alyssa HolmSelfSelf
Amanda HolmSelfSelf
Amanda KayesSelfRelative of Personally affected family
Ami DesaiSelfSelf
Amy GallagherAmazing Grace Senior LivingSelf
Amy Gosnell-ScrantonSelfSelf
Amy KrahulaSelfSelf
Amy WardselfFriend of personally affected family.
Andrea HarpelSELFSelf
Andrea LubelfeldCook County Public DefenderCook County Public Defender
Angela GibbsSelfPersonally affected family member
Angela RaySelfAffected family member
Anissa CavinsSelfSelf
Annie TongSelfSelf
Anujin NamuunbayarSelfSelf
Ashley WolinSelfPersonally Affected family
Austin James MinkSelfSelf
Austin WilliamsSelfSelf
Avalon Betts-GastonIllinois Alliance for Reentry and Justice NFPIllinois Alliance for Reentry and Justice
Bailey CollinsNoneFamilies wrongfully accused of child abuse
Beata HolmSelfSelf
Becky KeaneSelfSelf
Becky TribeSelfFriend of Personally Affected Family
Beverly FeirtagSelfRelative of personally effected family
Boguslawa PawlowSelfSelf
Bonnie Petersenselfself
Brandie EdwardsParental Alienation Support and Intervention of IllinoisParental Alienation Support and Intervention of Illinois
Briana BroderickSelfSelf
Briana BroderickStudentSelf
Briana PaytonChicago Appleseed Center for Fair CourtsChicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts
Briana PaytonChicago Appleseed Center for Fair CourtsChicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts
Brianna SloopSelfPersonally affected family
Bryan CunneenSelfpersonally Affected Family
Byron RiversSelfPersonally affected family
Caitlin ChiavolaSelfSelf
Candice Mayspersonally affected family memberfamily member
Carl Joseph WenningSelfSelf
Carol bordersSelfSelf
Caroline RyderSelfPersonally affected family
Caroline WilsonSelfSelf
Caryn TuckerSelfFriend or Relative of Personally Affected Family
Cella RiveraSelfPerson
Chad ThanepohnSelfSelf
Charlene KavanaughSelfSelf
Charlotte MartinkusSelfRelative of Personally Affected Family
Chauntay ParrishCook County Public Defender's Officeself
Chelsea BrunsSelfSelf
Cheryl Cavinsselfself
Cheryl HubbardSelfSelf
Chris BroderickSelfSelf
Christina BastillaSelfSelf
Christine RaffaeleIllinois Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceIllinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Christine A TedeschiSelfSelf
Christopher H BeckSelfSelf
Christopher MarshallSelfRelative of Personally Affected Family
Clare SullivanNANA
Clarissa OwensSelfSelf
Colette Danita PayneThe Women's Justice InstituteThe Women's Justice Institute
Colette SaffordSelfSelf
Colleen ChipmanSelfSelf
Cora PattersonChicago Appleseed Center for Fair CourtsSelf
Dan BrownSelfNone
Daniel BroderickSelfPersonally affected family
Daniel SchellenbergSelfFriend of Personally Impacted Family
Daniel WeidnerSelfSelf
Danielle ReedSelffriend of personally affected family
David BythewoodConstituentSelf
David Geliebterindividualfamily
David ShawSelfSelf
David WeidnerSelfSelf
Debbie BroderickSelfRelative of family that was personally affected
Debbie TheiligSelfSelf
Deborah FennerSelfSelf
Debra GilbertNASelf
Deleen McManamonSelfSelf
Dennis WestonSelfSelf
Destinee JohnsSelfPersonally affected family member
Diane JordanSelfFriend of affected family
Diane RedleafFamily Defense ConsultingDiane Redleaf
Donald GilbertNASelf
Doug bordersSelfSelf
Doug Schaufelbegeraffected family memberpersonally affected family
Douglas ParrottSelfSelf
Eamonn O'ConnorSELFSELF
Eileen G EnbarselfFriend of personally-affect family
Elizabeth MoranSelfSelf
Elizabeth SchellenbergSelfSelf
ellen smithnaself
Emilio Orozco GonzalezSelfSelf
Emily PriceTropical Smoothie Cafemyself
Emily WachowiakSelfself
Emma WilliamsSelfSelf
Erin BordersSelfSelf
Erin MarshallselfRelative of Personally Affected Family
Erin ShaefferSelfParents who have been victims of Child Abuse Pediatricians
Ethan A HaferSelfPersonally Affected Family
Faith MillerFaith Millerself
Fiona BordersSelfSelf
Fiona ClydeSelfPersonally affected friend
Frankie BaioSelfSelf
Gail SmithChildren's Best Interest ProjectChildren's Best Interest Project
Gale KruegerSelfPersonally affected family
Geraldine SloanSelfPersonally affected familys
Gerri WilliamsSelfSelf
Glenn StevensonSelfFamily member of affected family
Gretchen SchmeichelSelfFriend of personally affected family
Griffin BroderickSelfSelf
Heather WalkerSelfFriend of personally affected family
Heidi HallFamily Forward IllinoisMyself & Family Forward Illinois
Holly McDonaldSelfFriend of Personally Affected Family
Holly SimontonSelfPersonally affected family
J MonsourNekritz Amdor Andersson GroupShriver Center on Poverty Law
Jack Levenbrown MDSelfSelf
Jacob KruegerSelfSelf
James E WindsorSelfPersonally Affected Family
James SchellenbergSelfSelf
Janet KittlausRetiredMyself
Jason DagueSelfSelf
Jeanine LeydenselfFriend of personally affected family
Jeffrey MartinkusSelfFriend-Relative of Personally Affected Family
Jenna BraunsteinSelfSelf
jennifer brozisFamily Forward IllinoisFamily Forward Illinois
Jennifer WilliamsselfFriend of personally affected family
Jill BirkholzSelfSelf
Jo CaulkinsSelfFriend of personally affected family
Joanna HoerrSelfFriend or relative of personally affected family
Jodie EasonSelfSelf
Jody DagueSelfSelf
Joey PaxsonTaco BellCashier
JohnLaSalle Catholic Parishesself
John AmdorNekritz Amdor Andersson GroupShriver Center on Poverty Law
John HaskinsSELFFriend of personally affected family
John P BroderickSelfRelative of Personally Affected
Joy BuntonUnited Working FamiliesSelf
Julia EkstromSelfFriend of Personally Impacted Family
Julie ThanepohnSelfSelf
June HoltSelfSelf
Justin HarrisSelfSelf
Karen Jean CookFamily Forward IllinoisFamily Forward Illinois
Karen NuzzoSelfPersonally affected family
Karin ParrottSelfSelf
Katherine M JacksonSelfSelf
Katherine StewartSelfSelf
Kathleen ErinSelfSelf
Kathryn CulleenyCook County Justice Advisory CouncilCook County Justice Advisory Council
Kathryn Mary DohertySelfSelf
Kathryn WeberSelfPersonally affected friend
Kathy McNeilselfSelf
Kaycie N OakleySelfSelf
Kelly FrazierSelfPersonally affected family
Kelsey BroderickSelfSelf
Kenneth geikenPersonally effected family memberPersonally effected family member
Kevin AdamsPersonalPerson
Kim MillerNoneSelf
Koren Dawn BuchenSelfSelf
Kristian Nuzzo DemitoSelfPersonally Affected Family
LaNae HuangSelfFriend of family personally affected
Laura BroderickSelfRelative of Personally Affected Family
Laura LambertSelf-EmployedSelf-Employed
Laura LayneMyselfMyself
Lauren HughesSelfPersonally affectedf family
Lenny's GeikenPersonally effected family memberPersonally effected family member
Linda SchellenbergSelfSelf
Linda stanleynoneself
Linda WolfeSelfAwake Illinois
Lindsey HammondRestore Justice IllinoisRestore Justice Illinois
Lisa PetersonSelfFamily Justice Resource Center
Lori G LevinLori G Levin, Attorney at LawSelf
LuAnne Patnoselfself
Madison ShawSelfSelf
Maeve bordersSelfSelf
Maeve bordersSelfSelf
Maizy PeerSelfSelf
Maria EnglishSelfSelf (Friend of an affected family)
Maria Gross PollockEhlers-Danlos Syndrome Chicago Support & AwarenessEhlers-Danlos-Syndrome patients, EDS is one of many medical conditions that can mimic child abuse.
Maria PetersonFitCore, Inc.Self
Maria SchreiberSelfSelf
Marian Stevensselffriend of personally affected family
Marian WolinSelfFamily affected personally
Marie J TaraskaAttorney At LawMarie Taraska
Mariesa BrewsterSelfPersonally Affected Family
Mario KochanskiSelfPersonally affected family
Marion DickensSelfSelf
Marshan AllenIllinois Prison ProjectOrganization
Mary BroderickSelfSelf
Mary F BroderickSelfSelf
Mary F BroderickSelfSelf
Matt SmithCabrini Green Legal AidCabrini Green Legal Aid
Matthew WieckowskiSelfPersonally Affected Friend
Matthew WolinSelfPersonally Affected Family
Maura O'GradySelfSelf
Maureen ChiavolaSelfPersonally affected family
Maureen KeaneShe Votes IllinoisShe Votes Illinois
Maya SimkinNASelf
Megan WilliamsNoneNone
Mehki JohnsSelfPersonally affected family member
Melissa Laurie StaasLegal Aid ChicagoLegal Aid Chicago
Melissa MillingerCommunity member and advocateSupporter of all families affected
Micah WeidnerSelfSelf
Michael BramerOffice of the Cook County Public DefenderOffice of the Cook County Public Defender
Michael RameyParental Rights FoundationParental Rights Foundation
Michael ReedSelfFreind relative of personally affected family
Michael SloanSelfPersonally affected family
Michaela TorrezSelfSelf
Michele GreenCasa00
Michelle WeidnerFamily Justice Resource CenterFamily Justice Resource Center
Miriam WaltonCook County Office of the Public DefenderCook County Office of the Public Defender
Morgan bordersSelfSelf
Myra DuranSelfIf When How Lawyering for Reproductive Justice
Nancy StevensonSelfRelative of personally affected family
NEIL WOLINselfpersonally affected family
Nishant DittakaviOffice of the President- Cook County GovernmentCook County government
Nora Collins-MandevilleAmerican Civil Liberties Union of IllinoisACLU of Illinois
Noreen ByrneSelfNone
Paige parentSelfSelf
Pam J JohnsonSelfSelf
Parick Kellyselfself
Patrice JamesIllinois Black Advocacy InitiativeIllinois Black Advocacy Initiative
Patrice SteurerSelfSelf
Patricia AdamsSelfSelf
Patricia GrahamSelfSelf
Patricia KruegerSelfSelf
Patricia KruegerSelfSelf
Patricia MartinkusDoes not applyPersonally Affected Family
Patricia NeumannSelfSelf
pattie tackettnaself
Patty McDermottSelfSelf
Patty MillerSelfSelf
Philip MartinkusSelfRelative of Personally Affected Family
Phyllis RubinNoneSelf
Phyllis WeinerSt. George's University School of Medicineself
Piper BroderickSelfSelf
Rachel BecknellConstituentSelf
Rachel HarrisSelfSelf
Rana TysonSelfSelf
Rebecca Cookfamily forwardFamily Forward Illinois
Renee SchlenhardtSelfMy family
Rev Allison FarnumUnitarian Universalist Prison Ministry of IllinoisUnitarian Universalist Prison Ministry of Illinois
Robert WolfeSelfAwake Illinois
Robyn MurovSelfParent
Rory McHaleLaw Office of the Cook County Public DefenderLaw Office of the Cook County Public Defender
Rosalie ShawSelfSelf
Ryan BroderickSelfSelf
Sabra BruckerSelfSelf
Sam TuttleDanu Center For Strategic AdvocacyLegal Action Chicago
Samantha KingSelfFamily member of personally affected family
Samuel BirknerSelfSelf
Sara BlockAscend JusticeAscend Justice
Scott MainJuvenile Defender Resource Centerself only
Scott WilliamsSelfSelf
Sean P BroderickSelfSelf
Shakuntala S TeasSHAKU S. TEAS.M.D.Self
Shannon AhernStudentSelf
Shannon WilliamsSelfPersonally
Shari BoydSelfPersonally affected family.
Shari Kellyselfself
Sheri DareIllinois Family Forward and MyselfFamily Forward Project and Myself
Sherry SteeleSelfFamily of personally affected family
Sheyanne CunneenSelfSelf
Skye AllenOffice of the State Appellate Defenderself
Sloan WolfSelfSelf
Sofia WeberSelfSelf
Sonia moriartySelfFriend
Star AugustHolistic Birth CollectiveHolistic Birth Collective
Stephanie BroderickSelfPersonally affected family
Stephanie kearnsNaNa
Stephanie PriceSelfNa
Steven C GabaeffHealth Care Information Systems, A Professional Medical CorporationSelf
Susan Bramlet LavinIllinois National Organization for WomenIllinois NOW
Susan JaffeeKnit Nirvana llcBusiness owner
Susan LuttnerSelfSelf
Susan ThanepohnSelfSelff
Susan WestonSelfSelf
Sydney WilliamsSelfSelf
Teri Gidwitzselfself
Tiffany CashselfFriend of Personally Affected Family
Tim BroderickSelfSelf
Tim MillerSelfSelf
Timothy JacksonAIDS Foundation ChicagoAIDS Foundation Chicago
Tina VonderheideFamily forwardFamily Forward
Tom BroderickSelfSelf
Tony LawlorPOWR-ILSelf
Tracy RitterSelfSelf
Tyler WolinSelfPersonally Affected Family
Valerie P KaniarzSelfFriend of personally affected family
Wanda AldersonSelfSelf
Ying HiltonSelfPersonally Affected Family
Zachary HoltzSelfSelf