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Witness Slips For HB5593  98th General Assembly

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Legislation: HB5593
Proponents: 107Opponents: 0No Position: 1
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Executive (S) 5/14/2014 2:00 PM
Alexandra GoodsonPlainfield Park District ResidentSelf
Angela AlwoodCitizenCitizen
Arnold OzboltSelfSelf
Barbara RoccoPrivate citizenself
Beverly WebbPrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen
Brandon Edwardsprivate citizenprivate citizen
Brenda MorsePrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen (Park Truth)
brent hassertbrent hassert consultingbrent hassert
Brooke WitkowskiResidentResident
Cara EdwardsCUSD 66Cara Edwards
Carol Alwoodcitizencitizen
Cheryl BassoprivatePrivate citizen
David Husarikprivate citizenmyself
Dawn PiperExceptional Painting and Decorating, Inc.Citizens of Plainfield, IL
Debbie MaySelfSelf
Debra BostjancicPrivate citizenPrivate citizen
Dennis Ryan JrCitizenCitizen
Ernest KnightPlainfield TownshipSelf
george jonesplainfield park district residentself
George Mulliganprivate citizenno representation
Heath WrightPlainfield Twp Park District residentPPD resident
Heather DrakeResidentResident
Heather Loizzoprivate citizenprivate citizen
Howard BruskinPrivate citizenSelf
Ingrid Warrenpark district resident, citizenself
James AlwoodCitizenCitizen
James LessNoneNone
James NaughtonIndividualIndividual
james racichresident of plainfield park districtself
Jay Andersonplainfield park district citizenplainfield park district citizen
Jeff HolmesnoneSelf Resident
Jenny HambyPlainfield Twp Park District residentprivate citizen
Joanne Husarikprivate citizenmyself
Joe BostjancicPrivate citizenPrivate Citizen
John RoccoPrivate citizenself
Julie MilavecTaxpayerHousehold in district
Justin DossCitizenCitizen
Karen C Ettersresidentself
Kathleen Foleyplainfield park district citizenPark District citizen
kathleen pollinsIllinois Residentself
Kathy AyresSelfSelf
Ken BarvianPrivatePrivate Citizen
Kevin ScherryPrivate citizenPrivate citizen
Larry Newtonprivate citizenprivate citizen, resident of Plainfield Township Park District
laura olsenprivate residentself
Lee A GoodsonNoneself
Leif R HendricksenResidentPlainfield Township residents
Linda OzboltSelfSelf
Lisa Shannonnoneprivate citizen
Lorna Spinkprivate citizenSelf
Marge NaughtonPrivate CitizenSelf
Margie BonuchiPrivate Citizen in Plainfield, ILCitizens
Marianne RyanIllinoismyself
Mark Batinickprivate citizenprivate citizen
Mark PolitoSelfSelf
Mary Kay LudemannResidentResident
Matthew StarrNonePrivate Citizen
Melissa Edwardsprivate citizenprivate citizen
Michael E KellyPark District ResidentMyself
Michael LudemannResidentResident
Michael WebbPrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen
Michelle KellyPlainfield Park District residentResident
Nancy KellyPlainfield Park Distict ResidentPlainfield Park District Residence
Nancy Politononenone
Patrick R CagneyCitizenCitizen
Pete GrubenResidentResident
Phyllis Mulliganprivate citizenno representation
Renae MorrisonResident of IllinoisMyself
Rob AyresSelfSelf
Susan Carlmanprivate citizenresidents of the Plainfield Township Park District
Susan Grayprivate citizenself
Terry CagneyResidentCitizen
Theresa SpanglerResidentResident
Thomas BassonaResident
Thomas Tatecitizencitizen
Thomas Tatecitizennone
Thomas Tatecitizennone
Thomas Tatecitizennone
Thomas WebbPrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen
Tisha ThompsonnoneSelf
Todd MorsePrivate CitizenPrivate Citizen (Park Truth)
Tom BreierNational SeedResident
Tom Tatecitizencitizen
Veronica CagneyResidentResident
Vicki KnightResidentPrivate Citizen of Plainfield
Victoria PolitoCitizenSelf and family
Virginia WebbPrivate citizenPrivate citizen
Vivian C Wrightprivate citizenprivate citizen
Wayne PiperExceptional Painting and Decorating, Inc.Citizens of Plainfield, IL
Wes EdwardsMontefuscoWes Edwards
Hearing Date and Time: Cities & Villages (H) 3/25/2014 4:00 PM
Darcy GillSelfSelf
Debra BostjancicNonePrivate Citizen
Heath Wrightnone
joanne husariknonemyself
Joe BostjancicNonePrivate Citizen
Kathy Ayresnoneself
Lee A GoodsonNoneself
Mark PolitoHomeSelf
Michael E KellyNoneResident
Michelle KellySelf
Rob AyresSelfNone
Susan Carlmannoneprivate citizen
Tom BreierNational SeedSales
Vicky PolitoNoneNone