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Illinois General Assembly

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Senator Pamela J. Althoff (R), 32nd District
102nd General Assembly
Committee Code Chairman Members
Appropriations I SAPA Donne E. Trotter (D)Members
Appropriations II SAPB John M. Sullivan (D)Members
Committee of the Whole SCWL Members
Deficit Reduction SCDR Matt Murphy (R),
Donne E. Trotter (D)
Higher Education SCHE Edward D. Maloney (D)Members
Labor SLAB Gary Forby (D)Members
Licensed Activities SLIC Iris Y. Martinez (D)Members
Local Government SLGV David Koehler (D)Members
Special Comm. on Medicaid Reform SCMR Dale A. Righter (R),
Heather Steans (D)
Subcomm.Adv.PracticeNurse's LicenseSLIC-SPNL Iris Y. Martinez (D)Members
Subcommittee on Procedures SLGV-SLGP Toi W. Hutchinson (D)Members
Subcommittee on Special Issues SLIC-SLSI Iris Y. Martinez (D)Members