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Senator Deanna Demuzio (D), 49th District
102nd General Assembly
Committee Code Chairman Members
Agriculture and Conservation SAGR Michael W. Frerichs (D)Members
Committee of the Whole SCWL Members
Education SESE James T. Meeks (D)Members
Human Services SHHS Mattie Hunter (D)Members
Redistricting SRED Kwame Raoul (D)Members
State Government & Veterans AffairsSGOA Deanna Demuzio (D)Members
Subcomm.Medicaid &Provider Rate RefSHHS-SMPR Deanna Demuzio (D)Members
Subcommittee on Animal Welfare SAGR-SAAW Michael W. Frerichs (D)Members
Subcommittee on Coal Mining SAGR-SACM Michael W. Frerichs (D)Members