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Senate Committee Written Testimony
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Commerce and Economic Development, Executive and Financial Institutions

2020/10/15 10:00 AM
Associated Bank - Community Commitment Plan 2018-2020
Associated Bank - written testimony for IL Senate Financial Institutions Committee hearing on Racial Equity in Lending and Homeownership 101520
Fifth Third Bank Statement for the record IL Senate 10 15 20
Sen. Collins' Written Testimony Updated 10-14.docx
Wells Fargo Letter -- Illinois Senate Hearing on Racial Equity in Lending and Homeownership

Commerce and Economic Development, Executive, Financial Institutions, and Local Government

2020/10/01 03:00 PM

Criminal Law and Special Committee on Public Safety

2020/10/20 01:00 PM
10-20-2020 Senate Criminal SMH_INPJ and CEMB Testimony_Proponent
Abolishing Monetary Bail - Proponent - Cook County Sheriff's Office
Arc of IL Policing Statement
Bail Reform No Position Holly Lemons IACC
Pretrial Commission Final Report
TASC_Alts to Police Response & Co-Responder Models_Deflection

2020/10/13 01:00 PM
Committee on Diversion Reentry Testimony 10-13-2020
End Prison Gerrymandering Support Testimony CHANGE Illinois 10.13.20
JHA Testimony to IL Senate Criminal Law Committee 10-13-20
Subj Matter Hearing on Prison Reform Proponent Elizabeth Clark
TASC_Testimony on Diversion & Reentry_101320

2020/10/06 01:00 PM
Violence Reduction & Victim Services Hearing Exhibit from Chicago Cred
Violence Reduction & Victim Services Hearing Exhibit from the Alliance for Safety and Justice

2020/09/29 01:00 PM
9-29-29-20 - subject matter hearing – Public Safety and Criminal Law Committees - Economic driver’s license suspensions - No Position -Thomas Grippando
Senate Crim Hearing Testimony CJC 9_29_20_ Chicago Jobs Council
September 29 reduce simple drug use to a civil violation Chicago Urban League
Subj Matter Hearing on Violence Reduction and Sentencing Reform Proponent Elizabeth Clark
Subject matter on drug penalties No position Ben Ruddell ACLU of Illinois
Subject Matter On; Violence Reduction & Sentencing Reform - No Position - Brian Costin - Americans for Prosperity

2020/09/15 01:00 PM
JHA Testimony to IL Senate Criminal Law Community 9-15-20 (1)
SB 2054 Supporter Kristen Serrano
Subj Matter Hearing on Sentencing Reform Proponent Elizabeth Clark
Subject matter on Sentencing No Position Ben Ruddell ACLU of Illinois
WCRJ Written Testimony - Subject Matter Hearing on Sentencing Reform 9_15_20 - Louisa Manske

2020/09/01 12:00 PM
Arc of Illinois Statement on Police Training and Use of Force 9-1-20
IML Written Testimony - Police Reform Subject Matter Hearing - September 1, 2020
Subject Matter On Police Training Use of Force No Position Karen Sheley ACLU of Illinois
Written Testimony for Criminal Law and Special Committee on Public Safety_ Opponent_ Joi Imobhio (1)

Education and Higher Education

2020/10/21 12:00 PM
SIU Pres Dan Mahony Written Testimony for Sen Higher Education_10-21-20
Western Governors University Illinois Senate Education and Higher Education Joint Committee Hearing Written Testimony 10 21 2020

2020/10/14 12:00 PM
IASSW Subject Matter Statement on Student Mental Health

2020/09/16 12:00 PM
Early Childhood Education Funding and Access to Early Literacy Jordan Wildermuth
Elevate Energy Testimony, Senate Education-Higher Education Committee Hearing_09.16.20-final
Written Testimony

Human Services and Public Health

2020/10/19 09:30 AM
2020-October 19-Human Services Committee Testimony
Subject Matter on Access to Healthcare Jordan Wildermuth

2020/10/09 02:00 PM
SDH subject matter neutral D. Behrens for IL Chap Am Acad of Peds 10.9.20


2020/08/27 10:00 AM
Transparency and Equity at the Illinois Department of Transportation in regard to Annual Multi-Year Programs (MYP)

2020/08/13 10:00 AM
Senate Transportation Dan Johnson tollway hearing on data collection to assist local governments in disparity study