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Senator Jil Tracy (R), 47th District
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB74Jil TracyCIV PRO-TESTIMONY RELIABILITYSTo Judiciary- Torts3/3/2021
SB75Jil TracyCIV PRO-VENUE CORPORATIONSSTo Judiciary- Torts3/3/2021
SB76Jil TracyCIV PRO-CLASS ACTIONSSTo Judiciary- Torts3/3/2021
SB77Jil TracyCIV PRO-PRODUCT LIABILITYSTo Judiciary- Torts3/3/2021
SB78Jil TracyFULL FAIR NONECONOMIC DAMAGESTo Judiciary- Torts3/3/2021
SB79Jil TracyTRANSPARENCY LAWSUITS PROTECTSTo Judiciary- Torts3/3/2021
SB80Jil TracyPROBATE ACT-ADULT GUARDIANSHIPSAssigned to Judiciary2/9/2021
SB90Jil TracyTAX COMPLIANCE FUND-TRANSFERSAssigned to Revenue2/9/2021
SB91Jil TracyVETERANS HOME ADMISSIONSSReferred to Assignments2/3/2021
SB92Jil TracyUNIV OF IL-VETERAN SCHOLARSHIPSTo Appropriations- Higher Education3/3/2021
SB93Jil TracyHORSE RACING-STALLIONSSAssigned to Executive2/24/2021
SB94Jil TracyEPA-COMPOSTING FACILITYSReferred to Assignments2/3/2021
SB549Jil TracyETHICS-REVOLVING DOORSReferred to Assignments2/23/2021
SB550Jil TracyETHICS-GA LOBBYINGSReferred to Assignments2/23/2021
SB551Jil TracyLIG-QUARTERLY REPORTSSReferred to Assignments2/23/2021
SB552Jil TracyCRIM CD-AGG ASSAULT&BATTERYSAssigned to Criminal Law3/3/2021
SB553Jil TracyTHEFT&EXPLOIT-ELDERLY&DISABLEDSAssigned to Criminal Law3/3/2021
SB554Jil TracyCRIM CD-UUW-FELON-VEHICLESReferred to Assignments2/23/2021
SB1813Jil TracyREVENUE-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB1944Jil TracyJUV CT-VEH&AGG VEH HIJACKINGSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2154Jil TracyPROP TX-ATTACHED PROPERTYSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2155Jil TracyVEH CD-LICENSE EXAM AGESReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2156Jil TracyELEC CD-VOTE BY MAIL TRACKERSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2157Jil TracyREVENUE-SCHOOL DISTRICTSSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2158Jil TracyINSURANCE/PORT-WINE STAINSSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2159Jil TracyEVICT-EXEC ORDER-DISASTER AREASReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2160Jil TracyEMERGENCY ESSENTIAL CAREGIVERSSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SB2259Jil TracyINC TX-RECYCLING PROGRAMSSReferred to Assignments2/26/2021
SR28Jil Tracy#BELIKEGRACE DAYSReferred to Assignments2/3/2021
SJR9Jil TracyLT. COL. JOHN STEIN MEM HWYSReferred to Assignments2/17/2021
SJR10Jil TracyLANDON EQUESTRIAN CAMPSReferred to Assignments2/17/2021
SJR11Jil Tracy529 COLLEGE SAVINGS DAYSReferred to Assignments2/17/2021