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Senator Donald P. DeWitte (R), 33rd District
Donald P. DeWitte is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB42Donald P. DeWitteCANNABIS-SALES-UNINCORPORATEDSTo Executive- Cannabis3/10/2021
SB48Donald P. DeWitteEPA-WATER MAINSAssigned to Environment and Conservation4/7/2021
SB59Thomas CullertonDFPR-WAIVE ACTIVE MILITARY FEESPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 10, 20213/9/2021
SB73Donald P. DeWittePEN CD-MWRD-DISABILITY BENEFITSPostponed - Pensions3/3/2021
SB89Donald P. DeWitteCANNABIS-DISPENSING LICENSESSTo Executive- Cannabis3/10/2021
SB103Dan McConchieIEMA-DISASTER DECLARATIONSTo Executive- Government Operations3/10/2021
SB138Donald P. DeWitteVEH CD-ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATIONSAssigned to Executive2/24/2021
SB177Linda HolmesPRIOR AUTHORIZATION REFORM ACTSReferred to Assignments2/9/2021
SB273Donald P. DeWittePUBLIC FUNDS-AUTHORIZED INVESTSPostponed - Local Government3/16/2021
SB330Sara FeigenholtzREVENUE-AFFORDABLE HOUSINGSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 25, 20213/24/2021
SB364Donald P. DeWitteTRANSPORTATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/19/2021
SB365Donald P. DeWitteTRANSPORTATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/19/2021
SB366Donald P. DeWitteTRANSPORTATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/19/2021
SB367Donald P. DeWitteTRANSPORTATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/19/2021
SB368Donald P. DeWitteTRANSPORTATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/19/2021
SB501Donald P. DeWitteTWP CD-SAME TOWNSHIP NAMESSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 23, 20213/17/2021
SB502Donald P. DeWitteTWP-EMPLOYEE&OFFICER INSURANCESReferred to Assignments2/23/2021
SB503Donald P. DeWitteUSE/OCC-MOTOR FUEL-LOCAL GOVSTo Appropriations- Revenue and Finance3/3/2021
SB504Donald P. DeWitteFIREARMS-REVOCATION NOTICESAssigned to Criminal Law4/7/2021
SB508Donald P. DeWittePROP TX-PTELLSAssigned to Revenue4/7/2021
SB509Donald P. DeWitteINC TX-LGDFSTo Revenue- Special Issues3/19/2021
SB510Donald P. DeWittePROP TX-TAXING DISTRICT LEASESAssigned to Revenue4/7/2021
SB511Donald P. DeWitteINC TX-R AND D CREDITSTo Credits, Deductions, and Exemptions3/19/2021
SB516Karina VillaPRESCRIPTION DRUG REPOSITORYSAssigned to Health4/7/2021
SB594Donald P. DeWitteTRANSPORTATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/24/2021
SB633Laura M. MurphySCH CD-SEXUAL ASSAULT-REPORTSPostponed - Education3/24/2021
SB1325Jason A. BarickmanELECTIONS-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 13, 20213/25/2021
SB1430Donald P. DeWittePUBLIC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 13, 20213/25/2021
SB1610Bill CunninghamHIGHR ED-SEXUAL VIOLENCE-SURVYSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 17, 20213/16/2021
SB1615Dale FowlerDCEO-COVID RELIEF PROGRAMSTo Appropriations- Business Regulations and Labor3/9/2021
SB1647Donald P. DeWitteBIG BOX PROPERTY-DISPOSITIONSAssigned to Executive4/7/2021
SB1764Christopher BeltAIRPORT PROJECTS-FUNDINGSPostponed - Transportation3/24/2021
SB1815Donald P. DeWitteCIV PRO-AFFIDAVIT OF MERITSTo Judiciary- Torts3/16/2021
SB1867Jason A. BarickmanLAND USE-RAIN&COMPOST SYSTEMSSPostponed - Judiciary3/24/2021
SB1892John F. CurranCD CORR-CHILD PORNOGRAPHYSTo Criminal Law- Clear Compliance3/24/2021
SB1893John F. CurranCOUNTIES CODE-NUISANCE TREESSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 25, 20213/24/2021
SB1904Julie A. MorrisonDCFS-JUV CT-ABUSE RPT&PETITIONSTo Subcommittee on Children & Family3/24/2021
SB1941Donald P. DeWitteHOMEOWNERS ENERGY POLICYSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 25, 20213/24/2021
SB1942Donald P. DeWitteCONCEAL CARRY-PUBLIC TRANSPORTSTo Executive- Firearms3/24/2021
SB1943Donald P. DeWitteCRIM CD-ID THEFT-ANOTHERSAssigned to Criminal Law4/7/2021
SB1966Adriane JohnsonMENTAL HLTH-OUT-OF-STATE CARESPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 25, 20213/24/2021
SB2041Donald P. DeWitteWORK COMP IMPAIRMENT STANDARDSTo Executive- Cannabis3/24/2021
SB2137Jacqueline Y. CollinsNURSING HOMES-SOCIAL ISOLATIONSReported Back To Health; 005-000-0004/6/2021
SB2153Sue RezinREVENUE-NURSE EDUCATORSSReported Back To Health; 005-000-0004/6/2021
SB2251Sue RezinDEPT VET AFF-OUTBREAK VISITSSTo Executive- Government Operations3/24/2021
SB2268Donald P. DeWitteMIN WAGE DELAY IMPLEMENTATIONSAssigned to Executive4/7/2021
SB2357Donald P. DeWitteSCH CD-EDUCATOR MISCONDUCTSAssigned to Education4/7/2021
SB2525Donald P. DeWittePEN CD-GARS & JRS-MEMBERSHIPSAssigned to Pensions3/23/2021
SB2526Donald P. DeWittePENCD-STATE SYS-DC PLANSAssigned to Pensions3/23/2021
SB2531Win StollerINC TX-APPORTIONMENTSAssigned to Revenue3/23/2021
SJRCA1Dan McConchieCON AMEND-CITIZEN INITIATIVESReferred to Assignments1/29/2021
SJRCA2Dan McConchieCON AMEND-REF ON LEGISLATIONSReferred to Assignments1/29/2021
SJRCA3Dan McConchieCONAMEND-RECALL OFFICIALSSReferred to Assignments1/29/2021