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Bills Assigned To Local Government
103rd General Assembly
MembersNotice of HearingBills 
Bill # Sponsor ABR - Short Description Last Action Date
SB1304Laura M. MurphyMUNI CD-TIF SURPLUS FUNDSRe-assigned to Local Government1/10/2024
SB1938Donald P. DeWitteEPA-WATER MAIN INSTALLATIONPostponed - Local Government2/8/2024
SB2622Doris TurnerMUNI CD-EMPLOYEE RESIDENCYPostponed - Local Government2/8/2024
SB2778Linda HolmesSHERIFF DEPT-VETERAN EXAMPostponed - Local Government2/8/2024
SB2787Mary Edly-AllenLIBRARIES-BIDDING THRESHOLDPostponed - Local Government2/8/2024
SB2850Dale FowlerRIVER CONSERVANCY-BOARD COMPAssigned to Local Government2/6/2024
SB2879Michael W. HalpinFIRE DIST-COMPETITIVE BIDDINGAssigned to Local Government2/6/2024
SB2938Laura FineMOSQUITO ABATE DIST-POWERSAssigned to Local Government2/6/2024
SB3097Laura M. MurphyELK GROVE FIRE PROTECTION DISTAssigned to Local Government2/14/2024
SB3163Mary Edly-AllenFIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT-FUNDSAssigned to Local Government2/14/2024
SB3244Sue RezinPARK DISTRICT CODE-PLAYGROUNDSAssigned to Local Government2/14/2024
SB3352Laura EllmanMUNI ZONING-HAZARDOUS MATERIALAssigned to Local Government2/20/2024
SB3402Chapin RoseCOUNTIES CD/FPD ACT-AMBULANCESAssigned to Local Government2/20/2024
SB3418Adriane JohnsonHWY COMMISSIONER/CLERK-ELECTAssigned to Local Government2/20/2024
SB3429Bill CunninghamSANITARY DIST-DISCONNECTIONAssigned to Local Government2/20/2024
SB3538Michael E. HastingsLOC FIRST RESPONDER INSURANCEAssigned to Local Government2/20/2024
SB3563Erica HarrissLIBRARY-BOND PERCENTAGEAssigned to Local Government2/20/2024
SB3597Rachel VenturaCOUNTIES CD-BORROWING MONEYAssigned to Local Government2/20/2024