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102nd General Assembly
Hearing Notice For Judiciary
Pursuant to Senate Rule 3-1(f), this hearing will include remote participation. Committee members and individuals who have requested oral testimony may participate in Room 409 or virtually via Zoom. Individuals who wish to provide testimony, submit electronic testimony or submit electronic witness slips may do so via the General Assembly website prior to the hearing. The hearing be broadcast live on the General Assembly website from Virtual Room 3.

MembersNotice of HearingBills
Hearing Scheduled for Apr 13, 2021

Chair Rachelle Crowe
Vice-Chair John Connor
Minority Spokesperson Jil Tracy
Scheduled Date:Apr 13, 2021 3:30PM
Location:Virtual Room 3
Springfield, IL
Posting Date:Apr 07, 2021 4:59PM
Subject Matter:
Secretary of the Senate:Tim Anderson

Bill #SponsorABR - Short DescriptionLast Action
SB47Jason A. BarickmanPROPERTY TRANSFER ON DEATHAssigned to Judiciary
SB114Sara FeigenholtzCONDOMINIUMS-SALE OF PROPERTYTo Judiciary- Property Law
SB215Adriane JohnsonDEED RESTRICTIONS-SOLAR PANELSPostponed - Judiciary
SB227Ann GillespieCONSUMER FRAUD-TAX COLLECTIONPostponed - Judiciary
SB255Michael E. HastingsFORECLOSURE-SALE CONFIRMATIONAssigned to Judiciary
SB257Michael E. HastingsIMDMA-COUNSELINGAssigned to Judiciary
SB258Michael E. HastingsIMDMA-HEALTH INSURANCEAssigned to Judiciary
SB259Michael E. HastingsIMDMA-CHILDREN-RELOCATIONAssigned to Judiciary
SB338Rachelle CroweRUUPA-VARIOUSPostponed - Judiciary
SB636Laura M. MurphyCONDOS-BYLAWSTo Judiciary- Property Law
SB1538Antonio MuñozCERTIFIED SHORTHAND REPORTERSPostponed - Judiciary
SB1576Robert F. MartwickADULT GUARDIAN-MEDICAL REPORTAssigned to Judiciary
SB1695Scott M. BennettCCR SURFACE IMPOUNDMENTAssigned to Judiciary
SB1795Robert F. MartwickLLC ACT-FIDUCIARY DUTIESTo Judiciary- Business Entities
SB1839Mattie HunterMODULAR DWELLING-CODESAssigned to Judiciary
SB2110Karina VillaCHILD SUPPORT-ACTIONS-REMEDIESAssigned to Judiciary
SB2176Elgie R. Sims, Jr.UNIFORM ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONAssigned to Judiciary
SB2179Elgie R. Sims, Jr.PERSONAL ACTIONS-ATTORNEYSAssigned to Judiciary
SB2194Elgie R. Sims, Jr.JUVENILE CT-PERMANENCY GOALAssigned to Judiciary
SB2235Laura M. MurphyTOLL HWY-PERSONAL INFORMATIONAssigned to Judiciary
SB2312Sara FeigenholtzCONSUMER FRAUD-KICKBACKSAssigned to Judiciary
SB2347Michael E. HastingsWAGE PAYMT ACT EXCLUDE REALTORAssigned to Judiciary
SB2494Ram VillivalamMECHANICS LIEN-COMPLETION TIMEAssigned to Judiciary
SB2496Ram VillivalamCOLLATERAL RECOVERY-VARIOUSAssigned to Judiciary
SB2520Chapin RoseCNTY-STATE'S ATTORNEY CONFLICTAssigned to Judiciary
SB2522Chapin RoseQUICK-TAKE:MOULTRIE COUNTYAssigned to Judiciary