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Printed Materials

Among the services rendered are the designing and printing of stationery, envelopes, business cards, memo pads, postal cards, news release headings, newsletters and informational brochures. The Legislative Printing Unit has the capability of accepting work from either a Macintosh or PC desktop computer. If a member needs a product tailored to his/her specific needs, we shall welcome the opportunity to work with him or her on an individual format.

There is no charge for labor done in the Unit but the member is required to furnish the paper, which will be promptly ordered.

LPU uses soybean inks, manufactured in Illinois. LPU also uses 50% recycled content paper whenever possible, of various colors and weights for the requests of the members and Legislative Commissions.

Foil Stamping

We are now able to provide foil stamping of business cards, envelopes, letterheads, covers and other items. This is considered specialty printing and requires the customer to purchase any dies that are not State seals. This printing also takes longer to produce. When ordering please consider the length of time to produce by allowing ample time prior to your needed delivery date.

Fonts & Inks

The Legislative Printing Unit has over 100 macintosh and PC fonts that can be provided. If you have a font that you are using please submit it with your order.

Please refer and use the following inks when requesting ink colors on your LPU Printing Request form:
Black, Pantone Reflex Blue, Pantone 464 (brown), Pantone 221 (bordo) Pantone 289 (navy blue), Pantone 185 (red), Pantone 308 (teal), Pantone 349 (dark green), Pantone 347 (green), Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow. Or click here to view inks.