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Full Text of HR0074  93rd General Assembly

HR0074 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 10840 HSS 11309 r

 1                          HOUSE RESOLUTION

 2        WHEREAS, E. Ronald Culp has  served  Sears,  Roebuck  and
 3    Co.,  a  Fortune 50 company headquartered in our great State,
 4    for 10  years  in  positions  of  increasing  responsibility,
 5    including  as  Senior  Vice  President,  Public Relations and
 6    Government Affairs, defining the company's unique position in
 7    American business; and

 8        WHEREAS, E. Ronald Culp also  served  Chicago-based  Sara
 9    Lee  Corporation  for  eight  years,  playing  a  key role in
10    developing and guiding the successful  strategy  to  position
11    the  corporation  as  a leader in the art of philanthropy and
12    science of reputation management; and

13        WHEREAS, His corporate communications philosophy, founded
14    on the principles of integrity, bold thinking, organizational
15    alignment, and consistency  of  commitment,  transformed  the
16    vision and direction of the profession; and

17        WHEREAS,  His  core beliefs are in the value and power of
18    people, nurturing  working  environments  through  continuous
19    professional   development,   creating   an   atmosphere   of
20    inclusion, and extending the concept of mentoring through the
21    public relations community; and

22        WHEREAS,  His  commitment  to  corporate  citizenship  as
23    embodied  by  his  capacity-building service in the governing
24    boards of a  broad  range  of  civic  organizations  and  the
25    creation  of  the  Sears  American Dream Campaign, provided a
26    fitting continuation of Sears legacy; and

27        WHEREAS,  E.  Ronald  Culp  also  exhibited   honor   and
28    distinction serving Illinois businesses and consumers as Vice
29    Chairman   of  the  Illinois  Retail  Merchants  Association;
30    therefore, be it

                            -2-      LRB093 10840 HSS 11309 r
 2    we gratefully  acknowledge  the  extraordinary  and  selfless
 3    contribution  E.  Ronald Culp has made on behalf of the State
 4    and  residents  thereof,  and  that   we   express   profound
 5    admiration  and  respect  for  him,  not  only as a corporate
 6    communications leader, but also  as  an  individual  who,  in
 7    every  aspect of his life has manifested courage, compassion,
 8    and adherence to the highest ethical  standards;  and  be  it
 9    further

10        RESOLVED,  That  a  suitable  copy  of this resolution be
11    presented to E. Ronald Culp with our best wishes for  he  and
12    his  wife, Sandra, for good health and great success in their
13    future endeavors.