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Full Text of HB4212  94th General Assembly



State of Illinois
2005 and 2006


Introduced 12/1/2005, by Rep. Michael Tryon - Mark H. Beaubien, Jr.


510 ILCS 5/2   from Ch. 8, par. 352
510 ILCS 5/2.20 new
510 ILCS 5/24   from Ch. 8, par. 374

    Amends the Animal Control Act. Authorizes municipalities and other political subdivisions to ban specified dog breeds and to regulate dogs by breed. Effective immediately.

LRB094 15514 JAM 50713 b





HB4212 LRB094 15514 JAM 50713 b

1     AN ACT concerning animals.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 5. The Animal Control Act is amended by changing
5 Sections 2 and 24 and by adding Section 2.20 as follows:
6     (510 ILCS 5/2)  (from Ch. 8, par. 352)
7     Sec. 2. Definitions. As used in this Act, unless the
8 context otherwise requires, the terms specified in the
9 following Sections 2.01 through 2.19 have the meanings ascribed
10 to them in those Sections.
11 (Source: P.A. 78-795.)
12     (510 ILCS 5/2.20 new)
13     Sec. 2.20. Scheduled dog breed. "Scheduled dog breed" means
14 American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, pit
15 bull, pit bull terrier, rottweiler, and Staffordshire Terrier.
16     (510 ILCS 5/24)  (from Ch. 8, par. 374)
17     Sec. 24. Nothing in this Act shall be held to limit in any
18 manner the power of any municipality or other political
19 subdivision to prohibit animals from running at large, nor
20 shall anything in this Act be construed to, in any manner,
21 limit the power of any municipality or other political
22 subdivision to further control and regulate dogs, cats or other
23 animals in such municipality or other political subdivision.
24 With respect to dogs, regulations and ordinances (i) may ban
25 one or more scheduled dog breeds and (ii) may be provided that
26 no regulation or ordinance is specific to breed.
27 (Source: P.A. 93-548, eff. 8-19-03.)
28     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
29 becoming law.