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Full Text of SR0190  94th General Assembly



SR0190 LRB094 12350 CSA 46396 r


2     WHEREAS, On May 12, 1905, Governor Charles S. Deneen signed
3 legislation authorizing the creation of the Illinois State
4 Geological Survey to study, inventory, and report on the
5 geology and mineral resources of the State; and
6     WHEREAS, On May 12, 2005, the Illinois State Geological
7 Survey is beginning a year-long celebration of its one hundred
8 years of service to the people of Illinois; and
9     WHEREAS, During the past one hundred years, the Illinois
10 State Geological Survey has published thousands of geological
11 maps and scientific articles, reports, and educational
12 materials that have established the agency's reputation as one
13 of the premier geological research and scientific service
14 institutions in North America; and
15     WHEREAS, The members of the General Assembly, recognizing
16 the importance and economic value to the people of obtaining
17 reliable, unbiased information about Illinois' valuable earth
18 resources, including groundwater, coal, oil and gas, and
19 industrial minerals, and about the potential hazards that may
20 come from natural events such as earthquakes, landslides, and
21 floods, have continued to support the Illinois State Geological
22 Survey through annual appropriations throughout the past
23 century; and
24     WHEREAS, Economic studies have demonstrated that each
25 dollar invested in producing detailed geological maps by the
26 Illinois State Geological Survey and making them available to
27 the public has returned between twenty-five and thirty-nine
28 dollars to the economy of the State through reduced costs for
29 environmental cleanups, exploring for earth resources, and
30 safe-siting of waste disposal facilities, industries, and
31 critical infrastructure; and



SR0190 - 2 - LRB094 12350 CSA 46396 r

1     WHEREAS, The geologists at the Illinois State Geological
2 Survey are continuing to serve the people of Illinois by
3 creating detailed geological maps of the rapidly urbanizing
4 areas of the State where the needs are greatest, and by
5 creating three-dimensional computer models of the complexly
6 layered glacial deposits that cover all but the southernmost
7 parts of the State, to help local officials locate and protect
8 groundwater aquifers, find the best sites for industrial
9 development, properly plan necessary urban and suburban
10 growth, route highways and other modes of transportation, and
11 build other infrastructure; and
12     WHEREAS, The scientific experts at the Illinois State
13 Geological Survey are developing new technologies and studying
14 the State's geology in order to make the State of Illinois the
15 recognized leader in "cradle-to-grave" management of fossil
16 fuel resources so that our citizens and the nation may
17 ultimately enjoy the possibility of using the State's abundant
18 coal and oil and gas resources in a pollution-free manner;
19 therefore, be it
21 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we do hereby proclaim
22 May 12, 2005, Illinois State Geological Survey Day to honor the
23 beginning of that institution's Centennial Celebration and
24 urge the people of Illinois to support and participate in the
25 many public events and activities to be held during the coming
26 year in celebration of that Centennial; and be it further
27     RESOLVED, That Illinois State Senators and their staffs are
28 encouraged to meet the scientists, technicians, and
29 administrators of the agency on the first floor of the State
30 House on May 17, 2005, to learn about some of the scientific
31 projects currently being pursued by the Survey for the benefit
32 of the people and industries of Illinois; and be it further



SR0190 - 3 - LRB094 12350 CSA 46396 r

1     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2 presented to the agency for display at its headquarters
3 building in Champaign, Illinois.