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Full Text of HR0184  95th General Assembly



HR0184 LRB095 11448 KXB 32372 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives, in recognition and appreciation of the
4 outstanding police work performed by the Secretary of State
5 Capitol Police officers, congratulate and commend the
6 Secretary of State and each member of the State Capitol Police
7 Department for their hard work and dedication; and
8     WHEREAS, The State Capitol Police Department was created in
9 the wake of a very tragic incident; what was conceived was a
10 police agency that would not only secure the Capitol complex,
11 but also respond to any criminal activity that occurred within
12 and immediately around the boundaries of the complex, a mission
13 that the members of the Capitol Police Department admirably
14 strive to complete on a daily basis; in addition to securing
15 the State Capitol, the State Capitol Police officers have made
16 over 200 arrests ranging from drug charges to unlawful use and
17 possession of weapons in the first year of operations; and
18     WHEREAS, An extraordinary element of performing their
19 duties not often mentioned is for the officers to put
20 themselves in harms way to protect the State Capitol and those
21 doing business within the Capitol itself, including members of
22 the General Assembly and other elected officials; in the event
23 another tragic situation, like the one that took the life of



HR0184 - 2 - LRB095 11448 KXB 32372 r

1 security guard Bill Wozniak, should occur again, it is the
2 Capitol Police who will be putting themselves in harms way; it
3 will be the Capitol Police who will be thrust head first to
4 meet the threat, allowing others to seek safety, and it will be
5 the Capitol Police who will be called upon to stand fast
6 confronting the threat without regard to their own safety so
7 that others will not be harmed; and
8     WHEREAS, The Secretary of State initially staffed this
9 police force with certified police officers; in doing so he was
10 able to immediately construct a police agency with highly
11 trained and experienced officers; to date the Capitol Police
12 Department has a combined experience level of over 485 years;
13 and
14     WHEREAS, The Capitol Police bring with them several
15 hundreds of hours of specialized training, in areas such as
16 Field Training Officers, Juveniles Officers, Defensive Tactics
17 Instructors, Swat team members, Firearms Instructors,
18 Investigators, and Drug enforcement officers, not to mention
19 experience in related fields such as corrections,
20 firefighting, medical support, military backgrounds, and
21 administrative duties; many of the Capitol Police Officers have
22 held supervisory positions from sergeant to chiefs of police
23 and have worked closely with city councils, county boards, and
24 other governing bodies; several officers also have performed



HR0184 - 3 - LRB095 11448 KXB 32372 r

1 administrative duties from scheduling to budgeting in various
2 sized police agencies; the officers of the Capitol Police bring
3 with them a very well rounded amount of experience and
4 training, at no cost to the Secretary of State's office or the
5 people of the State of Illinois; therefore, be it
8 recognize the Capitol Police not just as a security force but
9 as a highly experienced and trained police agency, staffed with
10 intelligent and dedicated people willing to make the Capitol
11 Police a shining example of law enforcement; and be it further
12     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
13 presented to Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and to
14 each officer within the Secretary of State Capitol Police
15 Department.