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Full Text of SB0715  95th General Assembly


Rep. Sara Feigenholtz

Filed: 5/30/2007





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 715 on page 2, by
3 inserting immediately below line 7 the following:
4     "Section 5.01. Local Advisory Board. A school health center
5 shall establish and maintain a local Advisory Board whose main
6 purpose is to advise, make recommendations, and provide
7 community support and feedback prior to the center being
8 opened. The local advisory board shall include a minimum of 8
9 members representing community areas not limited to: school
10 administration, school nurse, students, the medical community,
11 the local health department, parents, clergy, youth service
12 agencies, and community leaders.
13     Section 5.02. Scope of services. A school health center
14 shall provide comprehensive primary and preventive physical,
15 mental health, and health education services for children and
16 adolescents within the context of their family social,



09500SB0715ham001 - 2 - LRB095 10971 DRJ 37301 a

1 emotional, cultural, physical, and educational environment.
2 Some services, based on local need and expertise, may be made
3 available by referral with appropriate follow up. As determined
4 by community needs, reproductive health services provided
5 directly or by referral shall be based on local Advisory Board
6 approval as provided in Section 5.01 of this Act.
7     Section 5.03. Eligibility. All students in the school under
8 the age of 18 are eligible for services if they have obtained
9 written parental consent. All students 18 years of age, or who
10 are otherwise able to give their own consent, are eligible for
11 the services.
12     Section 5.04. Consent. The school health center shall
13 provide a list of the health care services available. The form
14 shall enumerate the provided services using either a check off
15 or other means. The consent form shall state that a parent or
16 legal guardian has a right to refuse any health care
17 services.".