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Full Text of SB1432  100th General Assembly


Sen. Martin A. Sandoval

Filed: 3/10/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1432 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5Autonomous Vehicle Act.
6    Section 5. Definitions. For purposes of this Act, the
7following definitions apply:
8    "Automated driving system" means hardware and software
9that are collectively capable, without intervention or
10supervision by a human operator, of performing all aspects of
11the dynamic driving task for a vehicle, on a part-time or
12full-time basis, and any fallback maneuvers necessary to
13respond to the system's failure.
14    "Dynamic driving task" means:
15        (1) operational aspects of a driving task including,
16    but not limited to, steering, braking, acceleration, and



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1    monitoring the vehicle and roadway; and
2        (2) tactical aspects of a driving task including, but
3    not limited to, responding to events, determining when to
4    change lanes, turning, using signals, and other related
5    actions.
6"Dynamic driving task" does not include strategic aspects of a
7driving task including, but not limited to, determining
9    "Human operator" means a natural person in a vehicle with
10immediate access to controls for steering, braking, and
12    "Secretary" means the Secretary of State.
13    Section 10. Operation of automated driving system equipped
14vehicles; requirements. Subject to the provisions of this Act,
15an automated driving system equipped vehicle may drive or
16operate upon the highways of this State with the automated
17driving system engaged for testing, a transportation service,
18or any other use, regardless of whether a human operator is
19physically present in the automated driving system equipped
20vehicle. An automated driving system equipped vehicle shall be
21capable of operating in compliance with applicable traffic and
22motor vehicle laws of this State and shall comply with any
23applicable federal law.
24    Prior to initiating the testing of automated driving system
25equipped vehicles in a municipality, a person shall provide a



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1notice of intent to test to the corporate authorities of the
3    Section 15. Traffic and motor vehicle laws.
4    (a) When engaged, the automated driving system shall be
5considered the driver or operator for purposes of assessing
6conformance to applicable traffic or motor vehicle laws.
7    (b) When engaged, an automated driving system shall be
8deemed to satisfy any physical acts required of a driver or
9operator including, but not limited to those required under
10Section 6-112 of the Illinois Vehicle Code. No motor vehicle
11laws of this State shall prohibit an automated driving system
12from being the operator or driver of a motor vehicle.
13    (c) No motor vehicle laws of this State shall require a
14licensed human driver to operate a vehicle that is being
15operated by an automated driving system under this Section.
16    (d) Section 6-101 of the Illinois Vehicle Code shall not
17apply to an engaged automated driving system or to a person
18operating an automated driving system equipped vehicle with the
19automated driving system engaged.
20    (e) Automated driving system equipped vehicles shall be
21insured as required under the Illinois Vehicle Code.
22    (f) Liability for incidents involving an automated driving
23system equipped vehicle shall be determined under existing
24product liability law, common law negligence principles, or
25other federal, State, or local law. Nothing in this Act is



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1intended to affect, alter, or amend any right, obligation,
2liability, or damage apportionment mechanism under existing
3product liability law, common law negligence, or other
4applicable law, or to otherwise contravene or alter rights and
5duties under any existing law, agreement, rule, regulation, or
7    (g) An automated driving system shall be deemed to be in
8compliance with all applicable requirements under Sections
911-401, 11-402, 11-403, 11-404, and 11-407 of the Illinois
10Vehicle Code if the vehicle owner or person on behalf of the
11vehicle owner promptly contacts a law enforcement agency to
12report a crash or if the automated driving system equipped
13vehicle has the capability of alerting a law enforcement agency
14of the crash.
15    (h) The requirements under Section 12-603.1 of the Illinois
16Vehicle Code shall be the responsibility of and apply only to
17human occupants of a motor vehicle. The requirements of the
18Child Passenger Protection Act shall be the responsibility of
19and apply only to the parent or guardian of the child or, if
20the child's parent or guardian is not present, the person
21accompanying the child.
22    (i) The provisions of Section 11-1401 of the Illinois
23Vehicle Code shall not apply to an automated driving system or
24automated driving system equipped vehicle when the automated
25driving system is engaged.
26    (j) Except as otherwise provided in this Act, automated



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1driving systems, automated driving system equipped vehicles,
2and any commercial use of an automated driving system equipped
3vehicle are governed exclusively by this Act.
4    Section 20. Home rule. The regulation of automated driving
5system equipped vehicles is the exclusive power and function of
6the State. A home rule unit may not regulate automated driving
7system equipped vehicles that otherwise comply with all laws of
8the home rule unit. This Section is a denial and limitation of
9home rule powers and functions under subsection (h) of Article
10VII of the Illinois Constitution.
11    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
12becoming law.".