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Full Text of SB0150  102nd General Assembly


Sen. Scott M. Bennett

Filed: 4/15/2021





10200SB0150sam001LRB102 10526 RAM 25117 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 150, AS AMENDED,
3by replacing everything after the enacting clause with the
5    "Section 5. The Recreational Trails of Illinois Act is
6amended by changing Section 10 and by adding Section 36.7 as
8    (20 ILCS 862/10)
9    Sec. 10. Definitions. As used in this Act:
10    "Department" means the Department of Natural Resources.
11    "Director" means the Director of Natural Resources.
12    "Facilities" means equipment or other man-made improvement
13that is directly associated with, and provided for, a
14recreational trail. Typical recreational trail facilities
15include signage, gates, culverts, trail bridges, railings,
16benches, security cameras, security lighting, aggregate and



10200SB0150sam001- 2 -LRB102 10526 RAM 25117 a

1other erosion control measures, picnic shelters, informational
2kiosks, and vault toilets.
3    "Large non-highway vehicle" means any motorized
4off-highway device designed to travel primarily off-highway,
5greater than 64 inches and not more than 75 inches in width,
6having a manufacturer's dry weight of 3,500 pounds or less,
7traveling on 4 or more non-highway tires, designed with a
8non-straddle seat and a steering wheel for steering control,
9except equipment such as lawnmowers.
10    "Off-highway vehicle" means a motor-driven recreational
11vehicle capable of cross-country travel on natural terrain
12without benefit of a road or trail, including an all-terrain
13vehicle and off-highway motorcycle as defined in the Illinois
14Vehicle Code. "Off-highway vehicle" does not include a
15snowmobile; a motorcycle; a watercraft; snow-grooming
16equipment when used for its intended purpose; or an aircraft,
17or a large non-highway vehicle.
18    "Recreational trail" means a thoroughfare or track across
19land or snow or along water, used for recreational purposes
20such as bicycling, cross-country skiing, day hiking,
21equestrian activities, jogging or similar fitness activities,
22trail biking, overnight and long-distance backpacking,
23snowmobiling, aquatic or water activity, and vehicular travel
24by motorcycle or off-highway vehicles.
25(Source: P.A. 100-798, eff. 1-1-19.)



10200SB0150sam001- 3 -LRB102 10526 RAM 25117 a

1    (20 ILCS 862/36.7 new)
2    Sec. 36.7. Large non-highway vehicles. A large non-highway
3vehicle may not be granted an off-highway vehicle trails
4public access sticker under Section 25.5 or be operated on
5lands or waters under that Section.
6    Section 10. The Illinois Vehicle Code is amended by
7changing Section 1-168.8 and by adding Section 1-136.1 as
9    (625 ILCS 5/1-136.1 new)
10    Sec. 1-136.1. Large non-highway vehicle. Any motorized
11off-highway device designed to travel primarily off-highway,
12greater than 64 inches and not more than 75 inches in width,
13having a manufacturer's dry weight of 3,500 pounds or less,
14traveling on 4 or more non-highway tires, designed with a
15non-straddle seat and a steering wheel for steering control,
16except equipment such as lawnmowers.
17    (625 ILCS 5/1-168.8)
18    Sec. 1-168.8. Recreational off-highway vehicle. Any
19motorized off-highway device designed to travel primarily
20off-highway, 64 inches or less in width, having a
21manufacturer's dry weight of 2,000 pounds or less for
22gas-powered engines or 3,000 pounds or less for
23electric-powered engines, traveling on 4 or more non-highway



10200SB0150sam001- 4 -LRB102 10526 RAM 25117 a

1tires, designed with a non-straddle seat and a steering wheel
2for steering control, except equipment such as lawnmowers.
3(Source: P.A. 96-428, eff. 8-13-09.)".