State of Illinois
90th General Assembly

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HJ0047 Engrossed                               LRB9009377PTmb
 1                      HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 47
 2        WHEREAS, The State of  Illinois  wishes  to  address  the
 3    increasing needs of the aging and disabled who are members of
 4    the  Illinois  veterans  community  and  to  remedy  the dire
 5    shortage of beds at State Veterans Homes; and
 6        WHEREAS, The Department  of  Veterans'  Affairs  reported
 7    that  the  State  has  an  immediate  need for 330 additional
 8    nursing care beds for State Veterans Homes,  that  increasing
 9    capacity by 600 beds would serve only 12% of wartime veterans
10    who  need  skilled  care, and that increasing the capacity of
11    the Illinois Veterans Home at LaSalle  by  80  beds  and  the
12    Illinois  Veterans  Home  at Anna by 80 beds would permit the
13    Veterans  Homes  to  properly  serve  hundreds  of   veterans
14    requiring nursing care; and
15        WHEREAS, The State of Illinois pays only an estimated 39%
16    of the care costs at State Veterans Homes while paying almost
17    47%  of  the  care  costs  for  Medicaid  recipients at other
18    nursing homes, and increasing veterans home capacity would be
19    cost effective for the State subsidy of long term care; and
20        WHEREAS, Ninety percent of the Illinois veterans who  are
21    eligible  for care by a State veterans home reside within 100
22    miles of the Illinois Veterans Home at LaSalle;  the  waiting
23    list  for  a  bed  at  the LaSalle Veterans Home contains the
24    names of more than 100 eligible  veterans;  and  the  lengthy
25    list  requires  those  veterans to wait more than one year to
26    gain their desired admission; and
27        WHEREAS, The Illinois  Veterans  Home  at  Anna  requires
28    additional  beds  to  serve the ever increasing population of
29    State veterans in southern  Illinois  who  are  eligible  for
30    medical care by the Veterans Home; and
31        WHEREAS,   If the General Assembly provides the necessary
HJ0047 Engrossed            -2-                LRB9009377PTmb
 1    funds to increase the capacity of the LaSalle  Veterans  Home
 2    and  the Anna Veterans Home, then the State would be eligible
 3    for federal reimbursement of up to 65%  of  the  construction
 4    costs  through federal grants and the efforts of the Illinois
 5    congressional delegation; therefore, be it
 8    SENATE CONCURRING  HEREIN,  That  all  concerned  make  every
 9    effort  to  obtain  State  and  federal  funds  so  that  the
10    Department  of  Veterans' Affairs may increase by at least 80
11    beds each the capacities of the Illinois  Veterans  Homes  at
12    LaSalle  and  Anna  to  better  serve  the  north central and
13    southern  regions  of  Illinois  and   to   accommodate   the
14    increasing number of Illinois veterans eligible for care; and
15    be it further
16        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
17    delivered  to  the  Illinois  congressional  delegation,  the
18    Governor,  the  Department  of  Veterans'  Affairs,  and  the
19    Illinois Veterans Homes at LaSalle and Anna.

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