State of Illinois
92nd General Assembly

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HJ0076 Engrossed                              LRB9216771NTsbA

 1                      HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 76

 2        WHEREAS, The United States Congress has  passed  and  the
 3    President  of  the  United  States  has  signed  into law the
 4    federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Public Law 107-110,
 5    in an attempt by the federal government to require states  to
 6    set  high  academic  standards  to further ensure outstanding
 7    public school performance; and

 8        WHEREAS, Public Law 107-110 requires State compliance and
 9    alignment of State standards in regards to student testing to
10    meet the federal student-testing requirements to qualify  for
11    federal education dollars; and

12        WHEREAS,  The  State  Board  of  Education  is or will be
13    required to submit implementation plans to ensure  compliance
14    with Public Law 107-110 regarding student testing; and

15        WHEREAS,  The  State  Board  of  Education  is or will be
16    required to submit documentation regarding the progress  made
17    to    ensure    compliance    with   Public   Law   107-110's
18    student-testing requirements; and

19        WHEREAS,  Illinois  has  exceeded   these   requirements,
20    including, but not limited to, the testing of science, social
21    sciences, and writing; and

22        WHEREAS,  The  General  Assembly, working with educators,
23    community groups, and private sector  interests,  has  passed
24    into  law  many similar student-testing requirements over the
25    course of the past decade, which  have  been  and  are  being
26    implemented throughout the State of Illinois; and

27        WHEREAS,  There is some concern about the current testing
28    process; and

29        WHEREAS, It is the intention of the General  Assembly  to
30    align  current State student testing programs with Public Law
HJ0076 Engrossed           -2-                LRB9216771NTsbA
 1    107-110 in ways that continue the progress being made to make
 2    Illinois' good public schools even better and to do so  in  a
 3    deliberate,  thoughtful,  and common-sense fashion respecting
 4    the appropriate State roles and responsibilities and those of
 5    local  school  boards,   administrators,   teachers,   school
 6    employees,  parents,  and  their  respective  local partners;
 7    therefore, be it

10    SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN,  that  current  testing  under  the
11    Illinois   Standards   Achievement  Test  and  Prairie  State
12    Achievement Examination shall be continued; and be it further

13        RESOLVED, That the State Board  of  Education  shall  not
14    pursue  activities  designed  to  expand that testing without
15    legislative approval; and be it further

16        RESOLVED, That the State Board  of  Education  must  make
17    recommendations,  in  conjunction  with  the task force to be
18    established under this resolution, designed to  maximize  the
19    federal  moneys available under Public Law 107-110; and be it
20    further

21        RESOLVED, That  Illinois  will  comply  with  Public  Law
22    107-110  in  the  2005-06 school year when Public Law 107-110
23    increases requirements by requiring annual testing of reading
24    and mathematics in grades 3-8 and once in grades  10-12;  and
25    be it further

26        RESOLVED,  That  Illinois  will  comply  with  Public Law
27    107-110 in the 2007-2008 school year when Public Law  107-110
28    increases  requirements  by requiring testing of science once
29    in grades 3-5, 6-9, and 10-12; and be it further

30        RESOLVED, That the State  Assessment  System  Policy  and
31    Implementation  Task  Force  be  immediately  established  to
HJ0076 Engrossed           -3-                LRB9216771NTsbA
 1    develop, with careful consideration, the procedures needed to
 2    implement   an   approved   test   or  tests  that  meet  the
 3    requirements of Public Law 107-110 and to  take  any  actions
 4    necessary  to  ensure  that  the assessment system, including
 5    tests,   administration,    reporting,    and    professional
 6    development,  is of high quality and educationally useful and
 7    understandable; and be it further

 8        RESOLVED, That the task force shall be  comprised  of  17
 9    representatives   as   follows:  one  member  of  the  Senate
10    appointed by the President of the Senate and  one  member  of
11    the  Senate  appointed  by the Minority Leader of the Senate;
12    one member of the House of Representatives appointed  by  the
13    Speaker  of  the  House  and  one  member  of  the  House  of
14    Representatives  appointed  by  the  Minority  Leader  of the
15    House; 4 teachers, with 2 appointed by the Illinois Education
16    Association and 2 appointed by  the  Illinois  Federation  of
17    Teachers;  5  persons  appointed  by  the  Illinois Statewide
18    School  Management  Alliance;  2  business   representatives,
19    appointed  jointly by the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce,
20    Illinois   Manufacturers'   Association,   Illinois    Retail
21    Merchants  Association, and Illinois Business Roundtable; one
22    person appointed by the Board of Higher  Education;  and  the
23    State Superintendent of Education or his or her designee; and
24    be it further

25        RESOLVED,  That  the task force shall select 2 members to
26    serve as co-chairs at its initial meeting, shall meet at  the
27    call  of  the  chairs,  and  shall  have  duties that include
28    conducting a series of public hearings during the summer  and
29    fall  of  2002  for  the purpose of understanding the student
30    testing required by Public Law 107-110; and be it further

31        RESOLVED, That the task force  shall  submit  an  initial
32    report  on  its  findings  and recommendations to the General
33    Assembly on December  15,  2002,  with  a  final  report  and
HJ0076 Engrossed           -4-                LRB9216771NTsbA
 1    recommendations  submitted  to  the General Assembly on March
 2    15, 2003; and that upon filing  its  final  report  the  task
 3    force is dissolved; and be it further

 4        RESOLVED, That the timelines for implementation of Public
 5    Law  107-110 and policy options to be determined by the State
 6    Board of Education in meeting the requirements of Public  Law
 7    107-110  shall  come  before  the General Assembly by May 31,
 8    2002; and be it further

 9        RESOLVED, That the State  Board  of  Education,  being  a
10    regulatory  body  ultimately  accountable  to the citizens of
11    Illinois through the elected members of the General Assembly,
12    shall not adopt any rules pertaining to the implementation of
13    Public Law 107-110 prior to the  final  report  of  the  task
14    force; and be it further

15        RESOLVED,  That  suitable  copies  of  this resolution be
16    delivered to  the  State  Superintendent  of  Education,  the
17    President  of  the Senate, the Minority Leader of the Senate,
18    the Speaker of the House  of  Representatives,  the  Minority
19    Leader  of  the  House  of Representatives, the Governor, the
20    Illinois Education Association, the  Illinois  Federation  of
21    Teachers,  the  Illinois Principals Association, the Illinois
22    Association   of   School   Administrators,   the    Illinois
23    Association   of  School  Business  Officials,  the  Illinois
24    Association of School Boards, the Illinois State  Chamber  of
25    Commerce,   the   Illinois  Manufacturers'  Association,  the
26    Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the Illinois  Business
27    Roundtable, and the Board of Higher Education.

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