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Welcome to My Legislation!
Welcome to My Legislation. This feature allows you to create, store, and maintain customized lists of bills to track. It also allows you to create, store, and maintain customized queries to produce your own reports on legislation. If you have any questions on how to use My Legislation, please refer to the user guide linked on the left or below.

If you have any questions about the use of your email address or the privacy of your information, please see the privacy policy in the Disclaimers link below.

Users can register for My Legislation” which provides the capability to save lists from day-to-day and provides support for users of this feature.  Each user is required to fill out the required fields for your: "My Legislation Profile."  Need to change your Email Address or Password? Click here.
User Manual
High-speed connection users: Click here to view the user guide for using My Legislation.

Dial-up users: Right-click on the above link and choose "Save Target As". Then assign a name to the file and save the user manual to your computer's hard drive. Then, view the user manual using the local copy. (This is a large file and will take a substantial amount of time to download.)