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Senator Neil Anderson (R), 36th District
Neil Anderson is a Sponsor on all bills listed below.
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Bill # Chief Sponsor ABR - Short Description Chamber Last Action Last Action Date
SB50William R. HaineFOID CARD-REVOCATION-SILENCERSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments5/19/2017
SB64Kyle McCarterRELIGIOUS FREEDOM DEFENSE ACTSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments5/5/2017
SB87Terry LinkPROP TX-SURVIVING SPOUSEHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee7/6/2017
SB189Scott M. BennettCRIM CD-LIMITATION-SEX OFFENSESSent to the Governor6/16/2017
SB195Steve StadelmanPEN CD-TRS-TRUST FUND CONTRIBSHReferred to Rules Committee4/25/2017
SB589Neil AndersonEXPANDED FUNCTION DENTAL ASSTSSent to the Governor6/23/2017
SB607Tim BivinsCRIM CD-SWITCHBLADESSSent to the Governor6/16/2017
SB624Neil AndersonIOWA MH-INVOLUNTARY ADMISSIONHReferred to Rules Committee5/9/2017
SB634Scott M. BennettSTATE EMPLOYEE GRP INS-PAYMENTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee7/6/2017
SB652James F. Clayborne, Jr.NEW MARKETS-REQUIREMENTSSSent to the Governor6/29/2017
SB657Kyle McCarterBOXING/MARTIAL ARTSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments5/5/2017
SB709Neil AndersonWILDLIFE-OPEN HUNT SEASONSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB752Julie A. MorrisonDEAF & HARD HEARING COMMISSIONHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/31/2017
SB867Thomas CullertonLLC REDUCE ARTICLES FILING FEESPlaced on Calendar Order of Concurrence House Amendment(s) 1 - May 31, 20175/31/2017
SB960Neil AndersonREAL ESTATE-EDUC PROVIDERSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB989Dan McConchieGOVERNMENT-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 27, 20174/26/2017
SB1008Pamela J. AlthoffSTATE GOVERNMENT-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 29, 20173/28/2017
SB1043Neil AndersonGOVERNMENT-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 29, 20173/28/2017
SB1177Neil AndersonEMPLOYMENT-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 28, 20173/16/2017
SB1300Neil AndersonFIREARM-FIREFIGHTERS EXCEPTIONSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1301Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-RECIPROCITYSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1302Neil AndersonCONCEALED CARRY-DOT REST AREASSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1303Neil AndersonCONCEAL CARRY-PUBLIC TRANSPORTSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1304Neil AndersonAPPOINTMENT OF FIRE CHIEFSSSent to the Governor6/28/2017
SB1324Neil AndersonFIREARM OWNERS ID ACT-REPEALSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1377Neil AndersonREAL ESTATE APPRAISER BOARDSReferred to Assignments2/9/2017
SB1380Dale FowlerCRIM CD-HATE CRIME-EMT&LAW ENFSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1434Thomas CullertonRENTAL-PURCHASE TAXSSent to the Governor6/29/2017
SB1465Neil AndersonVEH CD-FIRE FIGHTER FUND-EDUHReferred to Rules Committee4/26/2017
SB1466Neil AndersonCROSSBOW HUNTING-COYOTESHReferred to Rules Committee4/27/2017
SB1467Neil AndersonCROSSBOW HUNTING-ARCHERY SEASHReferred to Rules Committee5/10/2017
SB1468Neil AndersonWILDLIFE-TRAPPING-GREEN HIDESHReferred to Rules Committee5/9/2017
SB1576Neil AndersonVEH CD-EXCESS WEIGHT AG EXEMPTHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee5/31/2017
SB1579Neil AndersonBRAND ACT-ELECTRONIC FORMATHReferred to Rules Committee5/9/2017
SB1580Neil AndersonVEH CD-ACCIDENT REPORT & DATASSent to the Governor6/16/2017
SB1581Neil AndersonCD CORR-VEH WHEEL LOADS-FINESHRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee7/6/2017
SB1585Iris Y. MartinezPHYSICIAN ASSISTANT-VARIOUSSSent to the Governor6/28/2017
SB1665Neil AndersonWILDLIFE CD-FIREARM EXEMPTIONSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1695Martin A. Sandoval$DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTERSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading May 9, 20175/5/2017
SB1703Neil AndersonUTILITIES-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 27, 20174/26/2017
SB1747Dale A. RighterCOMMUNITY-INTEGRATED LIVINGSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 25, 20174/6/2017
SB1748Dale A. RighterCOMMUNITY-INTEGRATED LIVINGSSent to the Governor6/29/2017
SB1749Dale A. RighterCOMMUNITY-INTEGRATED LIVINGSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 25, 20174/6/2017
SB1750Dale A. RighterCOMMUNITY-INTEGRATED LIVINGSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 25, 20174/6/2017
SB1754Iris Y. MartinezHOME BIRTH SAFETY ACTSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 27, 20174/26/2017
SB1763William E. BradyPEN CD-GARS-TIER 1 ELECTIONSReferred to Assignments2/9/2017
SB1778Neil AndersonIFA-FIRE TRUCKSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments5/5/2017
SB1779Neil AndersonSTATE FIRE MARSHAL-GRANTSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB1780Neil AndersonSTATE FIRE MARSHAL-GRANTSHReferred to Rules Committee4/28/2017
SB1807Don HarmonMUNI-CONSTRUCT & DEMO DEBRISSSent to the Governor6/29/2017
SB1809Dan McConchieCORRECTIONAL OFFICER-FIREARMSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments5/5/2017
SB1869Omar AquinoGA WEBSITE-SPANISH LANGUAGESSent to the Governor6/29/2017
SB1949Neil AndersonTRANSPORTATION-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB1950Neil AndersonWILDLIFE-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB1951Neil AndersonWILDLIFE-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB1952Neil AndersonFISH-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB1953Neil AndersonFISH-TECHSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB2025Neil AndersonBRAND ACT-ELECTRONIC FORMATSReferred to Assignments2/10/2017
SB2036Jim OberweisVEH CD-SPEED LIMIT-INTERSTATESRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments4/7/2017
SB2049Chuck WeaverREAL ESTATE LICENSE-CONT EDSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments3/17/2017
SB2070Neil AndersonSPECIALTY FARM PRODUCT BUYERSHReferred to Rules Committee5/9/2017
SB2088Dale FowlerINC TAX-ANGEL INVESTMNT CREDITSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments5/5/2017
SR3Julie A. MorrisonSENATE RULES-AMEND-TERM LIMITSSResolution Adopted; 058-000-0001/11/2017
SR19Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HAROLD I. MCCOLLUMSResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR20Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HERBERT L. WINKELSResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR21Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EUGENE HILLSResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR22Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD STONEKINGSResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR23Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BILLY DOOSESResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR24Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM BYLESSResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR25Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GERALD SHRYACKSResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR26Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES HANSENSResolution Adopted1/12/2017
SR60Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - MARK JASPERSResolution Adopted1/26/2017
SR61Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - FRANK SOLIZSResolution Adopted1/26/2017
SR62Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALONZO KENNIEBREWSResolution Adopted1/26/2017
SR97Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - STEPHEN J. HOLUBSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR98Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - D. ROSENTHAL SR.SResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR99Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ALBERT E. DUNTONSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR100Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM M. MIHMSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR101Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOSEPH CAMPAGNASResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR122Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM OTTENSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR123Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD JANSSENSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR124Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - FRANK DRAKE JR.SResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR125Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD MORROWSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR126Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM LUNDYSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR127Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EARL KROEGERSResolution Adopted2/9/2017
SR159Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - AUGUSTINE MARTELSResolution Adopted2/16/2017
SR160Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROLYN W. OLSONSResolution Adopted2/16/2017
SR171Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WALTER R. WHITESResolution Adopted2/16/2017
SR172Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RUSSELL L. NELSONSResolution Adopted2/16/2017
SR173Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT E. JONESSResolution Adopted2/16/2017
SR213Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DANIEL E. DEARDOFFSResolution Adopted3/2/2017
SR214Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DANIEL SIMATOVICHSResolution Adopted3/2/2017
SR288Neil AndersonMEMORIAL-REV. CLARK LUCESResolution Adopted3/16/2017
SR289Neil AndersonMEMORIAL-DANIEL PEAKSResolution Adopted3/16/2017
SR290Neil AndersonMEMORIAL-TIMOTHY ST. CLAIRSResolution Adopted3/16/2017
SR291Neil AndersonMEMORIAL-THOMAS ABELSResolution Adopted3/16/2017
SR321Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DANIEL J. NAERTSResolution Adopted3/30/2017
SR355Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WALLACE C. SEYBSResolution Adopted3/30/2017
SR362Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES E. PADESKYSResolution Adopted3/30/2017
SR363Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EMIL R. SCHINCKELSResolution Adopted3/30/2017
SR364Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOSEPH W. SCHULTZSResolution Adopted3/30/2017
SR401Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BRUCE G. DOBBINSSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR402Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - E. V. SAMUELSONSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR403Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - E. HUTCHINSONSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR410Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES KURTZSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR411Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROY MARTIN JR.SResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR437Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - FRED L. SCOTTSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR438Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD D. SMITHSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR439Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT GSELLSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR440Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DENTON J. DANIELSONSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR441Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - KENNETH W. WALESSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR442Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ORVILLE R. TSCHOPPSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR443Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EUGENE FOWLERSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR444Neil AndersonMEMORIAL THEODORE HUBERTSSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR445Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT L. WENDELLSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR446Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DOANLD E. SWANSONSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR447Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - PHILIP N. MOSELYSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR471Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT E. DOWNINGSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR472Neil AndersonMEMORIAL -JAMES E. LAWSONSResolution Adopted4/27/2017
SR475Neil AndersonMEMORIAL ROBERT L. FREUNDSResolution Adopted5/5/2017
SR476Neil AndersonMEMORIAL DAVID G. BRASMERSResolution Adopted5/5/2017
SR484Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - REV. PAUL D. BENDITSResolution Adopted5/5/2017
SR497Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT DECKER JR.SResolution Adopted5/12/2017
SR498Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD G. MILLERSResolution Adopted5/12/2017
SR499Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - EVERETT A. THOMPSONSResolution Adopted5/12/2017
SR500Neil AndersonMEMORIAL WILLIAM GIBBONS JR.SResolution Adopted5/12/2017
SR501Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HARLEY W. HANCOCK.SResolution Adopted5/12/2017
SR508Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RALPH L. MCCOYSResolution Adopted5/19/2017
SR509Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DARRELL F. SMITHSResolution Adopted5/19/2017
SR510Neil AndersonMEMORIAL PAUL L. COOKSResolution Adopted5/19/2017
SR511Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LAWRENCE COUSSENSSResolution Adopted5/19/2017
SR512Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - CHARLES E. PERSONSResolution Adopted5/19/2017
SR513Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES H. SHAWSResolution Adopted5/19/2017
SR545Sue RezinEDUCATION PENSION COST SHIFTSReferred to Assignments5/26/2017
SR597Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DANIEL C. MANNINGSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR598Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HAROLD E. VALBERGSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR599Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN M. EDMUNDSSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR623Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN H. BROWNSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR624Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JAMES D. PRATHERSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR625Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - GARY L. LEESResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR626Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WILLIAM HARVEYSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR627Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - FRED J. CLARKSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR628Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RICHARD L. FULLERSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR644Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - THOMAS L. FARMERSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR645Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - HERBERT WOODSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR646Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT W. INGWERSESResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR647Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LESTER A. JARVISSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR648Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD L. CARSONSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR667Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOHN J. BENEDICTSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR668Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROBERT A. SISULSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR669Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JOEL C. EARNESTSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR670Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LLOYD T. LASSEGARDSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR671Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ROY R. UNAKISSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR672Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - LYLE H. BERESFORDSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR673Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - BERNARD H. SCHMIDTSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR674Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - ARTHUR L. KIEFFERSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR675Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - WALTER H. GEUTHERSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR676Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - JACKSON R. SMITHSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR677Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - RANDY G. MOWDERSResolution Adopted7/1/2017
SR727Neil AndersonMEMORIAL - DONALD E. TALLENTSReferred to Resolutions Consent Calendar7/21/2017
SJR6Neil AndersonSGT. S. TALBOT MEMORIAL BRIDGESPlaced on Calendar Order of Secretary's Desk Resolutions May 10, 20175/9/2017
SJRCA2Christine RadognoCON AMEND-LEADER TERM LIMITSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading May 23, 2017; Constitutional Amendments5/22/2017
HB162Michael J. ZalewskiREVENUE-TECHSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading June 30, 20176/29/2017
HB386Rita MayfieldVEH CD-REPEAL COM DISTRIB FEESAssigned to Transportation5/26/2017
HB643Katie StuartGA-PER DIEM & COLASHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-00257/26/2017
HB656Jehan Gordon-BoothPEN CD-TRS-TRUST FUND CONTRIBSHSent to the Governor6/27/2017
HB771Terri BryantVOLUNTEER FIRE FIGHTERS-TIRESHSent to the Governor7/21/2017
HB815Michael J. ZalewskiPENCD-IMRF-FIREFIGHTER SLEPHSent to the Governor6/27/2017
HB1774Robert MartwickELECTED CHICAGO SCHOOL BOARDHPlaced on Calendar Order of Concurrence Senate Amendment(s) 16/2/2017
HB1952John M. CabelloREGULATION-TECHHSent to the Governor6/28/2017
HB2453Katie StuartDOWNSTATE PUB TRANS FUNDSHSent to the Governor6/28/2017
HB2534Avery BourneCS-SYNTHETIC DRUGS AND ANALOGSHSent to the Governor6/28/2017
HB2550John CavalettoVEH CD-FIRE FIGHTER FUND-EDUHSent to the Governor7/21/2017
HB2551John CavalettoSTATE FIRE MARSHAL-GRANTSHSent to the Governor6/16/2017
HB2580Brandon W. PhelpsVEH CD-EXCESS WEIGHT AG EXEMPTHSent to the Governor6/16/2017
HB2647Stephanie A. KifowitVETERANS' SUICIDE TASK FORCEHSent to the Governor7/21/2017
HB2685Jerry Costello, IIWILDLIFE-TRAPPING-GREEN HIDESHSent to the Governor6/21/2017
HB2721Deb ConroyINSURANCE-PANDAS/PANSHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-00247/18/2017
HB2820Steven A. AnderssonFARMERS' MARKETS-COTTAGE FOODHSent to the Governor7/24/2017
HB2856Joe SosnowskiBOXING/MARTIAL ARTSSReferred to Assignments5/2/2017
HB2893Jerry Costello, IICROSSBOW HUNTING-ARCHERY SEASHSent to the Governor7/24/2017
HB3063Will GuzzardiFARMERS MARKETS-COTTAGE FOODHSent to the Governor6/9/2017
HB3090Avery BourneBRAND ACT-ELECTRONIC FORMATHSent to the Governor6/23/2017
HB3108John CavalettoIFA-FIRE TRUCKSHSent to the Governor6/23/2017
HB3213Litesa E. WallaceCHILD CARE-EDUCATION/TRAININGHSent to the Governor6/28/2017
HB3259Litesa E. Wallace$DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTERSSPlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading June 30, 20176/29/2017
HB3703Michael HalpinIOWA MH-INVOLUNTARY ADMISSIONHPublic Act . . . . . . . . . 100-00126/30/2017
HB3773Kathleen WillisSMOKE DETECTOR ACTHSent to the Governor6/23/2017
HB3907Martin J. MoylanSCH-LAW ENFORCEMENT DRILLSSRule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Assignments5/26/2017
HB3910Kathleen WillisCONTROLLED SUB-EMS PERSONNELHSent to the Governor6/29/2017
HJR25Michael J. ZalewskiBLOCKCHAIN TASK FORCEHAdopted Both Houses6/28/2017
HJR40Daniel V. BeiserSGT. S. TALBOT MEMORIAL BRIDGEHAdopted Both Houses5/31/2017
HJR58Tony McCombieDALE GARDNER MEMORIAL BRIDGESReferred to Assignments5/26/2017