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HR1237 LRB093 23961 CSA 54159 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives offer our sincere congratulations to Coach Joe
4 Newton, the 2004 York Community High School boys cross country
5 team, and the entire York Community High School on winning the
6 Class AA Boys State Championship title; and
7     WHEREAS, The Dukes cross country team has won 24 state
8 titles in 43 years under Coach Joseph Newton's guidance; and
9     WHEREAS, We congratulate Coach Joe Newton, whose tireless
10 efforts and expertise have led the York Community High School
11 Dukes to a remarkable three straight state championships; and
12     WHEREAS, We thank Assistant Coach Charlie Kern for his
13 dedication and commitment to the York boys cross country team;
14 and
15     WHEREAS, The Dukes won the Niles West Sectional in Skokie
16 to advance their team to the Illinois High School Association
17 state meet in Peoria on November 6th; and
18     WHEREAS, York runners finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, the first
19 time in history all three honors were won by a single school;
20 and
21     WHEREAS, The Dukes' overall score of 56 lead them to a
22 record 24th state championship; no other athletic team in any
23 sport has ever accomplished this feat in Illinois high school
24 history; and
25     WHEREAS, Senior Sean McNamara was the 1st place runner with
26 a time of 14 minutes and 32 seconds, followed by junior Matt
27 Dettman in 2nd, junior Eric Dettman in 3rd, senior Mike Arnold
28 in 21st, sophomore Nick Kuczwara in 29th, junior David



HR1237 - 2 - LRB093 23961 CSA 54159 r

1 Montgomery in 75th, and senior Roger Billhardt in 137th; and
2     WHEREAS, The Dukes' championship cross country team also
3 includes Mike Fry, Justin Jones, Brian Marchese, Lionel
4 Montenegro, Tom Jung, Matt Edwards, Mark Sulkin, Alan
5 D'Ambrogio, and Ron Stefani; and
6     WHEREAS, Also supporting the Dukes' drive for victory were
7 Mike Gaska, Joey Salveggio, Greg Potoglu, and Peter McGlodrick,
8 the team managers; and
9     WHEREAS, We recognize the commitment of Athletic Director
10 Craig Davelis and the Athletic Department, as well as the
11 entire York Community High School, in their dedication to train
12 and educate superior athletes and well-rounded students; and
13     WHEREAS, These runners have made countless sacrifices to
14 succeed in their goal of winning a third straight cross country
15 state championship; and
16     WHEREAS, The York Community High School, the Elmhurst
17 community, and friends and families are proud of these fine
18 young athletes; and
19     WHEREAS, This title represents the dedication and team
20 unity these young men have shown all season; and
21     WHEREAS, We recognize the talent of these young athletes
22 and their coaches; therefore, be it
25 do hereby offer our congratulations to Coach Joe Newton and the
26 members of the York Community High School boys cross country
27 team on their 24th state championship title; and be it further



HR1237 - 3 - LRB093 23961 CSA 54159 r

1     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
2 presented to Coach Joe Newton, Superintendent Dr. Joel Morris,
3 Principal Diana Smith, Athletic Director Craig Davelis,
4 Assistant Coach Charlie Kern, York Community High School, and
5 the members of the 2004 Class AA boys cross country
6 championship team.